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Sonic Alert Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker SB1000SS (SB1005WV)
  • Extra-loud 113 dB alarm with adjustable tone and volume control plus vibrating bed shaker
  • Lamp connection provides for a flashing light wake-up alert option
  • User-selectable alarm duration 1-59 minutes and snooze time 1-30 minutes
  • Battery backup maintains time and alarm setting in the event of power failure (9V battery not included)
  • Includes: Manufacturer 5-Year Limited Warranty and built-in receiver for other Sonic Alert signalers
America's Number 1 selling alarm clock for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker wakes even the deepest sleeper.
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Sonic Alert Sonic Link Deluxe Remote Receiver (SA201)
  • Receive signals from Sonic Alert signalers
  • Outlet to flash lamp
  • On/Off switch to allow lamp to be used for signaling and room lighting
  • Easy installation - just plug it in
  • U.L. Listed
This Sonic Alert Sonic Link Deluxe Remote Receiver with its sleek, modern case will alert you by flashing any lamp that is plugged into its innovative Pluglet (Plug-outlet). Just plug this hearing impaired living aid into any AC outlet, and plug lamp into receiver. The Pluglet alerting device allows you to keep your table uncluttered by unsightly lamp cords. The Sonic Alert Sonic Link Deluxe Remote Receiver signaling lamp can be used for normal room lighting by using the lamp on/off switch. There is also an indicator light to remind you to turn on the attached lamp. The alerting unit receives signal from any Sonic Alert signalers and then alerts you by flashing the lamp. Sonic Alert Sonic Link Deluxe Remote Receiver Product Details: Warranty: 5 Years. U.L. Listed. Product dimensions (imperial): 1.25 inch H x 4 inch L x 2.5 inch W Product dimensions (metric): 31.75 mm H x 101.60 mm L x 63.50 mm W Package dimensions (imperial): 2.25 inch H x 6 inch L x 5.25 inch W Package dimensions (metric): 57.15 mm H x 152.40 mm L x 133.35 mm W.
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Sonic Blink- Receiver with Strobe Alert (BL300)
  • Receives signals from all sonic alert signalers
  • Built-in high intensity strobe light
  • Easy to use-just plug in
  • Space Saver-use in places where you would not use a lamp
  • 5 yr manufacturer warranty
The Sonic Blink Receiver is a hearing impaired aid that will alert you by flashing a strobe light when it receives a signal from a Sonic Alert Transmitter (phone ring, baby cry signaler or doorbell signaler.) This hearing impairment aid is great to use in places where you would not use a lamp such as bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and hallways. The Sonic Blink Receiver will even work if placed behind your furniture. U.L. Listed. Warranty: 5 Years. Sonic Blink Receiver Product Details: Product dimensions (imperial): 1.25 inch H x 4.25 inch L x 2.75 inch W Product dimensions (metric): 31.75 mm H x 107.95 mm L x 69.85 mm W Package dimensions (imperial): 3.5 inch H x 4.5 inch L x 3 inch W Package dimensions (metric): 88.90 mm H x 114.30 mm L x 76.20 mm W
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Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock - Hot Pink (SBH400SS)
  • Packaged with our newest most powerful 12-volt bed shaker
  • Complete with a hi/low dimmer switch to sleep better at night
  • Extra loud pulsating audio alarm with a loud 113db adjustable tone and volume control
  • Battery backup to maintain the proper time in the event of a power outage
The new Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm has been designed especially for young ladies with hearing impairment; with its heart-shaped hot pink color and multi-colored display. Waking up in the morning will never be the same, thanks to the Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm. This alarm clock includes a pillow vibrator, so you do not disturb anyone else.

The Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm offers dual power and dual time.

Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm features:
Our SBH400ss clock comes with a 110-volt power supply, will work with an optional 220-volt transformer. The clock also has two switches one allowing the user to switch from 60Hz / 110 volts or 50Hz / 220 volts. This feature keeps proper time with 110 or 220 volts. Another switch allows the user to select 12/24-hour time. One 9-volt battery is required for battery backup (not included).
Product dimensions (imperial): 6 inch H x 5.5 inch L x 4.5 inch W
Product dimensions (metric): 152.40 mm H x 139.70 mm L x 114.30 mm W