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If you own a business and use AbanteCart, you're probably wishing there would be more things your shopping cart could do. What if you could download your orders automatically and import them into QuickBooks? How about offering a shopping cart that is 100% accessible to blind users? Or the ability to display a thumbnail image for each product option throughout the checkout process? What if you could calculate shipping and handling for multiple items on the same order, each shipping from a different location? The answer is, now you can. Our AbanteCart solutions are designed to address these needs and much more. If you have a need that's not listed below, please let us know and we'll be happy to work with you to find a solution. Our programmer is very skilled and will work with you to find a solution that best meets your needs.
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Accessible Cart Extension for AbanteCart (ACCESSCART)

Web accessibility is an area often ignored by web developers. Most online forms, for instance, lack proper label coding, which render them useless for blind users, who rely on screen readers to navigate. Our Accessible Cart extension makes your AbanteCart 100% accessible to screen readers. Every single form field is label-coded and every single dropdown menu is made accessible.

This extension includes the following accessible templates: cart, coupon_form, login, create, forgotten, guest_step_1, guest_step_2, shipping, payment, and product. There's also a link to the default_authorizenet_aim extension with added accessibility. In addition, the Help section contains valuable information on this topic. Make your shopping cart W3C-compliant by offering full accessibility!

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

  Download Accessible Cart FREE from AbanteCart Marketplace

Video Demo

Watch this video to understand how the lack of accessibility affects the lives of people with disabilities.

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Dynamic Tables Extension for AbanteCart (DYNAMICTABLES)

This extension creates dynamic tables automatically simply by filling out the setup form in the extension's Admin. Dynamic Tables are generated based on a list of tags (keywords) you have defined for any given product category in your store.

The Dynamic Tables extension is great for creating comparison charts, thus making it easy for shoppers to compare and decide which items best meet their needs. Items can be compared by price, warranty, and features!

The extension is easy to use and generates dynamic tables as soon as you are done setting. It comes with full instructions on how to set. Definitely a time-saver and a must-have for every store owner!


  • Instantaneous table generation
  • Customizable graphics and CSS
  • Choice of 20+ checkmark icons
  • Textual or visual representation for tags in two top rows
  • Supports group tagging (one bottom row)
  • Optional Warranty Display
  • Column/Row color highlight for easy read
  • SEO-friendly (generates meta data)

Compatible with AbanteCart 1.2.x and higher versions

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

Image Sample:

table sample
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Embed List Extension for AbanteCart (EMBEDLIST)

This AbanteCart extension allows you to generate item lists based on your product tags. Lists can be easily embedded in any category or subcategory page simply by inserting a line of code.

With Embed List, you can create comparison charts, quick guides, and wizards to help shoppers find what they need. For instance, on our website we have a quick guide showing amplified phones (for mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss).


  • Quickly generate tag-based lists
  • Great for creating quick guides and comparison chart
  • Works with AbanteCart versions 1.2.0 and higher

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

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Floating Chatbox Extension for AbanteCart (FLOATCHTBOX)

Floating Chatbox is an AbanteCart extension that allows you to offer Live Support to online visitors through an attractive floating banner and a text block hard-coded into your website.

This extension includes CS Live Help, a FREE chat app with loads of features, including unlimited departments, unlimited agents, canned responses, push URLs, and chat history. If you offer multilingual support, you could set one department for each language. You could further customize the messages that appear to the visitors in their native language! Best of all, Live Help is absolutely FREE; there are no monthly or annual fees!

A pagination script built into Live Help lets visitors choose from a list of departments so that the chat is routed appropriately. A Spanish-speaking visitor, for instance, would choose 'español' to get Help in Spanish. Visitors can leave a message if no one is available to take the chat request.

Live Help is totally customizable and can be used for other types of business structures. For instance, you could set up a different chat for your Sales Team, Tech Support, Customer Service, Marketing Department, and so on.

Floating Chatbox, along with the hard-coded text block solution, is 100% accessible and W3C compliant. This means blind users, as well as those with limited or no use of their hands, can also chat via keyboard control (instead of mouse-clicking).

Floating Chatbox is intuitive and easy to use. It includes detailed instructions in the Help section and a choice of 20 chat bubbles to match the "look and feel" of your website!


  • Floating banner in conspicuous area of website
  • Includes FREE chat application
  • No monthly or annual service charges
  • Unlimited agents
  • Unlimited number of departments
  • Canned responses, chat history, push URLs & more
  • Compatible with AbanteCart versions 1.2.0 and higher

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

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Force Category Extension for AbanteCart (FORCECAT)

"Out of sight, out of mind," the old proverb goes. Is there something you may be missing? Maybe not selling an item that got stuck on the shelf and you have no idea why? Read on...

This AbanteCart extension automatically attaches uncategorized products to a specific category of your choosing. It will monitor various events (product creation, editing, category deletion) and if any item is or becomes detached from a category, it will be automatically attached to the category you have predefined in the extension settings. The extension forces all products to be attached to a category - either a generic one (e.g., "Telephones", "Computers", "Printers" etc.) or a special category that serves as a home for orphan products. With Force Category, all your products will come up in Search, thus increasing the likelihood of sales you may have been missing!


  • Get rid of orphan products
  • Make your complete line of products searchable
  • Compatible with AbanteCart 1.2.0. and higher
  • Easy to install and use

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

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New Items Extension for AbanteCart (NEWITEMSEXT)

Most shoppers like novelty. Wouldn't it be great if you could display more than just 40 items as new arrivals? Now you can, with the New Items Extension. This AbanteCart extension creates an unlimited number of latest products in your store. Set the max to whatever you want to be: 50, 60, 80, 100, etc. You are only limited by the number of products in your store.


  • New Items Extension
  • Unlimited number of new products
  • Shows the added date for easy reference
  • Compatible with AbanteCart 1.2.0 and higher

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

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Professional Installation of AbanteCart Extension (INSTALLFEE)

Have any of our AbatenCart solutions installed by a professional webmaster. Avoid headaches and installation errors.


FTP access is required for professional installation.

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Promo Sender Extension for AbanteCart (PROMOSENDER)

Promo Sender allows you to create HTML messages and send them to customers on your AbanteCart database. Email addresses are extracted from orders, which can be filtered in the same way as in Review Reminder. Messages will be sent by a cron job, not instantly. This helps to prevent PHP execution timeouts and accusations of spamming when sending large number of emails.

Promo Sender is a great tool to promote new products, seasonal promotions, special events etc. and to keep in touch with your clientele! Extension includes a Help section with clear instructions on how to use it.


  • Great marketing tool
  • Advertise new products, seasonal promotions, special events etc.
  • Test mode available
  • Clear instructions in Help section

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

Image Samples

Screenshot of Extension Admin:

Extension Admin

Screenshot of Email Sample:

Email Sample

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QuickBooks Export Extension for AbanteCart (QBEXP)

What if you could download your online orders automatically for easy import into QuickBooks? Now you can with QuickBooks Export.

QuickBooks Export automatically downloads new orders every hour to you desktop while still giving you the option to perform manual downloads. Items are classified under a predetermined category (e.g. Inventory vs Non Inventory, or Other) and placed in a specific folder on your desktop. The download files are time- and date-stamped, and formatted for seamless integration with desktop QuickBooks®. All you need is an order importer tool such as Transaction Pro Importer (sold separately) to do the rest!

QuickBooks Export works with any database type, whether it has tables with a prefix or no prefix.

This extension includes Order Downloader and Order Compiler along with detailed instructions including how to purchase and install Transaction Pro Importer. It is designed to work with AbanteCart.

Video Demo


  • Generate QuickBooks®-formatted order files
  • Download files automatically to your desktop
  • Manual download at your fingertips
  • Download files are time & date stamped
  • Select a product category (Inventory, Non Inventory, Other)
  • Choose payment method (Credit Card/Paypal, all payment methods)
  • Increase office productivity
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Includes Order Downloader with counter and error log
  • Includes Order Compiler
  • Compatible with Transaction Pro Importer™
  • Works with AbanteCart 1.2.0 and higher

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

How does QuickBooks Export benefit my business?

QuickBooks Export makes it easy to download order files from your store to be readily imported into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Export saves you the tedious task of creating QuickBooks®-formatted files manually. It does it all for you!

In a nutshell, QuickBooks Export increases office productivity and eliminates order data entry errors.

Screenshot of downloaded files

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Review Reminder Extension for AbanteCart (REVREM)

This AbanteCart extension automatically sends customers personalized emails, reminding them to rate and review items they have purchased. This helps improve customer service experience while giving merchants (and other potential buyers) a first-hand assessment of the merchandise.


  • Send email reminders to review products
  • Improve customer service experience and retention
  • Define payment method(s), order status(es), batch size, and order age
  • Great with cron jobs for timed mail delivery
  • Sample email template provided
  • Test mode available
  • Easy to install and use

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

Image Samples

Screenshot image of Admin Panel

Admin panel

Screenshot image of an email sample

email sample
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Sales Plus Extension for Abantecart (SALESPLUS)

SalesPlus is a feature-loaded extension designed to enhance the value of your AbanteCart. It consists of SIX advanced functions plus two bonus features that will make your shopping cart more robust and user-friendly, opening the door to more business.

Ask a Question - Each item page will have a Questions? button that shoppers can click on to fill out a form with their product questions. Merchant receives an email notification with the question(s), the customer's name and email address, and a link to the product page. This greatly enhances business communication and improves customer service.

Upsale Promoter - makes all items related to a certain product visible to potential buyers (besides being listed under the "Related" tab). Once item is added to cart, the shopper has another opportunity to look at the related items. A message appears right below the item, asking "Are you interested in adding any related item(s) for [such and such product] ?" Shoppers are then prompted to click on the pictures of the related items that follow.

Options Optimizer - shows the correct thumbnail image for any option selected for a given item in your shopping cart. Let's say you sell a t-shirt in three different colors and you have an image for each color. When a particular color option is selected, the corresponding thumbnail image will be displayed all the way to the end of the checkout process.

Options Optimizer also displays the corresponding SKU that was defined under Option Values. For example, your t-shirt model number is 1234 and it's available in blue (BL), white (WH) and black (BLK). If buyer selects blue, the code passed through the shopping cart will be 1234BL. All pertinent pages will display this code along with a matching image!

Currency Reminder - alerts shopper when he/she checked out in the wrong currency. An attractive banner will display with a link back to the default currency.

Accessibility - This feature provides total accessibility for those who are blind or visually impaired. Every form field is label coded for easy access! With Sales Plus, you can rest assured your shopping cart is W3C compliant!

Checkout Optimizer optimizes and streamlines checkout by moving "agree to terms" from guest_step_2 to the confirmation page. It also changes the way the Return Policy is displayed at checkout. The layout was modified to display the terms inline (instead of using the standard popup window). The original layout was causing a conflict with Smart Translator. Checkout Optimizer works seamlessly with Smart Translator now, making sure that the terms of your Return Policy also get translated.

Bonus Features - We added a couple of css enhancements to the Product page, allowing the price with option to be displayed as a single price. And the option thumbnail images appear right below the main image!

Video Demo:


  • Promotes upsale items on product and cart pages
  • Displays thumbnail image for option selected
  • Displays corresponding option SKU
  • Provides ADA compliance and accessibility
  • Allows shopper to ask product questions easily
  • Includes Currency Reminder & Checkout Optimizer
  • Includes two Bonus Features
  • Easy to install and use
  • Step-by-step instructions and license information

Compatible with AbanteCart 1.2.x and higher versions

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.

Image Samples

The following screenshot shows related items being displayed on the cart page.

screenshot of related items

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Smart Ship Extension for AbanteCart (SMARTSHIP)

This AbanteCart extension is perfect for businesses working with drop-shipments when items are shipped from different locations.

The Smart Ship Extension estimates the total shipping charges based on the originating ZIP code for each item. This solution requires that the originating ZIP be stored in the Misc. Location field for each item under Admin > Catalog > Products > Model. Both UPS and US Postal Service are supported.

Another advantage of Smart Ship is that it fixes a glitch in the default shipping calculator table. When the default currency is set to US Dollar, the table shows incorrect shipping quotes in foreign currencies, and the totals provided are also inaccurate. Smart Ship fixes both problems at once.

Solution includes: step-by-step installation instructions and license information.

Professional installation is available at a nominal fee. FTP access is required for this option.


AbanteCart version 1.2.0 and higher.

Screenshot Image

Screenshot image of a Smart Ship quote in Euro for two items that are shipped from different ZIP codes.

Screenshot of  Smart Ship

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