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Big Button Caller ID Phone (303012)
Big Button Caller ID Phone has a two-way speakerphone with 40DB handset. Bold black numbers on large white buttons are easy to see! Programming this phone is a simple process-- just slide the normal/one touch switch to normal position and enter the phone number you wish to store including area code if needed. Press and hold for the memory key for 5 seconds and press the key (0-9) you wish to store that number in. Phone has a preprogrammed 911 memory key, 2 one-touch memory keys and ten 2 touch memory keys for programming your most frequently dialed telephone numbers-- will remember the last number dialed. Just press redial as many times as needed. Date and clock setting and big digit LCD display with brightness setting. This phone is hearing aid compatible, wall mountable, and perfect for those with low vision and for seniors. Phone measures 7.50"l x 6.50"w. Includes coil cord (stretches to about 52") and comes with a 58" long line cord. Powered by phone jack-- no batteries or AC adaptor required. RJ11C plug goes into any home or office phone jack. User manual included.
Two Way Speakerphone and 40 DB Handset Volume
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Jitterbug Smart2 Smartphone - Black (300242)
  • Redesigned menu and large screen makes it easier to call and read email
  • Jitterbug Smart Phone is 35 percent larger than the Jitterbug Touch
  • 100 percent U.S.-based Customer Service
  • NOTE: Jitterbug phones only work with the GreatCall service and require activation
  • Includes: Battery (pre-installed); Wall Charger; USB Cable; User Guide
The Jitterbug Smart2 Smartphone is an easy-to-use smartphone right out of the box. It has a new, easy-to-see, redesigned menu and larger screen, making it easier to call and read email with a 5.5-in. touchscreen. The Jitterbug Smart Phone has a 5Star Urgent Response one-touch button. You'll be immediately connected to a highly trained response agent who will confirm your location, evaluate your situation and get you help, 24/7. It is 35 percent larger than the Jitterbug Touch Phone, making it even easier to read, text, and email.

NOTE: Jitterbug phones only work with the GreatCall service. GreatCall is powered by the nation's largest and most dependable wireless network. They have a number of affordable plans with no contracts. There's a GreatCall plan that's right for you. You can choose a Talk, Text and Data Plan. Or turn your easy-to-use Jitterbug into a personal safety device with one of the popular Health & Safety Packages.

GreatCall Link is the premier tool to keep friends and family updated on your health and safety, providing them with peace of mind. They just download the free app, and if you call 5Star from your Jitterbug Smart2, they will receive an alert on their smartphone. You stay active and independent, while they feel more connected and reassured.

- Simple menu organized in a single list. One list makes everything clear and easy to find.
- Long-lasting battery helps you stay connected longer. Enjoy more texting, emailing and internet browsing.
- Voice Typing makes writing emails and texts effortless. Speak into your phone and watch your words transform into text.
- Mobile Internet Access to access the Internet from anywhere. Check your email, download apps, and surf the web no matter where you are.
- Usage meter tracks minutes, text, and data. Stay on top of your usage with our conveniently located usage meter.
- Built-in 13MP camera with LED flash makes capturing moments easy. Send photos and videos via text, social media or email to your friends and family.
- 5Star Urgent Response one-touch button to get help in an emergency. Be prepared for any situation, anytime, anywhere.
- 100 percent U.S.-based Customer Service for easily understood technical assistance.

- Battery Type: Lithium-ion 3,000 mAh capacity keeps you connected longer
- Memory
Built-in Storage: 16 GB (portion occupied by OS)
Expandable Storage: microSD up to 32GB
- Display
External Display: 5.5-in. color HD TFT 720 x 1280 px Capacitive Touchscreen
- Color: Black Soft-Touch
- Camera
Main: 13.0 MP, autofocus, LED flash
Front: 5.0 MP
- Cellular: 4G LTE
- GPS: Yes
- WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi direct
- Bluetooth: v4.2
- Speakerphone
- Hearing Aid Compatibility: M4/T4 Rating
- Power Connector: Micro-US
- Dimensions: 5.98-in. (H) x 3.03-in. (W) x 0.33-in. (D)
- Weight: 5.57 oz.
- Includes:
Battery (pre-installed)
Wall Charger
USB Cable
User Guide
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Serene HD 55dB Amplified Talking Caller ID Phone with LCD (301255)
  • Amplifies sound up to 55+ dB; 95+ dB adjustable ringer
  • Visual ringers and hearing aid compatible handset
  • Oversized buttons and large backlit display
  • Talking Caller ID in English, French or Spanish
  • Announces buttons pressed for accurate dialing
Great phone for the hard of hearing with added functionality for those with low vision. In addition to offering powerful amplification of up to 55dB and a super loud (up to 95dB) ringer, this phone features Hi-Definition Sound, reduced distortion and adjustable tone to maximize sound quality. A large display and oversized 1-1/8 in. wide by nearly 5/8 in. high backlit keys are easy to see.

Talking Caller ID can announce caller's number and talk-back keys confirm for you by voice that you've pressed the correct key. Choose English, French or Spanish for both the menu display language and speaking functions. Plus, it's hearing aid compatible.

NOTE: If you have subscribed to the call waiting function with your telephone service provider, then the Serene HD 55dB Amplified Talking Caller ID Phone with LCD will show the call waiting notification. When you have an incoming call, while you are on the phone, you will hear a short beep tone in your receiver, and the new caller's incoming Caller Identification (CID) information will appear on the display.

- Amplifies incoming sound up to 600 times louder (55+ dB), the most powerful in its class
- HDS (Hi-Definition Sound) technology makes every word clear and intelligible and eliminates virtually all distortion, echo, and static
- Digital Tone Settings allow you to selectively enhance the tone of difficult to hear words making them easy to understand again
- Super loud ringer (95+ dB) with adjustable ringing volume and tone
- Two bright visual ring flashers so you don't miss important calls
- Large and easy to see display with menu in English, French, or Spanish
- Talking Caller ID announces the caller's number in English, French, or Spanish
- Easy to use phone book with incoming-call and dialed-call logs
- Backlit talkback keys confirm (in English, French or Spanish) if you've pressed the desired key correctly
- Voice Mail and Missed Call indicators for added convenience
- Audio and visual Off-Hook Warning alerts you if the phone isn't hung up properly
- Six (6) easy-to-program one-touch speed dial buttons
- Battery back-up for full operation during a power outage. (Uses 4 AA batteries, not included)
- Output jack for tele-coil, neckloop and other assistive accessories
- Hearing aid compatible handset
- Includes handset cord, line cord, and AC adapter
- Color: White with backlit black keys
- Measurements: 7-1/2 in. Wide x 9 in. Deep x 3-1/2 in. High
Hear Phone Calls up to 600 Times Louder
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Talking Caller ID Speaker Phone with Large Buttons (904441)
  • Easy-to-see, oversized 7/8" oval-shaped numbers
  • Large blue backlit LCD is nearly 3" long x 1.5" wide
  • Extra loud receiver and ringer volume
  • Voice reporting on incoming calls (number only) in English
  • 90 incoming caller ID memories
Talking Caller ID Speaker Phone with Large Buttons - This Talking Caller ID Speaker Phone is a versatile corded desk or wall mountable phone that delivers great functionality at a very reasonable price. Ideal for those with low vision, this big button, talking phone makes contacting your friends and family a breeze. With this talking phone, you can rest assure you pressed the right button for convenient and quick dialing capability.
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Voice Dialer Phone - 40dB - Visual Ringer - Talking Caller ID (301204)
  • Voice commands for hands-free dialing, receiving and ending calls
  • 17 programmable voice activated name and number memories
  • Amplified volume up to 40dB and LED Visual Ringer
  • Talking Caller ID with Memory for up to 80 calls and dial back function
  • Convenient hands-free speakerphone and volume controls
This is the world's first all-in-one Voice Dialer Phone where you can use your voice to make a call, end a call, and answer a call without the need to ever touch your phone! This voice dialing phone includes 3 voice commands (Dial, End, Answer) along with 17 programmable voice activated name and number memories. The Voice Dialer Phone also includes the convenient pre-dialing feature that speaks the numbers before dialing, Talking Caller ID and an LCD display that shows the caller's name. Other features are hands-free speakerphone and flash functions, lifetime memory backup, programmable 911 key, and Redial/Pause key. It also includes classic Future-Call features such as Handset volume lo/mid/hi options up to 40db and Ringer off/low/high volume switches, hands-free volume control, and a bright LED visual ringing indicator.

With big buttons and the capability for hands-free voice activated dialing, this phone caters perfectly to both seniors and special needs users.

--Voice Dialing operation
--3 voice prompt words (Dial word, End word and Answer word)
--17 Voice Memories
--80 Incoming Caller ID (Talking Caller ID Number, Review, Delete, Dial-back)
--2 line 16x2 characters LCD display
--Handsfree Speakerphone function
--Flash function (100ms 300ms or 600ms)
--Vocal prompts (that can be turned off)
--Memory Backup for Life
--LED Visual Ring Indicator
--Power Failure Protection
--Menu Lock Function
--A/C Adaptor
--40db Handset Volume Max
--Talking Caller ID (Voice can be turn off)
--Talking Keypad (Voice can be turn off)
--911 Key (Programmable)
--Redial / Pause function
--Ringer off/low/high switch
--Handset volume lo/mid/hi switch
--Handsfree volume control

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Use Your Voice to Make, Answer & End Phone Calls!
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