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Check out our selection of grip aids for people with hand dexterity issues.
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Convalescent No Spill Cup (16T143)
Comes with a lid with a mouth piece. Mouth piece has a hole big enough for a straw. A small air inlet hole in the lid opposite the mouth piece. By placing a finger over the air hole you can regulate the flow of liquid. Ideal for drinking while lying in bed. 8 ounce capacity.
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Double Handle Mug (67*8224)
Double Handle Mug - This double handled mug is ideal for those with dexterity challenges. 10 oz. transparent mug keeps up with those on the go. This dexterity drinking aid is dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and is made of acrylic plastic.
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EZ - Key Turner (15468)
EZ - Key Turner - This product enables the individual with limited hand movement to open the door with ease w/o additional stress. These dexterity aids feature 2 key turners per pack in 2 different colors for easy identification. Daily living is made easier for those with dexterity issues, thanks to this independent living aid.
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HandyCup (157459)
  • Two-handled transparent cup
  • Extra wide base
  • Reduces accidental spills
  • Angled design makes it easy to drink
  • Holds 8 oz.
Two-handled transparent cup with extra wide base provides a secure grip and stability while reducing the occurrence of accidental spills. Unique angled design provides space for nose and eye glasses while making it possible to drink with little or no neck movement. Holds 8 oz. (237 ml) and is dishwasher safe.

Warranty: 12 months parts and labor.

6.125" x 4.25" x 4"
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INFILA Automatic Needle Threader (5084333)
  • Thread large or thin needles automatically
  • Designed for simple operation with a push of a button
  • Single or double threading
  • Note: Color may vary
Thread large or thin needles automatically. These sewing aids are designed for simple operation with a push of a button. Single or double threading. Note: Color may vary.
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Key Turner (75411)
Improves grip and leverage when using a key. Key is secured to handle. Handle has 2 largefinger holes.
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Kum Medi-Grip Pencil Sharpener - Right Hand (205845)
  • Built-up grip guides the fingers into proper position
  • Ergonomically shaped for a stable grip
  • Built-up grip is also a convenient shavings container
  • Flip up lid reveals two sharpeners: regular and large
  • For right handed users
The patented form of the Kum Medi-Grip uses the body's natural physiology to gently guide the fingers of a right-handed person into the proper position, thereby ensuring a firm grip during sharpening.

The ergonomically shaped container gives the hand a stable grip and encourages the hand to stay still during sharpening. This prevents distracting counter movements, allowing the active hand to securely guide and sharpen the pencil.

Therapeutic relevance:
The movement stability gained with this sharpener can also be very useful in the therapeutic field (occupational and physical therapy). The physical motions practiced with this product are also transferable to other types of devices.
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Magnifying Medi-Grip Medicine Bottle Cap Remover (152522)
  • Magnifies your medicine labels 4x
  • Gives extra leverage for removing childproof caps
  • Great for those with low vision and arthritic hands
  • Unique, functional award-winning design
  • Measures 2High x 2.5 Wide
Opening prescription bottles is difficult for millions of Americans suffering from arthritis. For those with vision impairments just reading the label on medicines is a chore. This product was designed specifically to address these problems.

The Magnifying Medi-Grip Remover is made with ultra-soft, easy to grip, thermo plastic rubber (TPR) material and has a built-in 4x magnifier to aide in reading prescription labels. Engineered with a series of grooves and notches that marry up to the most common medicine bottles, it easily assists in opening medications and vitamins. It is unlike any product on the market today

In fact, the design is so special, it was the winner in the Personal Care, Health and Garment Care category at the 7th annual Housewares Design Awards Competiton, which recognizes products that are unique within the Housewares industry. Dimensions: 2High x 2.5 Wide.

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Master Lock Speed Dial Combination Lock (501500)
  • Open it quickly and easily by touch with one hand
  • No small numbers to see or dial to manipulate
  • Combination is a series of up-down-left-right moves
  • Just slide dial in the sequence you pre-set
  • Included letter/number/color/shape/symbol decals allow dial customization
The Speed Dial Combination Padlock from Master Lock is fast, easy and secure. It's quick and easy to open with only one hand - without having to see small numbers or manipulate a dial as must be done with a traditional combination lock. Simply slide the dial up, down, left or right in a sequence you pre-set to open it!

- World's first combination lock that opens on up/down/left/right directional movements
- Patented technology is faster, easier and more secure than a standard combination lock
- Maximum security with anti-shim technology
- Combination can be reset to any number of movements in any sequence
- Easy-to-Use: 2" (51mm) wide metal body can be opened one-handed without looking
- Matching passcode indicators (letters, numbers, colors, shapes, symbols) are included for added customization - simple apply over arrows
- Hardened steel shackle for increased bolt cutter protection
- Perfect for school/employee/athletic/storage lockers and cabinets

Dimensions: 3.75" High x 2.125" Wide x 1.375" Deep
Weight (in Original Packaging): 6.7 oz.

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Page Turner-Keyboard Aid with Wrist Cuff (F73216)
  • Helps people with limited hand function use keyboards, flip pages and push buttons
  • Curved wand with a foam rubber tip
  • Attach over hand or wrist
  • Overall length is 8"
Curved wand with a foam rubber tip attached to a 1" (2.5 cm) wide hook-and-loop adjustable wrist band helps people with limited hand function or dexterity easily flip through pages of books, newspapers and magazines. Also handy on keyboards, phone pads and appliances with push buttons. Overall length is 8" (22 cm).
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Reizen Deluxe Recliner Lever Extender (152196)
  • Recline your chair with ease and without any stress or strain on your hands
  • Attaches easily to existing lever
  • Oversized handle for easy grip
  • Heavy duty steel construction perfect for everyday use
  • 9 inches long x 7 inches wide
Recline your chair with ease and without any stress or strain on your hands with this deluxe lever extender. The extender handle is oversized for easy grip and easily attaches to your existing lever on your recliner. Within seconds, you will be able to take comfort in your chair and your hands will thank you.

This is the perfect product for anyone with reduced strength or mobility, or if you simply want to give your hands a break. The recliner lever extender is durable and made from heavy-duty steel construction, so it is great for everyday use. The lever extender is 9" L x 7" W.
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