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Check out these Braille clocks for people who are blind.
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Braille Travel Alarm Clock (7039201)
Durable, plastic case w/hinged lid. Tactile dial w/raised braille numbers for easy identification. Meas. 2 1/2H x 2 1/2L x 1 1/4D. Requires 1-AA battery (not incl.)

Color may vary.
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Reizen Braille Quartz Alarm Clock with Vibrating Option (704440)
  • Removable clear plastic cover
  • Brailled numbers on face for tactile reading of time
  • Glow-in-the-dark hands and extra illumination at the press of a button
  • Alarm function - easy-to-set, easy-to-stop
  • Outlets for optional adapter and vibrator
This new Reizen Braille Quartz Alarm Clock was developed especially for the blind and those with low vision, but also the deaf and hard of hearing. Easy-to-read and use with large, oversized buttons. Durable metallic taupe plastic case with a removable clear plastic cover and chrome colored trim. Black face with glow-in-the-dark white hands and a tactile dial with raised Braille numbers for easy identification. The alarm sets with a large, notched dial on the back of the clock. Alarm sound is a steady series of beeps. Turn the alarm function on or off with a large button on the side of the clock. Snooze button at the top of the clock gives you a few extra winks when the alarm has gone off, or press snooze at any time to activate the light for more illumination to the dial. Sturdy enough for everyday at-home use and portable enough to take with you when traveling. Measures: 4 high x 3-3/4 wide x 1-3/4 deep. Uses a 1-AA battery, included.
To use this clock with its vibrating function, purchase 906550 - Vibrator and 309500 - Adapter. While the clock runs on its own included battery, the adapter is necessary to power the vibrator. Once all three items are combined, you'll have a wonderful clock that's very helpful for the deaf/blind person.

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Reizen Motorized Braille Learning Clock (424031)
  • Increments are tactilely marked in minutes and quarters
  • Heavy-duty piece; well made and sturdy
  • Working clock with quartz movement teaches actual time
  • Includes hole for wall-mounting when not in use
  • A must-have for any student using Braille
This 5 3/4 x 5 3/4 plastic clock has high-relief Braille markings of minutes and quarters. A motorized Quartz clock keeps accurate time. An on/off switch on the back you conserve the battery when not in use. Two hands on the face can also be easily adjusted to reflect different times. It's an ideal way for Braille users to learn time. Uses one AA battery.
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