Dexterity is defined as the skill or ability in using one's hands or body. Lack of hand dexterity, for example, may prevent a person from opening a prescription bottle, holding a spoon or tying their shoelaces. Products in this category include exercisers, dressing / personal aids, kitchen aids, telephones, writing pens, and voice-activated clocks. For your convenience, we have also included some mobility canes in this category.
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Convalescent No Spill Cup (16T143)
Comes with a lid with a mouth piece. Mouth piece has a hole big enough for a straw. A small air inlet hole in the lid opposite the mouth piece. By placing a finger over the air hole you can regulate the flow of liquid. Ideal for drinking while lying in bed. 8 ounce capacity.
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Deluxe Folding Reacher (152021)
  • Lightweight durable aluminum construction
  • Super suction grips
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • Locking mechanism
  • Measures approx. 3 feet long
Extend your reach by nearly 3 feet! With the Deluxe Folding Reacher in your hand, you'll be able to pick up a variety of items that might otherwise be out of reach. Just hold it against the item you want to get, squeeze the trigger and the jaws will close around the item and hold it firmly as you bring it back towards you.

This is a handy, helpful tool for any household - great for reaching up to get items on shelves, or down to pick up things you have dropped. Especially helpful for wheelchair users, those with limited mobility and anyone recovering/rehabbing from leg, back or neck injuries or surgery.

Lightweight durable aluminum construction. Super suction grips. Folds in half for easy storage. Locking mechanism. Measures approx. 3 feet long.
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Double Handle Mug (67*8224)
Double Handle Mug - This double handled mug is ideal for those with dexterity challenges. 10 oz. transparent mug keeps up with those on the go. This dexterity drinking aid is dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and is made of acrylic plastic.
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Easy to Hold Slice-Slide-Serve Spatula (553146)
  • Great for serving brownies, cake, lasagna & more
  • Top blade slides forward with one motion
  • Measures 8.5 in. (21.5cm)
Serving your family and guests has never been easier! The SLICE/SLIDE/SERVE SPATULA enables home chefs and bakers to slice and serve with one hand. The top blade slides forward with one motion. Ideal for brownies, cake, lemon bars, lasagna and countless other desserts and casseroles. Great for those with use of only one arm or hand. Measures 8.5 in. (21.5cm).

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Easy to Hold Utensils-Knife Fork and Spoon Set-Red (523004)
  • Built-up, easy to hold ergonomic handles
  • Helpful for those with arthritis, limited dexterity, etc.
  • Set of 3 utensils (knife, fork and spoon)
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Made from durable FDA-approved plastic
Enjoy easier food cutting and handling! The ergonomic grip of these utensils makes eating simpler, less tiring and more pleasant. They were designed to make the best possible use of hand strength, allowing people to eat without assistance and enhance their independence.

Easy to pick up, hold and control! These uniquely shaped utensils measure approximately 6 in. long and have oversized, rounded handles for easy gripping. The fork and spoon are molded in a swooped curve shape that enables the user to eat regardless of their wrist position (ex. arthritic with wrist in flexed position).

The Easy to Hold Utensils are very helpful for those with limited hand strength or manual dexterity challenges. They create a unique axis for the utensil within the hand, allowing for multiple gripping positions. And the handle can be rotated within the hand to provide maximum flexibility and control.

You're not likely to find any other utensil grip that feels quite as natural in your hand. If you have a limited range of motion in your wrist or fingers, you'll love the way it sits comfortably in your palm. Position it up and out, or straight down - whatever is more comfortable to you. You can even keep your index finger on top for extra control.

Many individuals can benefit from these ergonomic utensils, including those with the following conditions: Arthritis, Diabetes, Carpal Tunnel, Raynaud's, MS, Parkinson's, Stroke with Hemiplegia, TBI, Seizure Disorders, Hand/Digit Amputations, Low Cervical/High Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury, Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disorders

- Unique interior axis maximizes gripping ease for every hand
- Latex Free
- Phthalate Free
- BPA Free
- Dishwasher-safe (to 180 degrees) (Tested to over 500 top rack dishwasher cycles.)
- Made from durable FDA-approved Tritan plastic material
- Set of 3 utensils (One each - knife, fork and spoon)
- Comes in Ziploc plastic pouch for convenient portability
- Color: Red

Measurements (Set of 3 in Pouch): 8.5 in. x 5.0 in. x 1.75 in.
Weight (Set of 3 in Pouch): 3.5 oz.
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Environmental Control Unit (801338)
  • TV, DVD, Digital, Satellite, and cable set top boxes
  • Lights
The quick and simple to set up and enables easy user adjustments for volume brightness and scan speeds.

Users may operate the unit by touching individual cells, any part of the screen, or external switch.

Primo's! functionality also extends to the operation of enabling access to the internet, email, electronic media, and desktop applications. Primo! can also provide full access to, and control of, communication aids giving freedom of expression and increased independence.

Remote Control of:
TV, DVD, Digital, Satellite, and cable set top boxes
Intercom and Doors*
Emergency contact - via phone, pager, alarm*
Bed, Riser/Recliner Chair
Communication Aids*

Accessory products required for control of lights, windows, telephone, doors, etc. Contact us for further information.

Product Specifications


Can be programmed to perform over 179 functions

Easy to use, full on-board programming, no tools or hardware required

Built-in infrared capture

Macros (scenes) fully editable with up to 20 functions per macro

Changeable telephone numbers and basic functions

User-adjustable volume, brightness, and scan rate

Custom template design, 18 "get started" device templates
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Ergonomic Long Ring Low Vision Timer - Yellow Dial (59641)
  • Large 8" yellow dial with bold black 1.25" numbers
  • Sits on counter/desk or hangs on wall
  • Overall Measurements: 9.5" x 8.0" x 2.5"
Seeing and setting a timer has never been easier! The Ergonomic Long Ring Low Vision Timer features a large, high contrast yellow dial with bold black 1.25" high numbers, so it's easy to see and use.

Perfect for cooking, exercising, etc. Easy to use for people with low vision and/or arthritis. Wall/table mountable.

Face measures 8.0" x 8.0"
Overall Measurements: 9.5" High x 8.0" Wide x 2.5" Thick
Weight: 11 oz.
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Exercise Peddler (501965)
  • Portable and sturdy
  • Exercise at home or when traveling
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Great for legs or arms
Ideal for toning leg or arm muscles. Comes with four anti-slip rubber pads that prevent sliding and protect floors or counter/desk tops. Stimulates circulation. Safe and gentle form of low impact exercise. Compact for storage and transport. Polished chrome finish. Tension can be adjusted. Portable; take advantage of the health benefits of cycling at home or on the go. Ideal for people who are unable to sit on a regular exercise bike. Comes completely assembled. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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Extension Utensils - Soup Spoon (16T022)
Stainless steel utensils fastened with wing nut to a light weight aluminum extension handle. The utensil adjusts to any angle, right or left hand. For persons with limitations in upper extremity of motion.
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Extension Utensils - Teaspoon (16T021)
Stainless steel utensils fastened with wing nut to a light weight aluminum extension handle. The utensil adjusts to any angle, right or left hand. For persons with limitations in upper extremity of motion.
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Extra Big Digit Low Vision Timer (708615)
  • Counts up and down 100 minutes by seconds
  • Big, bold digits on extra large 2.5
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EZ - Key Turner (15468)
EZ - Key Turner - This product enables the individual with limited hand movement to open the door with ease w/o additional stress. These dexterity aids feature 2 key turners per pack in 2 different colors for easy identification. Daily living is made easier for those with dexterity issues, thanks to this independent living aid.
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