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A Case About Amy (B530)

A Case About Amy; Smith, R.C. (1996), 322 pages, soft cover

The concerned and loving parents of Amy, a very expressive deaf child, must fight to have a sign language interpreter in Amy's classroom. At that time, the school's interpretation of the Individual's With Disabilities Education Act did not allow for this. Amy's story details the people and events involving the first case, after the passage of IDEA, to reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Can I Help? (B390)

Helping the Hearing Impaired in Emergency Situations
S. Harold Collins (1993), 30 pages, soft cover. Signed English.

Designed for the person with little or no sign language knowledge, this book depicts common medical help and emergency signs.

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Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids (B602B)

A Bridge to Healing (Second Edition) - Edited by Clinical Audiologist Richard Carmen (2004), 258 pages, soft cover.

This 2004 fully updated edition contains two new chapters: How to Map your own

Audiogram, and How Hearing Aids Positively Impact your Quality of Life, plus an expanded section on ALDs.

This second edition focuses more sharply on the core issues of living with hearing loss. The book charts a quiet path on how to achieve life satisfaction despite less than optimal hearing. A recurrent theme of pushing through the resistance gently and sensitively comes through. You'll understand how to align your expectations with actual hearing ability. This book is written for consumers with loss of hearing and their families. It addresses the whole person, not merely one aspect of the problem. Author and clinical audiologist Richard Carmen has brought together a distinguished panel of U.S. audiologists, scientists and authorities, some who themselves have hearing loss and wear hearing aids. What you read may change your life!

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Legal Rights - The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People (B140)

The Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People, 5th. Edition

This revised edition contains an abundance of state and federal statutory information on the latest in regulations barring discrimination against deaf and hard of hearing people and those with physical challenges. Legal Rights is a must-have for anyone concerned about complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the legal rights and services of people with hearing loss. Some topics covered include the Telecommunications Act of 1996, hearing-aid compatible telephone laws, regulations on the Rehabilitation Act, recent Supreme Court rulings regarding hearing aid users, amendments to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, interpreters in federal courts, developments about telephone relay services, and information on state services, model policies, and additional legal resources.

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The Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus (B1079)

This book was compiled by top experts on the cutting edge of tinnitus research. It will help you understand the probable causes behind tinnitus and what your treatment choices are. There are numerous things you can do. The route in which you address life itself regularly impacts how well you deal with your tinnitus. Everyone's coping mechanism is different. Some individuals never try to look for relief while others are determined to get help, burning through a huge amount of dollars for a "cure" that never comes. This book gives itemized direction on the numerous alternatives available to you and how you can approach tinnitus to discover some level of easing. As you'll find in this book, 70% of individuals who experience the bad effects of tinnitus can generally be helped, some significantly, by utilizing a wide mixture of treatment alternatives. The best speculation you can make is information. This was the seed that prompted the making of this book. Learn more about tinnitus and be empowered to deal with it!

Richard S. Tyler, Ph.D.; (2008) 282 pages; hard cover

What to expect:

  • Top world contributors on tinnitus
  • Gain knowledge of the many common causes of tinnitus
  • Understand common reactions and problems faced by other sufferers
  • Learn how tinnitus is likely represented in the brain
  • Discover different ways you can change your reaction to tinnitus
  • Recognize how communication difficulties are related to tinnitus
  • Read about how tinnitus affects sleep and what you can do about it
  • Find out ways to increase the quality of your life by taking charge
  • Hear what you should expect from your physician and practitioners
  • Unveil the facts about herbs, supplements and alternative medicines
  • Understand your reaction to loud sounds (hyperacusis)
  • Discover how tinnitus fits into your total emotional and spiritual life
  • Uncover sound therapies that work
  • Find out where else help is available
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