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What are Signaling Systems?

Signaling systems, or simply signalers, are designed to help notify you of different events, such as the phone/videophone ringing, the doorbell, a baby's cry, motion, weather alerts, smoke alarms, or carbon monoxide detectors. Also known as alerting or notification systems, these devices can alert you to different events through flashing lights, loud audible alarms, and/or vibration.

There are four things to consider when customizing an alerting system:

1. Transmitters:

Which event do you want to be notified of?

You will need to purchase one transmitter for each event you would like to be notified of. Each transmitter is designed to alert you for a specific event; however, some transmitters do work for more than one event, such as a door and phone transmitter. For example, if you want to be alerted when your phone rings and when baby is crying, you would purchase one phone transmitter and one baby cry transmitter.

2. Receivers

How many rooms do you want to be notified in?

For each room you want to be notified in, you will need to purchase a receiver. For example, if you wanted to be alerted in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen, you should purchase three receivers. Some brands also have portable receivers (such as pagers and watches) that you can bring with you wherever you go in your home. Each receiver will work with all your transmitters, as long as they are the same brand.

3. signaler illustrationsCompatibility

To ensure compatibility we suggest purchasing the same brand of signaling components. Don't mix apples with oranges! For example, if you already own a Sonic Boom SB1000ss alarm clock, buy signalers made by Sonic Alert.

4. Technology

Basically, there are two types of technology available for alerting systems. They can be either:

Radio Frequency (RF) Technology:

This technology sends a signal from your transmitters to your receivers through radio waves. It is ideal for both home use and for people who live in apartments, dorms, or other types of public housing because built-in dip switches can be adjusted to ensure your system will not interfere with a neighboring system. The following brands are radio frequency: Bellman & Symfon, Clarity/Ameriphone, and Silent Call.


Line Carrier Technology:

This technology sends a signal from your transmitters to your receivers through your home's electrical circuits. There is not any specific information about this technology that you need to be aware of. Sonic Alert uses line carrier technology.


Why are signalers so important?

Signaling systems not only allow deaf and hard-of-hearing people become more independent, they may also save lives. Watch the video to your right and see why alerting devices are so important!

At Assistech we carry a wide range of visual, vibrating, and audio signalers for the deaf and the hearing impaired, including the newest T3—or Temporal 3—smoke detector technology.

Getting Started

Use the Quick Guide below or consult our Product Wizard to find the right alerting device(s) for you!

Quick Guide to Alerting Systems

SIGNALER TYPES Sonic Alert Serene Innovations Clarity Bellman Symfon Silent Call Gentex Other Brands
Audio Alarm   Audio Alarm by Serene Innovations Audio Alarm Signaler by Clarity   Audio Alarm by Silent Call    
Baby Monitor Baby Monitors by Sonic Alert Baby Monitors by Serene 

Innovations Baby Monitors by Clarity Baby Monitors by Bellman & 

Symfon     Baby Signaler - Other Brands
Carbon Monoxide         Carbon Monoxide Detectors by Silent Call   Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Other Brands
Doorbell Doorbell Signalers by Sonic Alert Doorbell Signalers by Serene Innovations Doorbell Signalers by Ameriphone Doorbell Signalers by Bellman & 

Symfon Doorbell Signalers by Silent Call   Doorbell Signalers - Other Brands
Door Knocker   Door Knockers by Serene 

Innovations         Door Knocker Signalers - Other Brands
Door Opening       Door Opening Signalers by Bellman 

& Symfon Door Opening Signalers by Silent Call   Door Opening Signaler - Other Brands
Driveway             Driveway and Garage Alarms - Other Brands
Email / IM Email / IM Signalers by Sonic Alert           Email / IM Signalers by Other Brands
Fall Detection         Fall Detection Signalers by Silent Call   Fall Detection Signalers by Other Brands
Fire Alarm   Fire Alarms by Serene Innovations     Fire Alarms by Silent Call   Fire Alarm Systems - Other Brands
Intercom   Intercom Signalers by Serene 

Mail Alert             Mail Alert Signalers by Other Brands
Motion Sensor   Motion Sensors by Serene 

Innovations Motion Sensors by Clarity        
Multi-functional Universal Signaler by Sonic Alert     Universal Signaler by Bellman & Symfon     Multifunctional Signalers - Other Brands
Pagers   Personal Pager by Serene 

Innovations Personal Pagers by Clarity   Personal Pagers by Silent Call   Personal Pagers - Other Brands
Smoke Detectors       Smoke Alarm Signaler by Bellman 

& Symfon Smoke Detectors by Silent Call Smoke Detectors by Gentex Smoke Detectors - Other Brands
SMS Alerts SMS Signalers by Sonic Alert SMS Signalers by Serene Innovations         SMS Signalers by Other Brands
Telephone Phone Signalers by Sonic Alert Phone Signalers by Serene Innovations Phone Signalers by Ameriphone Phone Signalers by Bellman & 

Symfon Phone Signalers by Silent Call   Phone Signalers - Other Brands
Weather Alert   Weather Alert Signalers by Serene 

Innovations     Weather Alert Signalers by Silent Call   Weather Alert Signalers - Other Brands
SIGNALER TYPES Sonic Alert Serene Innovations Clarity Bellman Symfon Silent Call Gentex Other Brands


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Sonic Alert Universal Sound Signaler (USS360)
The universal sound signaler, model USS 360, is a signaler that can alert you to any important sound - telephone, kitchen timer, baby, and etc. This alerting system has a line cord, so you are able to place the unit close to the sound it will be monitoring, reducing false signals. The USS360 alerting device comes with a sleek modern case, works great for kitchen timers. It will alert you by flashing any lamp that is plugged in to its Pluglet (Plug-outlet). There is an outlet on the back to plug in a lamp to flash during the selected sound. The sleek modern case has a lamp on/off button to allow the lamp to be used for general lighting as well as signaling. There is also an adjustable sensitivity control so only a sound at your preset level will activate the unit. The USS 360 sends a signal to all Sonic Alert remote Receivers.
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Sonic Alert Wireless Doorbell Signaler (DB100)
  • Selectable number of flashes/different flash codes
  • Wireless installation
  • Sends signal to remote receivers
  • Built-in chime
  • Works in homes with all doorbell systems
The state-of-the-art DB100 is the only doorbell signaler that requires no wires and can be installed in seconds. Unlike competing models, the DB100 doorbell signaler is not triggered by sound, so annoying false alarms are a thing of the past. This doorbell signaler for the hearing impaired offers other advanced features including: selectable number of flashes (5 or 10), different flash code for front or rear door and a built-in chime for hearing members of the family that can be turned off if desired. The DB100 doorbell signaler has a built-in outlet to flash your attached lamp and each sends a signal to all Sonic Alert remote receivers, making this the ultimate hearing-impaired signaler. Uses 1 A23 12V battery (not included.) Features: Works in homes with all doorbell systems Built-in outlet to flash lamp Wireless installation Sends signal to remote receivers Different flash codes Built-in chime Selectable number of flashes U.L. Listed Top quality - 5 year warranty Product dimensions (imperial): 1.25 inch H x 5.25 inch L x 3 inch W Product dimensions (metric): 31.75 mm H x 133.35 mm L x 76.20 mm W Package dimensions (imperial): 4 inch H x 6.5 inch L x 3 inch W Package dimensions (metric): 101.60 mm H x 165.10 mm L x 76.20 mm W
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Sonic Informer Remote Receiver (SA101)
  • Receive signals from sonic alert signalers
  • Outlet to flash lamp
  • Easy installation
  • 5 year warranty
  • U.L. Listed
The Sonic Informer Remote Receiver is perfect for the hearing impaired. Sonic Informer Remote Receiver will alert you by flashing any lamp that is plugged into it. Just plug this alerting device into any AC outlet, and plug lamp into receiver. The signaling lamp can only be used for alerting. There is also an indicator light to remind you to turn on the attached lamp. A bed vibrator may be used in place of the lamp for an alternative hearing impaired alerting device. Must use vibrator with prong - SS120V. This alerting system is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere you need to be alerted. The Sonic Informer Remote Receiver receives signal from any Sonic Alert signalers and then alerts you by flashing the lamp. Sonic Informer Remote Receiver Features: Warranty: 5 Years. U.L. Listed. Product dimensions (imperial): 1.25 inch H x 4 inch L x 2.5 inch W Product dimensions (metric): 31.75 mm H x 101.60 mm L x 63.50 mm W Package dimensions (imperial): 2.5 inch H x 4.5 inch L x 3 inch W Package dimensions (metric): 63.50 mm H x 114.30 mm L x 76.20 mm W.