MedCenter Talking Monthly Medication Organizer - English

Model:  157265

Doctors and pharmacists agree that taking medications on a set schedule is important for maintaining your health. With the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock, taking your medication on schedule, every day becomes part of your daily routine.

Set up to four daily alarms to alert you when your medication is due. A friendly audible reminder announces the time, the date and which dose to take. Example: "Good morning! Please take your morning pills for the 20th." Press the 'Alarm Acknowledged' button to confirm that you took the medicine and the alarm will announce when the next dose is due.

The 31 pill containers, numbered for the days of the month, are colored red on one end and green on the other so that after a day has passed, the container can be turned over so you easily locate the next day's container. Each container has 4 easy-to-open compartments marked: 'Morning-Breakfast', 'Noon-Lunch', 'Evening-Supper' and 'Night-Bedtime'.

The MedCenter system includes: 1 pill stand, 1 talking alarm clock, and 31 pill containers (each with 4 compartments). Clock uses 2 AA batteries included. Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 7.1 inches; weight: 2.8 pounds.

MedCenter Video Demo:


  • Organizes pills for a full month supply of medication
  • Talking alarm clock reminds users to take medicine up to 4 times daily
  • Date and dosage time verified through LCD display and audible alert
  • 'Loud' and 'Extra Loud' settings ensure alarm is heard
  • Clear, large-font display for easy viewing of day, date, and time
  • Model: 157265

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