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Hearing aids related products including sweatbands, batteries, dehumidifiers, earplugs, and more!
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Activair Hearing Aid Battery Tester (AUD070)

The Activair Hearing Aid Battery Tester has a battery read-out display and battery storage compartment. A large, easy-to-read indicator shows whether battery is good or bad. Six small tab batteries or four large tab batteries can be accommodated in the universal storage compartment. Works with batteries of all sizes (10, 13, 312, and 675).

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Dry & Store Dry Caddy Dryer (DRYCADDY)

The Dry & Store Dry Caddy Hearing Aid Dryer is an active drying system that will help you maintain your hearing aids and keep them in their best working condition.

A molecular sieve desiccant is used to dry hearing instruments placed in the dryer. Dry Caddy is very effective in removing moisture, and you won’t be disappointed.

Though electronic Dry & Store systems are great, they’re not always the most convenient items to use, especially when travelling or near water. The waterproof Dry Caddy uses no electricity and is great for taking to the beach or pool to refresh your hearing aids on the go.

Dry-Disc and Dry-Brik® Desiccants

Dry-Disc and Dry-Brik desiccants are not interchangeable. The Dry-Brik should not be put in the Dry Caddy system and vice versa.

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  • 6 specially designed Dry-Disc sieve desiccants
  • Highly effective molecular sieve desiccant
  • No electricity required
  • 2 months of use per Dry-Disc

Very high temperatures are required to rejuvenate a molecular sieve desiccant which would cause the container to melt long before the desiccant is properly reactivated. Dry Caddy is not rechargeable – hence why there are six desiccants included. Replacements can be purchased.

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Dry and Store Global II (GLOBALII)

The Dry and Store Global II incorporates a patented process of heat, moving air, a charged desiccant, and a germicidal lamp into the hearing aid conditioning unit. It weighs about two pounds and measures 7 inches x 4 inches x 3.5 inches (18 cm x 10 cm x 9 cm) - lightweight and easy to tuck into a suitcase!

The Dry and Store Global II is an electrical appliance. It includes a separate lightweight AC adapter for use with 110V. Travelers will appreciate the optional voltage AC adapter for worldwide use. A protective carry case is also available as an Optional Accessory.

While ear-level speech processors, microphones and headpieces of cochlear implant assemblies will fit into both the Professional and the Global model, the Global's single large compartment will also accommodate body-worn processors.

Dry and Store Global II comes with one Dry-Brik™ desiccant. (You may order replacement Briks under "Related Products" below.) The custom-formulated Dry-Brik™ is recommended for its convenience and unique deodorizing function.

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Physical Properties

Hinged top with a single large storage area approximately 102 mm x 90 mm x 25 mm (4" x 3.5" x 1") that will accommodate all types of hearing aids, including many body worn aids. The Dry & Store Global II can also be used with cochlear implant microphones, headpieces, and speech processors.

Weight: slightly less than 1 kg (2 lbs.)

Power Supply

Two available wall mounted transformers, operating from 100 to 250 volt input power, at either 50 or 60 Hz frequencies. A variety of plug configurations will be available to meet worldwide needs.

Operating Features

1) Operating temperature of 36-40 degrees C (96.8-104° F). Microprocessor-controlled operating cycle is eight hours, and this cycle can be interrupted at any time by opening the lid. Unit turns off automatically.

2) Fan continuously circulates warm, dry air for the entire operating cycle, causing moisture to move out of the hearing instruments by diffusion. A desiccant in the airflow path strips the moisture out of the air, ensuring continuous dry operation. Dry & Store will remove the moisture from cerumen, decreasing its volume and making it easy to remove.

3) UV germicidal lamp with dosage of >1000 joules/sq meter. During its three minute cycle, the lamp will generate enough germicidal energy to yield a 99% kill on common bacteria found in the external ear canal (data comes from extensive studies done by Philips in support of its worldwide germicidal lamp business). Elimination of this flora from hearing aids can significantly reduce itching and the reintroduction of infection-causing bacteria into the ear canal. Running at 4 watts, the UV lamp is a surface sanitizer only, with little or no penetration power. This means it won't damage the casing of your hearing aids. The lamp has a life expectancy of many years and may be replaced whenever needed.

Battery Removal

To use Dry and Store it is not necessary to remove your hearing aid batteries. Independent studies conducted by Eveready (now Energizer) with their Amplifier® battery demonstrated a 10-20% gain in the battery's life expectancy under high humidity (85% RH) and no loss in its life expectancy under normal conditions (50% RH). These results were confirmed in a subsequent study in which more than 50% of users said their hearing aid batteries lasted longer.

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Dry-Brik Desiccants for Dry and Store (3-Pack) (DB23)

The Dry-Brik™ is a replacement desiccant for your Dry and Store system(s). Dry-Brik helps keep the moisture out of your hearing aids, thus protecting them and saving you money in the long run. Dry-Brik is sold in packs of 3 units.

A question that often comes up is "How long should my desiccant last?" Here are some insights from the manufacturer of Dry and Store:

How long should my desiccant last?

Useful desiccant life varies widely with the seasons, geographic location, and the activity level of the user. The average life of a Dry-Brik is two months, typically lasting longer during the cool months and shorter during the warm months. As we head into warmer weather, don't be alarmed if you start noticing shorter desiccant life.

The label includes a color indicator dot which is intended to change from blue to pink at the same pace that the Dry-Brik is becoming saturated, but there are variations from Dry-Brik to Dry-Brik, and it leaves lots of room for personal interpretation as to when it's time to change. Assuming that the Dry & Store unit is kept in a dry room and that the drawer remains closed at all times, a Dry-Brik in its clear plastic wrapping will absorb moisture for at least a month. There is usually no need to replace it sooner than one month even if the indicator color turns pink before then.

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Hearing Aid Light Brown Sweatband (AUD2)

Protect your hearing aid from the elements, and maintain consistent performance! Our Hearing Aid Light Brown Sweatbands keep your hearing aid safe from sweat, rain, snow and dust. Made from a special fabric that simultaneously absorbs and repels moisture, our Hearing Aid Light Brown Sweatbands will keep your hearing aid safe from moisture by allowing it to be wicked away, instead of being held against wetness from sweat or the elements. To find your size, measure your hearing aid from its tip to its tail.


  • Fits easily over hearing aids
  • Does not impinge on hearing aid controls
  • Non-irritating fabric is comfortable against skin
  • Protect your hearing aid from rain, snow, dust, sweat and even hair products

#AUD207 – Hearing Aid Light Brown Sweatband - 1 inch - Mini
#AUD208 – Hearing Aid Light Brown Sweatband - 1 ¼ inches - Small
#AUD209 – Hearing Aid Light Brown Sweatband - 1 1/5 inches - Medium
#AUD210 – Hearing Aid Light Brown Sweatband - 1 ¾ inches - Large
#AUD211 – Hearing Aid Light Brown Sweatband - 2 1/18 inches - Extra Large

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Hearing Aids Sweatband (HAS)

Hearing aid sweatbands offer improvement over feedback and prevent wearers from experiencing sudden hearing loss caused by moisture and dust. Virtually any behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid user can benefit. Natural colored. Two sweatbands per pack. Hand wash for best results.

#HASMN Mini - 1 inch
#HASSM Small - 1 1/4 inches
#HASMED Medium - 1 1/2 inches
#HASL Large - 1 3/4 inches
#HASXL Extra Large - 2 1/8 inches

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Jodi Hearing Aid Vacuums (JODICS)

Jodi is a compact, portable, affordable hearing aid cleaning solution that helps keep your hearing aids clean. Take a few minutes each night or as often as you wish to ensure that you are removing wax in small amounts before they build up and require professional service. Operates on 13.5VDC with transformer. One-year warranty. Needles and filters not included under warranty.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Removes wax from your hearing aid
  • Saves on professional cleaning fees
  • Runs on 13.5VDC with transformer
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Jodi-Pro Hearing Aid Vacuum (JODIPRO)

Jodi-Pro is the same vacuum many professionals use to prolong the useful life of hearing aids. Operates on 13.5 vDC with transformer. Replaceable filtered syringe assembly for simple maintenance. The syringe has a flow indicator showing the suction at work. Also acts as a warning that the syringe is clogged.

Jodi-Pro is a compact, portable, affordable hearing aid cleaning solution that helps keep your hearing aids clean. Take a few minutes each night or as often as you wish to ensure that you are removing wax in small amounts before they build up and require professional service. One-year warranty. Needles and filters not included under warranty.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Removes wax from your hearing aid
  • Saves on professional cleaning fees
  • Runs on 13.5VDC with transformer
  • Pump rated for 2000 hours of use
  • Built-in cleaner for tips
  • Includes 2 needle sizes and a replacement syringe
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Loonee Bin Hearing Aid Dehumidifier (AUD149)

Keep your hearing aids dry and in working condition with the Tech-Care Loonee Bin. The large plastic jar uses desiccant to remove moisture from BTEs and ITEs. Simply place your hearing aids in the jar overnight.

Please note:

Desiccant can be reactivated in your microwave or conventional oven.

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MiraCell All Natural Ear Relief (MIRACELL)

MiraCell, a safe, all-natural solution helps maintain healthy ears...

MiraCell was designed to give you more comfort when wearing your hearing aids. The continuous use of Miracell, an all-natural skin serum, is highly effective in helping restore and maintain healthy ears. This in turn, helps give you a more successful experience wearing your hearing aids.

Today, many ears that hearing professionals see under video otoscopy are not healthy enough to comfortably wear hearing aids. Why? Because the ear canals of most patients lack the protective keratin layer of tissue, leaving their ear canals susceptible to yeast, fungus, bacteria, and pseudomonas. Using cotton swabs incorrectly to clean your ears can actually harm the keratin layer in your ear canal. By taking preventative measures BEFORE your hearing and fitting, you can better insure a comfortable and successful experience when you wear your new aids.

In observations of 960 patients over a 20-month period, Dr. Chartrand found the following:

  • Miracell helps sooth irritated and itchy ears.
  • It's a safe, all natural botanical solution.
  • It is gentle to the ear.
  • Will help soften earwax for easier removal and less damage to the keratin layer of skin in the ear canal.
  • Has mild antibacterial, antifungal and antiyeast properties.
  • Helps to reduce possible discomfort of wearing hearing aids caused by unhealthy ears.

MiraCell helps solve many skin conditions. Why? Your skin does the healing.

MiraCell supports your skin's ability to renew itself wherever you have skin because each MiraCell ingredient plays a vital role in skin support. MiraCell's blend of pure concentrated extracts means you use very little at a time to be effective and it lasts a long time. MiraCell is 100% active ingredients and is not diluted with water like other products. So wherever you have skin, MiraCell works its magic and more effectively replaces many other products.

MiraCell has been proven highly effective on 35 different skin conditions. They include wrinkles, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, burns, scars, itching ears, itching eyes, blisters, cold sores, dry lips and hands, insect bites, ingrown hairs, rashes, rough skin and even cuticle repair.

You can use MiraCell to making inserting your hearing aids easier. Just place a drop of MiraCell on your finger, rub it around and rub it onto your hearing aid but be careful not to get any in the openings of your hearing aids.

You can also use MiraCell when you have aching or itching ears. Simply drop MiraCell gently into your ear canal. Tip your head slightly and let the MiraCell run down into your ear.

PLEASE NOTE: MiraCell is available in 1/2 oz. (14.1 g) bottle and is not returnable.

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Moisture Guard (MGUARD)

Keep your hearing aids free from expensive moisture damage. This electronic hearing aid dryer is easy-to-use, attractive, and a great investment to protecting your valuable hearing aids. When plugged in overnight, Moisture Guard will generate dry heat to reduce moisture. Attractive cherrywood case is small, 5-1/2 inches wide x 3 inches tall x 3-1/2 inches deep. Operates with 12V adapter (included). Ninety day warranty.

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Pocketsize Digital Battery Tester with Drawer for Spare Battery (DTEST)

A truly pocket-size battery tester that can be placed on your keychain, so you can test your batteries at any time. The tester has a light that glows when the battery is good and a drawer for a spare battery. Works with battery sizes 10, 13, 312 and 675.

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