Dexterity is defined as the skill or ability in using one's hands or body. Lack of hand dexterity, for example, may prevent a person from opening a prescription bottle, holding a spoon or tying their shoelaces. Products in this category include exercisers, dressing / personal aids, kitchen aids, telephones, writing pens, and voice-activated clocks. For your convenience, we have also included some mobility canes in this category.
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Quad-Base Cane -Offset Handle (16380)
Adjusts from 29-36. Rubber handle. Weighs 1 lb., 1 oz. Aluminum. Includes 4 tips.
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MXN$ 747.53
Rainbow Reacher - Blue - 32 inches (1507252)
  • Flexible rubber cups and wide jaw safely grip small and large items up to about 2 pounds
  • Useful for small or arthritic hands and those recovering from hip or knee surgery.
  • Handy hook and loop hang tab included
  • Weighs 5.5 oz.
The new Rainbow Reacher is the lightest weight and has the smallest handle grip and widest jaw opening. This reacher was designed especially for pediatric and arthritic users, as well as those recovering from knee and hip surgery. The flexible rubber cups and jaw opening safely grip small and large items. The horizontal jaw opening allows the user to see the object without twisting the wrist.
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MXN$ 344.50
Roll A Lotion Body Lotion Applicator (503747)
  • Body Lotion Applicator with 19 rolling balls
  • Extra long handle for hard to reach places
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Applies lotion evenly
  • Hangs for easy storage
It's easy to apply your favorite body lotion, suntan lotion, bath gel, massage oils and more to your entire body. Just fill the Roll A Lotion reservoir with your favorite product. 19 rolling balls apply the lotion evenly to your skin. Even hard to reach areas get covered. Plus, it provides a gentle yet powerful massaging action. When finished, just place the airtight cover over the heads to keep the solution from drying out and hang it wherever you like.
Measures 3 1/2 diameter head: 171/2 long
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MXN$ 172.54
Safety Ice Tip Single Point For Canes (94598)
Don't slip, use an ice tip! This Safety Ice Tip helps keep your cane from slipping if you have to get around during dangerous ice and snow conditions.

Attaches easily to any size cane. Single point tip flips up when not in use. Stainless steel.
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MXN$ 190.96
SENCH Side Threading Needles - 6pk. (500588)
  • Self threading needles
  • Come in three sizes (2 of each)
  • Used for general sewing tasks
  • Nickel plated with golden eyes
SENCH Side threading needles are nickel-plated with golden eyes. They come in three sizes only (2 of each). These sewing needle sizes are the most commonly used sizes for general sewing tasks such as mending a hem, replacing a button, or doing embroidery work on a pillowcase with 2 or 3 strands of floss. To thread these sewing needles, simply make a loop around the needle and tighten it. Then pull the tightened loop into the opening on the side of the eye.
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MXN$ 306.11
Shoe Remover (16D015A)
Easy shoe removal without bending over. Also keeps hands off dirty boots.
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MXN$ 344.50
Shoehorn - 23 inches (500116)
A Swedish classic. It's made of strong metal that won't bend or break. The form of the shoehorn cups the heel and guides it softlyinto the shoe.
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MXN$ 248.54
Shopping Bag Carrier (25441)
  • Distributes bag weight to large handle
  • Fits easily into purse or pocket
  • Strong, lightweight design
Perfect for trips to the supermarket or department store, our shopping bag carrier is sturdy and can hold multiple bags.

It's strong, lightweight design, makes this a great tool for anyone.
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MXN$ 114.19
SureFit Plastic Food Guard- White (550213)
  • Reduces spills off plate & supports independent eating
  • Guard measures 1.25" high
  • Fits plates with diameter of up to 10.75"
  • Microwave and top rack, household dishwasher safe
This strong SureFit Plastic Food Guard hugs the rim of a dish securely. Designed to help the scooped food fall back onto the utensil, thus reducing messy spills off the edge of the plate and general embarrassment, and supporting independent eating.

Guard measures 1.25" high and fits plates with a diameter of up to 10.75". Ideal for one-handed use. Easy to attach and remove. Microwave and top rack, household dishwasher safe. Color: White.
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MXN$ 206.31
Tenura Cupcap - 2-Pack (550192)
  • Self-sealing caps with convenient opening for a straw that fits over cups and glasses
  • Helpful to prevent drinking spills for children - as well as people with an unsteady grip, muscle tremors, or arthritis
  • Completely safe and non-toxic with an antimicrobial treatment to protect against bacteria, MRSA, and E.coli
  • Made of silicone rubber - Phthalate Plasticiser-free and Latex-Free - washable, long-lasting, and dishwasher safe
Tenura Cupcap - 2-Pack - helps prevent drinking spills and accidents.
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MXN$ 286.92
Tenura Jar Opener - Yellow (550190)
  • Provides firm grip to open jars
  • Helpful for people with arthritis or any condition that weakens their hand grip
  • Completely safe and non-toxic; Phthalate Plasticiser-free and Latex-Free
  • Fully washable and easy-to-clean - just wash in warm, soapy water
  • Diameter: 4.5 in. (115 mm)
Tenura Jar Opener - Yellow - provides a firm grip to open jars.
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MXN$ 190.96
Tenura Non-Slip Cutlery Grip - Grey (550799)
  • Large, soft, textured handle to assist gripping forks, spoons, and knives
  • Helpful for people with arthritis or any condition that weakens their hand grip
  • Universal non-slip sheath fits cutlery handles of most types, shapes, and sizes
  • Fully washable in warm, soapy water, long-lasting, and dishwasher-safe; Note: Do not use when wet
  • Safe and non-toxic - Phthalate Plasticiser-free - with an antimicrobial treatment to protect against bacteria, MRSA, and E.coli
Tenura Non-Slip Cutlery Grip - Grey - large, soft, textured handle to assist gripping forks, spoons, and knives.
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MXN$ 382.88
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