Dexterity is defined as the skill or ability in using one's hands or body. Lack of hand dexterity, for example, may prevent a person from opening a prescription bottle, holding a spoon or tying their shoelaces. Products in this category include exercisers, dressing / personal aids, kitchen aids, telephones, writing pens, and voice-activated clocks. For your convenience, we have also included some mobility canes in this category.
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Viziflex Angled Keyboard Stand (802701)
  • Fits all standard keyboards including Big Keys
  • Made of clear sturdy plastic
  • Size: 17" wide x 6" deep
The Viziflex Angled Keyboard Stand was designed to hold your computer's keyboard at the ideal angle for easier, more convenient viewing and typing. Fits all standard keyboards including Big Keys. Made of clear sturdy plastic. Size: 17" wide x 6" deep. Weight: 1 lb.

Note: Stand only. Purchase keyboard separately.

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