Guide to Amplified Phones

Confused about which amplified phone to get? This shopping guide was designed to help you find the right telephone for your hearing loss.

Several factors need to be considered when buying an amplified telephone.

1. Type of Amplification - Do you need a phone with incoming or outgoing voice amplification? Most of our telephones amplify the incoming voice as they are designed for people who are hard of hearing. The AMPLI550, AMPLI600, HD40S and XLC2 amplify both the incoming and the outgoing voice. These are for individuals who are soft spoken and/or hearing impaired.

2. Degree of Hearing Loss - We suggest that you find out what decibel (dB) hearing loss you have. If you are a hearing aid user, your hearing professional can help. If not, this diagram by Unitron may be a starting point. As a general guideline, a phone with 18-28dB is good for mild hearing loss; 30-48dB for moderate hearing loss; and 50-55dB for severe hearing loss.

Now you can easily find an amplified phone for the degree of your hearing loss!

3. Type of Hearing Loss - Do you have trouble hearing high frequency or low frequency sounds? Most of our amplified phones are designed for high frequency.

There are no amplified phones specifically designed for low frequency hearing loss. Keep in mind that most amplified telephones have a tone control that allows you to adjust to the right frequency!

4. Corded vs. Cordless - If freedom of mobility is important to you, get a cordless phone or a cell/mobile phone. Otherwise, consider buying a corded phone.

Advanced Search5. Special Features - Are you looking for an amplified phone with caller ID, speakerphone, or any other feature? Check out:

If you're in a hurry and want to find an amplified telephone quickly, use Advanced Search!

Here are some special feature phones:

ST150 and ST250 - The first amplified business telephones on the market!

D704, D714, and XLC2 - Clarity's DECT 6.0 amplified cordless telephones with large buttons!

AMPLI600 and CSC600ER - Designed for emergency situations, these phones include a remote control.

VCO - A voice carry-over telephone that displays the conversation text on the screen. Calls are placed via a Relay Service.

CapTel 840i, 880i, 2400i and Clarity Ensemble - Captioned amplified telephones that let you read the text of the conversation while listening to the other party. Calls are direct dialed, there's no need to call Relay.

JV-35 - a Braille amplified phone that calls out the numbers as you dial, also for those who are blind or partially sighted

CSC1000, HD30P, HD40P, HD40S, P-300, PHOTO50, and PICPHONE - photo phones that may be customized to include personal pictures of the people you call regularly

HD60 - an amplified phone featuring two (front and side) visual ringers plus automatic “off-hook” audible and visual warnings to alert improper hang-up

PT720, PT725, PT760, PT765, PT780 and PT785 - the only amplified phones offering pre-programmed, multiple user profile buttons that memorize volume and tone control for more than one user!

Some of our cordless phones have special features such as speakerphone, caller ID, and integrated answering machine.

Need some more help? Use our Quick Guide!

6. Comparison Shopping - With our 5-Star Rating System, you can see how other customers have rated the phones before you make a final decision. Simply click the Reviews tab on the product page.

Other products available: Text Telephones for the Deaf, Speakerphones, and Phone Accessories such as amplified handsets, phone amplifiers, super loud ringers, and more!

Quick Guide for Amplified Telephones

Hearing Loss Models Available

302050, 303002


303002, 303207


  Total or Profound

Text Telephones (TTY), Captioned Telephones

Find an Amplified Phone for your Hearing Loss:

We can help you find an amplified phone tailored to your needs. What's the degree of your

Degrees of Hearing Loss

Diagram shows degrees of hearing loss

Hearing Loss Diagram - a courtesy of Unitron. Read text version of diagram

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