Dressing Aids

Need some help buttoning your clothes or taking off your shoes? Check out our dressing aids.
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*Weekly Special* - Clothes Folder- Folds Clothes with a Simple Flip - CLOSEOUT (505152)
The Clothes Folder is a handy laundry folding aid that allows you to flip and save time in your busy day. Gain valuable space in your closets. Simply lay the item to be folded on the folder and with a few simple flips, in a matter of only a few seconds, it will be neatly folded. Not only will you save time and get perfect folds every time, but your clothes will be folded to a uniform size, saving space in your closets and giving them a neat, orderly appearance. Use the Clothes Folder on a countertop, table, bed or even on top of your washer or dryer. Its sturdy yet lightweight plastic design makes it easy to handle, especially for the blind and those with low vision, as well as senior citizens and those with dexterity issues. Measures 27-5/8" wide x 23-1/4" high when open. Folds down to 23-1/4" high x 9-1/2" wide x 5/8" thick for easy storage when not in use. Lay it flat on a shelf or slide it alongside washer/dryer. Weighs 1.75 lbs. Color: Blue. 60 Day Manufacturers Warranty.
Save Time Folding Laundry and Gain Closet Space
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Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers (2028914)
  • 100 tags per bag
  • Can be reused over and over again
  • 21 different worded colors and patterns
  • Your choice of attaching by sewing or pinning
These brailled labels are perfect for stitching or pinning on to clothes so that they can later be identified by the blind wearer if item is a particular color or pattern. 100 white brailled with black print tags come in each package and can be re-used over and over. Tags measure 9/16 x 1-1/16 in.
Clothing Tags Offer Independence to Blind
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C$ 38.38
Buttoneer Button Fastener (802811)
  • Easily reattach buttons in seconds - without threading a needle or sewing - ideal for those with low vision or arthritis
  • Clear, almost-invisible fasteners work on most fabrics and will not unravel like thread - washer, dryer, dry cleaning, and ironing safe
  • Use to repair loose fabric shoulder straps, hems, pants, skirts, loose linings; or to decorate crafts or clothing
  • Prevent or fix wardrobe malfunctions - great for home, office, college dorm, camp, school, and travel
  • Includes: 10 Buttons; 50 Fasteners; and Instructions
The Buttoneer Button Fastener easily reattaches buttons in seconds - without threading a needle or sewing - ideal for those with low vision or arthritis.

Quick and easy to use. Simply load a fastener, hold, and push.

Additional fasteners available. Buttoneer Fastener Refill Pack Item Number 802812.
As Seen on TV!
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C$ 18.00
EZ Pro Sock Holders - Assorted Colors (507811)
  • No more missing socks
  • No more sorting and matching
  • Soft, flexible and washer/dryer safe
  • Pack of 10 assorted colors
SockPro Sock Holders - Assorted Colors - This household accessory makes laundry time so much easier! Imagine, you will never have to worry about lost socks again! Sockpro Sock holders help keep socks together in the washer and dryer - no more sorting hassles. Put a stop to missing socks with this useful household accessory. Five colors available for easier identification; assign a different color to each person. Pack of 10 assorted colors.
We Keep Your Socks Together!
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C$ 5.10
Fashion Range Identi-Buttons (30-27)
Grey, Peach, Cream, Navy, Mauve, Turquoise, Beige, Orange.
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Foot Socker Dressing Aid (503219)
  • Makes it easier to put on socks
  • Rigid plastic form holds sock open
  • Great for arthritis and dexterity challenges
  • Measures approx. 18 x 5.25 x 2.5
The Foot Socker is a simple, effective tool that helps you put your socks on more easily. Just place the form between your knees and slide the sock over the form until it's snug. The rigid plastic form holds the sock open while you insert your foot. Once your foot is in, pull the Foot Socker out and finish putting on your socks by hand. Designed to assist in the initial stages of putting on socks, it's a great dressing aid for those with arthritis and dexterity challenges. Made of sturdy white plastic. Measures approx.18 Long x 5.25 Wide x 2.5 Thick.

Makes It Easier to Put on Socks
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Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers (30-25)
Easy to use, Just sew them on. Shape indicates color. 8 colors per pkg. 1 button of each color.
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Pocketdresser - four tools in one pocketknife style dressing aid -Red (558049)
  • Four tools in one pocketknife style tool
  • Accomodates a wide range of button and zipper sizes
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Adjustable hand strap and pocket clip
  • Includes 2 button hooks, loop buttoner and zipper pick
The Pocketdresser contains four primary dressing aids in one pocketknife style tool, making it the ultimate tool for dressing independence. The large buttonhook is easily capable of buttoning even new, thick, denim jeans. The closed-loop buttoner and small buttonhook are ideal for medium sized shirt buttons all the way down to delicate, collar shirt buttons. The zipper pick, the most specialized tool of the group, functions not only as a zipper pull, but also as a pick, to pry out buried zipper tabs and even undo knotted shoelaces. And since all tools can be positioned at any angle in relation to the handle, it is truly helpful for those with limited arm and wrist movement. The lightweight design along with the adjustable hand strap and pocket clip make this the ultimate dressing aid for those who wish to maintain their dressing independence. Weighs just 4.1 ounces. Measures 4 7/8 (closed). Color red.
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Say What - Clothing Identifiers (30080)
Strong plastic, reusable tags. 10 tags per kit and 1/2 tape for 23 labels. Tags measure 1 1/2 X 5 3/4. Braille desired information, and stick on tag
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C$ 6.39
Shoe Dini- The Telescoping Shoe Horn (502218)
  • Extends to almost 3 feet for extra reach
  • Built-in clip for taking shoes off
  • Easy to assemble
No more bending, reaching or straining when putting your shoes on! Shoe Dini: The Telescoping Shoe Horn is an extra long shoe horn that gives you the extra reach you need to put on your shoes more easily. Plus, it features a built-in clip that you can position on the back of your shoe to help take shoes off easily, too!

It's great for those with neck, back or leg pain or injury, as well as anyone with flexibility, dexterity or mobility limitations. Telescoping handle extends to almost three feet. No more 'flat tires' (crushed backs of your shoes). Easy to assemble.

Measurements (approx.): 3' x 2" Wide x 0.75" Thick
Weight in Original Packaging: 6.7 oz.

Helps You Slip Your Shoes On With Ease
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C$ 18.05
Shoe Remover (16D015A)
Easy shoe removal without bending over. Also keeps hands off dirty boots.
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Shoehorn - 23 inches (500116)
A Swedish classic. It's made of strong metal that won't bend or break. The form of the shoehorn cups the heel and guides it softlyinto the shoe.
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