CentralAlert 360 Wireless Notification System

Model:  CA360

The CentralAlert 360 is an all-in-one, wireless notification system for your home. It alerts you to the ringing telephone, alarm clock, and doorbell (or door knocker). With the addition of other transmitters, it detects all the daily sounds in your home such as door knocks, audio alarms, baby cry, as well as warnings from your motion detectors and weather alerts from your NOAA radio. It's the only system that responds to virtually any audio alarm including T3/T4 smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors. Accessories are sold separately; they are required for these additional functions.

The CA360 uses a bright built-in flasher, a selectable loud, yet pleasant audible sound and a powerful bed shaker to alert you. 2.4 GHz transmission technology ensures interference-free operations and unmatched coverage. The normal operating range is 200 feet (approx. 61 meters). However, a Repeater feature allows a remote receiver (CARX) to retransmit the received signal to other remote units, thus expanding the operating range and providing full coverage of every corner of your home (regardless of square footage).

The CA360 includes main unit/clock, bed shaker, and your choice of a doorbell or door knocker. No installation is needed, and all operations are wireless. One-year warranty from Serene Innovations.

CA360 Video Demos:

CA360 Features:

  • Alerts to the telephone, alarm clock, and doorbell (or door knocker).
  • Alerts to other daily sounds around the home; additional accessories are required.
  • Be alerted via a bright flasher, loud sound & bed shaker (in any combination).
  • Totally wireless with 200-ft. (or 61-meter) normal operating range
  • Extended coverage with the use of remote CA-RX receivers
  • No installation needed
  • Responds to virtually any audio alarm including T3 and T4 smoke/CO alarms.
  • Large, bright icons indicate which alarm has gone off.
  • Big and bright clock for easy viewing, with automatic brightness control
  • Adjustable loud, yet pleasant sound to alert you audibly
  • Powerful bed shaker (one included) to alert even the deepest sleepers
  • Double phone jack for telephone/fax ring notification
  • Alarm clock with dual alarm settings and dual bed shaker connections
  • AC adapter with universal 110-220V input
  • Battery back-up for full operation up to 48 hours in the event of power outage

The only alerting system that works with weather radios!


The next video shows a weather alert radio issuing a tornado warning. The CA-360 has a jack to plug in your NOAA radio so you can be alerted to possible weather hazards! A weather alert sensor (CA-NOAA) is also available. See under "Related Products" below.


It's like comparing apples with oranges...

With the amazing features and versatility of the CA360 it's not surprising that it's way ahead of the competition. See it for yourself.


The CA360 provides notification to the doorbell, telephone, and alarm clock. For other functions additional transmitters must be purchased separately. See under "Related Products" below. A CA360H version is available for hotels which includes a door hanger and door knocker instead of the doorbell.

Will this product work in my country?

Attention International Shoppers:

Please consult our Guide to Power Converters to find out if you'll need any type of plug adapters or power conversion jacks.

#CA360 CentralAlert 360 Wireless Notification System with Doorbell
#CA360H CentralAlert 360 Wireless Notification System with Door Knocker

  • Model: CA360
  • Manufacturer: Serene Innovations

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