MaxiAids 2X Lens Magnifier 6-inch Ruler Bookmark

Model:  60213M
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This bookmark serves a purpose even when the book is open! The Handy Lens Magnifier Bookmark is a soft, durable, flat Fresnel lens that magnifies print 2 to 3 times. This bookmark also has a ribbon at the end, and ruler markings on one edge to allow precision measurement of things up to six inches in eighth-inch increments (or 15 centimeters in one-millimeter increments).

The Handy Lens Magnifier Bookmark is perfect for everyone - the hobbyist, the avid readers, people poring over tiny print in reference materials. This is as useful as a bookmark can be! Particularly helpful when you have small print that you can’t quite read.

This bookmark measures 7.75 inches x 2.875 inches.


  • Flat Fresnel lens
  • Up to 3x magnification
  • Comes with storage sleeve
  • 6-inch/15-cm ruler
  • Made of soft, durable clear PVC material
  • Model: 60213M

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