Talking Caller ID Cordless Phone with AP5000 Voice-Activated Dialer


This Voice-Activated Cordless Phone Solution for the Blind consists of one A400 Talking Caller ID Cordless Phone and one AblePhone 5000 Phone Dialer. With these two products combined, blind and low vision users can make and answer phone calls with total independence!

A400 Talking Caller ID Cordless Phone:

Looking for an affordable yet high-quality telephone for your hearing and visual needs? The A400 Amplified Telephone features crystal clear sound amplification up to 40dB, loud ringer, tone control, and vibrating handset for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The telephone handset has a large LCD screen and high-contrast display that makes it easy to see the incoming number. The talking caller ID announces the name of your calling party, without you even having to look at the caller ID display. A talking keypad adds a new level of convenience for blind and low vision users. A handy phonebook with 200 names/numbers is also included. One-year manufacturer's warranty.

Features of the A400:

  • Up to 40 dB adjustable amplification
  • Adjustable tone control for better sound clarity and understanding
  • Full duplex speakerphone in handset with adjustable amplification
  • 6-level ringer volume control and 10 ring tones
  • Bright visual ringer
  • Talking caller ID and talking keypad
  • Display and prompts in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, and Chinese)
  • Big button, easy-to-read high contrast keypad
  • 30 name/number caller ID
  • DECT 6.0 system expandable up to 5 handsets total
  • 4 one-touch memory dial buttons
  • 200 name and number phonebook

About Talking Caller ID:

If you subscribe to caller ID service, the handset "announces" callers during incoming calls, in two ways:

  • If the caller makes the number available, the handset announces the caller's number.
  • If you entered the caller's number in your phonebook or a memory key, and you recorded an identifier for the caller, the handset also plays the identifier.

Expanded Range:

A400 ComboAdditional handsets may be purchased for the A400. See under the "Related Products" tab.

AblePhone 5000 Phone Dialer:

The AblePhone 5000 is perfect for the blind, partially sighted and those with limited motion control. Simply pick up the handset and tell the phone what name to dial! Easy to install - simply connect the Voice Activated Dialer between your regular--corded or cordless--phone and the phone line. Just like you would connect an answering machine. The AblePhone even allows voice dialing from multiple handsets connected to the same base!

The AblePhone is easy to program: it verbally prompts you and guides you through the programming sequence. You can store up to 60 names and phone numbers into the dialer for voice recognition recall. You may also manually dial the numbers that are not stored in memory. One-year manufacturer's warranty.

How to connect the AblePhone Dialer:

Mouse over the flashing dots to learn how to connect your AblePhone.



  • Easily connects between your phone and the phone line
  • Programming phone numbers is easy - simply follow the voice prompts
  • Program up to 60 names and phone numbers
  • Numbers not in memory can be manually dialed
  • Choose from three languages: English, Spanish, and French

Do you need more information? Check out the AblePhone user guide.

Is this phone or phone dialer compatible with VOIP / DSL?

Good to know:

This phone and phone dialer are designed to work on analog phone lines. If you have DSL, you will need to contact your phone company and ask them to install a DSL filter so you can use this phone / dialer. If you have VOIP, you will need an analog telephone adapter such as the HT701 (with one port) or HT702 (with two ports).

Will this phone or phone dialer work in my country?

Attention International Shoppers:

Please consult our Guide to Phone Jack Converters to find out if you'll need any type of plug adapters or phone conversion jacks.

  • Model: CDLBUNDLE1

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