A great selection of products for the blind including Braille clocks, Braille watches, and Braillers.
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Mens President Gold-Tone Quartz Braille Watch with Leather Band (24143L)
  • Elegant Braille Gold Tone Watch
  • Diamond Like Stones
Men's 6 o'clock opening Elegant Braille Gold Tone Quartz Watch that has Braille Diamond Like Stones. Gold Case w/ White Dial-Braille Dots and Black Numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12- Black Leather Band w/Gold Buckle. Battery included. Size of Dial 1 5/16.
Battery Type: 00371
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Mens Sports Gold-Tone Braille Watch with Black Dial-Gold-Tone Expansion Band (7042314)
  • Elegant Braille Gold Tone Watch
  • Swiss Made
  • 6 o'clock Opening
The only Elegant Sport 6 o'clock opening Gold-Tone Quartz Braille Watch that has 2 Vertical Lines at the 12 o'clock and 1 Vertical Lines at the 6 o'clock. 1 horizontal raised line at the 3, 9 and 1 raised dot at the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11. Gold-Tone Case w/Black Dial-Gold-Tone Expansion Band. Battery included. Size of Dial 1 5/16 Diameter
Battery Type: 00371
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Multiplication Pocket Flash Cards with Braille (823006)
  • Multiplication Pocket Flash Cards with Braille helps teach multiplication using numbers from 0 through 12
  • Durable, no-see-through cards with self-checking answers on card backs
  • 56 two-sided cards; Size: 3.125 in. x 5.25 in.
  • Ideal for teaching: Ages 8 to 10
Multiplication Pocket Flash Cards with Braille helps teach multiplication using numbers from 0 through 12.
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Perkins Classic Brailler (22001)
  • Emboss 25 lines with 42 cells
  • Use up to an 11" x 11-1/2" sheet of paper
  • Sturdy unit is made of metal
  • One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
The Perkins Classic Brailler creates consistent, superior quality Braille and can emboss 25 lines with 42 cells on an 11" x 11-1/2" sheet of paper. Machine has margin stops and paper locking system. Requires 15 inches of desk space. One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

Note: MaxiAids is an authorized Perkins Brailler repair center.

Protect your Perkins Classic Brailler with a soft carry case. Item Number 15280. See Related Items below for information.

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Perkins SMART Brailler with Video Screen-Raspberry (22100)
  • Video screen displays SimBraille and large print
  • Audio feedback speaks letters/words as they are typed
  • Edit, save and transfer electronic documents via USB
  • Also operates as a mechanical brailler
  • Rechargeable and removable battery
Using traditional typewritten braille in teaching, education and communication can be limiting, as it cannot be quickly or easily translated into written or spoken language.

Now everyone can join the learning experience. The new SMART Brailler allows users to connect and communicate with others by using a digital screen and audio output to share their braille writing.

The SMART Brailler is the long-awaited evolution of the Perkins Brailler from a low-technology, beloved classic to a high-technology learning and teaching tool. It opens the door to a new, more intuitive way for individuals, both sighted and blind, to communicate, teach and learn braille together.

Now teachers in a mainstream classroom can see what their students are brailling. Sighted parents can help their visually impaired children with homework. And students can take the lead in their own braille education. Sighted or blind, we can all share the learning experience!

- Its video screen and audio feedback shows and speaks letters and words in real-time as they are being brailled in SimBraille or large print, for an instantaneous, multi-sensory learning experience.
- The USB port enables a student who is blind to create a hard copy document in braille and save it as a text file, which allows a teacher with sight to upload the document onto a computer and read it in print, and print it out. (See "How Do I Print Files from my Smart Brailler?" below for detailed instructions.)
- The "Building on Patterns Series," developed by the American Printing House for the Blind, can be downloaded to the SMART Brailler, offering easy lessons for anyone
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Prodigy Count-a-dose for the Low Vision Diabetic (50166)
  • Holds one or two bottles of insulin (any brand) for easy mixing
  • Makes a distinctive click with each increment
  • Fills in 1-unit increments
  • Printed and audio instructions included
  • Blind and low vision friendly measuring
The Prodigy Count-a-dose is a simple way to fill insulin syringes safely and accurately with one or two bottles of insulin (any brand). The bottle holder is marked to identify bottles for easy mixing - one raised dot for the first bottle and two for the second bottle. With the click dial starting all the way down toward the raised tactile minus sign, the user simply moves the click dial the number of times, or clicks, per unit of insulin needed. Each click of the dial toward the plus sign will draw one unit of insulin into the syringe.

The Prodigy Count-a-dose is a simple system to learn and allows blind and low vision diabetics to measure from one to fifty units of insulin in single-unit increments. Count-a-dose uses a Prodigy 50-unit (1/2 cc) syringe or a BD (Becton Dickinson) 50-unit (1/2 cc) insulin syringe. Note: Color may vary.

Product Measurements: 4.625" x 2.25" x 1.5"
Product Weight: 2.2 oz.
Weight in Original Packaging: 3.3 oz.

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Raised Line and Braille Color-N-Paint Art Book-2 (562596)
  • 12 raised line art drawings
  • Sea Life, Transportation, Garden & Celestial themes
  • Each drawing shows word printed and in Braille
  • 8.5
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Raised Line and Braille Watercolor Art Set (562595)
  • 12 raised line art drawings
  • Sea Life, Circus, Transportation & Mythological Creature themes
  • Each drawing shows word printed and in Braille
  • Includes six-color Brailled paint tray & brush
Feel the difference and unleash the creative juices in your artist! The Color SENSEation Raised Line and Braille Watercolor Art Set includes twelve raised line art drawings in a spiral bound book, each with the printed word for the drawing as well as Braille!

The attached watercolor pallet features six non-toxic watercolors and a high-quality wood paint brush. The paint tray also includes the first letter for each of the six colors in Braille (R-Red, O-Orange, Y-Yellow, G-Green, B-Blue, and P-Purple).

The raised line art pictures (printed on 8.00-in. x 8.5-in. extra thick paper) are perfect for visually impaired individuals to experience the joy of painting. They are also beneficial to children and adults with special needs working to improve their fine motor skills and for anyone whose learning is enhanced through the sense of touch. Just supply the water and let the painting begin!

Includes the following themed pictures:
Circus - Bear Clown, Lion, Elephant
Sea life - Seahorses, Fish, Whale
Transportation - Airplane, Race Car, Sailboat
Mythological - Dragon, Unicorn, Mermaid

These are not just pictures to color - the heavily embossed lines of the drawings are easily followed with the fingers and when using a crayon, marker, or paint brush, they provide not only a wonderful teaching format, but are just plain fun!

Product Measurements (approx.): 12.0 in. x 9.0 in. x 0.50 in.
Product Weight: 8.2 oz.
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Reizen Braille Quartz Alarm Clock with Vibrating Option (704440)
  • Removable clear plastic cover
  • Brailled numbers on face for tactile reading of time
  • Glow-in-the-dark hands and extra illumination at the press of a button
  • Alarm function - easy-to-set, easy-to-stop
  • Outlets for optional adapter and vibrator
This new Reizen Braille Quartz Alarm Clock was developed especially for the blind and those with low vision, but also the deaf and hard of hearing. Easy-to-read and use with large, oversized buttons. Durable metallic taupe plastic case with a removable clear plastic cover and chrome colored trim. Black face with glow-in-the-dark white hands and a tactile dial with raised Braille numbers for easy identification. The alarm sets with a large, notched dial on the back of the clock. Alarm sound is a steady series of beeps. Turn the alarm function on or off with a large button on the side of the clock. Snooze button at the top of the clock gives you a few extra winks when the alarm has gone off, or press snooze at any time to activate the light for more illumination to the dial. Sturdy enough for everyday at-home use and portable enough to take with you when traveling. Measures: 4 high x 3-3/4 wide x 1-3/4 deep. Uses a 1-AA battery, included.
To use this clock with its vibrating function, purchase 906550 - Vibrator and 309500 - Adapter. While the clock runs on its own included battery, the adapter is necessary to power the vibrator. Once all three items are combined, you'll have a wonderful clock that's very helpful for the deaf/blind person.

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Reizen Chrome Braille Pocket Watch with 12-inch chain (179903)
  • Braille pocket watch in classic metal case designed with spring-hinged, protective lid and 3 o'clock push-button crown opening
  • High-quality Japanese quartz movement keeps dependably accurate time (plus-or-minus 0.3 seconds per day)
  • Raised Tactile Markings: 1 dot at the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 position; 2 dots at the 3, 6, 9 position; and 3 dots at the 12 o'clock positionFeatures: Stainless steel hour and minute hands; Pre-installed battery; and 12-inch steel pocket chain with clip-style clasp for belt or pocketDial Size: 1.1875-inch diameter; Case Size (closed): 1.5-inch diameter
The Reizen Chrome Braille Pocket Watch with 12-inch chain has a high-quality, Japanese quartz movement, stainless steel hands, and Braille markings.

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Reizen Ladies Bi-Color Square Braille Watch-Exp Band (707794)
  • 6 o'clock opening
  • Tactile dots distinguish hour marks
  • Swiss movement
  • Watch dial measures 13/16" across
  • Bi-color Gold-Tone/silver tone case and band
Reizen Ladies Bi-Color Square Braille Watch-Exp Band - The Reizen Ladies Bi-Color Square Braille Watch is a 6 o'clock opening elegant quartz watch that's as attractive as it is functional. This watch for the blind features 3 tactile dots at the 12 o'clock mark, 2 dots at 3, 6 & 9 and 1 dot at 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11. This Braille watch's durable hands were designed for reliable touch reading of time by the blind and visually impaired user. Bi-color Gold-Tone/silver-tone case with chrome dial. Numbers 1 to 12 printed in black. Stylish coordinating polished bi-color expansion band. Watch dial measures 13/16 inch across. Total measurement across face (including bezel) is 1-1/8 inches. Swiss movement. Battery included.
Battery Type: 00364
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