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AltoPlus Amplified 53dB Big Button CID Speakerphone (954505)
  • Amplifies incoming sound to 53dB & outgoing speech to 15dB
  • Extra-loud 100dB ringer volume & bright visual ringer
  • Talking keypad, talking Caller ID & tilt Caller ID display
  • Big button backlit keypad & built-in speakerphone
  • Hearing aid compatible
Now you can enjoy loud, clear phone conversations with hands-free convenience, plus easy to see, easy to dial big buttons!

The Alto Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone has 53 decibels of incoming and 15 decibels of outgoing amplification, a loud 100dBA ringer and built-in amplified speakerphone. Its large buttons are easy to see and dial, and the easy touch backlit keypad is great for nighttime viewing. A talking keypad, talking Caller ID & tilt Caller ID display make it easy to determine who is calling you as the phone is ringing.

The Alto is TIA-4953 certified for mild, moderate and severe hearing loss. It's the first phone on the market to pass strict new industry standards for amplified telephones set by the Telecommunications Industry of America (TIA).

In addition to its features for the hard of hearing and people with low vision, those with arthritis will appreciate the Alto's simple, ergonomic volume and tone control.

- Amplifies incoming sounds up to 53dB and outgoing speech up to 15dB
- Digital Clarity Power incorporates hearing aid technology for clearer call quality
- Extra loud ringer volume (100dBA)
- Large tilting LCD display with large font
- Clarity AudioCenter featuring ergonomic volume and tone control
- Built-in speakerphone
- Easy touch backlit keypad
- Three (3) one-touch speed dial memory buttons
- Clarity-Logic remote diagnostic service programs your phone at the touch of a button
- Clarity Voice-Assist for talking keypad and talking Caller ID
- Oversized bright visual ringer
- Headset, neckloop and bedshaker ports
- Battery back-up lets you make calls even when the power goes out
- TIA-1083 compliant for hearing aid compatibility
- One (1) year manufacturer's limited warranty
Easy Dialing, Loud Hands-Free Calls & Caller ID
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Big Button 40dB Amplified Speakerphone- White (304357)
  • Large 1.25
For Easier Dialing and Loud, Clear Phone Calls
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Clarity XLC3.4+ Amplified Big Button Speakerphone (959235)
This is an extra loud, simple, and easy-to-use amplified cordless phone featuring up to 50 decibels of Digital Clarity Power amplification, DECT 6.0 technology and a loud and clear speakerphone. Large, high contrast buttons are easy to press and see, and speak the numbers as they are dialed. There is no need for a Caller ID screen, the handset speaks the number of the incoming caller. Includes handset, base, AC power adapter (aprox. 6'), long phone cord (aprox. 6'), user guide, quick guide. --Hear clearly with DCP digital amplification up to 50 decibels and four (4) tone settings --Amplifies outgoing speech up to 15 decibels for others to hear you better --Loud and clear speakerphone for hands-free conversations --High contrast Caller ID screen with large font and talking Caller ID --Talking Caller ID announces the phone number and/or name of the incoming caller --Illuminated talking dial pad with large buttons that speak the number that is pushed --Extra loud, flashing ringer with High contrast Caller ID screen with large font in either English, Spanish or French languages --Talking Caller ID in either English or French --Illuminated talking dial pad with large buttons that speak the number that is pushed in either English or French --Extra loud flashing ringer with adjustable tones and voicemail indicator --Hearing aid compatible and TIA-1083 compliant --Direct connection to assistive listening devices or headset (2.5mm or 3.5mm) --Dual Power Battery Backup lets you make calls when the power is out (included) --Expandable up to three (3) extra handsets (XLC3.6+HS or XLC7HS) --One (1) year warranty
Loud big button speakerphone and talking caller ID
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Future Call Picture Phone with Speakerphone FC-1007SP (303010)
  • 2-way speakerphone with 4-level volume control and big-dial keypad
  • Handset volume control; Receiver has volume gain +40dB; Hearing Aid compatible
  • Switch for 10 one-touch keys allows picture dialing only (great feature for people that can not dial numbers)
  • Bright red LED lights for incoming calls; in-use green LED Light
  • Red 911 Emergency Key - this number is backed up even if the unit is unplugged
Future Call Picture Phone with Speakerphone FC-1007SP is desk and wall mountable and has 10 two-touch or 10 one touch memories with pictures (1 in. by 1 1/2 in.) which are backed up even if the unit is unplugged from the line.

Dimensions: 9 in. (L) x 7 in. (W) x 3 in. (H)
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Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone - Red (300246)
  • New and Improved: larger screen and bigger buttons, with amplified speaker and speakerphone
  • You don't need to be a rocket scientist or computer engineer to use this cell phone
  • 5Star button for emergency help 24/7
  • Free USA-based Customer Service
  • No Contracts: Plans as low as $14.99 per month
What makes this Jitterbug Flip cell phone the best choice for seniors and beginners (what the kids call "newbies")?

The Jitterbug Flip cell phone was designed specifically to be a simple, affordable cell phone for seniors and others with little, or no, cell phone experience.

While other phone companies try to outsmart each other by developing fancy-schmancy bells and whistles that the typical person will never use, the Jitterbug Flip is fully focused on being easy to see, easy to hear, and easy to use. It's not overloaded with complex hi-tech that would make it unnecessarily complicated. There's no swiping, no tapping the screen, no cryptic icons, and no confusing navigation -- after all, its job is to be a phone, not an interstellar rocket ship.

The Jitterbug Flip's super-loud speakerphone and amplified speaker ensure that you can hear every word spoken by your family and friends. In addition, it even holds the highest available rating for compatibility with hearing aids (M4/T4).

Best of all, when you flip open your new Jitterbug, you'll be greeted by a normal, familiar-looking dial pad. All of the buttons are large and easy to use. The large, backlit buttons are easy to see and easy to press, even with unsure hands, even in dim lighting. There are easy YES and NO keys and centrally-located up and down buttons. It's extremely intuitive and a breeze to use.

The lower part of the sharp, color display screen has a handy "Command Area." This is where it asks you what you want to do.

For example, if you are in your Phone List and the first contact is highlighted -- in the Command Area you will see the question, "Call?" Then you simply press the YES or NO key.

The phone has a built-in tutorial available whenever you need some help. In addition, friendly operators are available just by pressing the "0" button. They will even dial a number for you, just like those old-time switchboard operators back in the day.

Other outstanding senior-friendly features:
1) 5Star Service - immediately connects you to highly-trained agents who can help in any emergency;
2) Urgent Care - provides unlimited access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors, 24/7;
3) MedCoach - sends friendly reminders to keep you on top of your prescription schedule.

Open Dimensions: 7.9 in. L x 2.2 in. W x 0.5 in. D
Closed Dimensions: 4.3 in. L x 2.2 in. W x 0.7 in. D
Weight: 4.7 oz.
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity: 1,780 mAh
Built-in Storage: 1 GB
Storage Capacity: 1,000+ Photos, 50 texts, 200 contacts
Internal Display: 3.2 in. color HVGA TFT"
External Display: 1.44 in. color
Headset Jack: Standard 3.5 mm
Power Connector: Dock connector and Micro-USB
- Camera: 2.0 MP with flash
- Flashlight
- Bluetooth v3.0
- Speakerphone
- Hearing Aid Compatibility: M4/T4 Rating
Jitterbug Flip Phone
Battery (pre-installed)
Charging Dock
Wall Charger
USB Cable
User Guide

 src=View User Manual

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Jitterbug Smart2 Smartphone - Black (300242)
  • Redesigned menu and large screen makes it easier to call and read email
  • Jitterbug Smart Phone is 35 percent larger than the Jitterbug Touch
  • 100 percent U.S.-based Customer Service
  • NOTE: Jitterbug phones only work with the GreatCall service and require activation
  • Includes: Battery (pre-installed); Wall Charger; USB Cable; User Guide
The Jitterbug Smart2 Smartphone is an easy-to-use smartphone right out of the box. It has a new, easy-to-see, redesigned menu and larger screen, making it easier to call and read email with a 5.5-in. touchscreen. The Jitterbug Smart Phone has a 5Star Urgent Response one-touch button. You'll be immediately connected to a highly trained response agent who will confirm your location, evaluate your situation and get you help, 24/7. It is 35 percent larger than the Jitterbug Touch Phone, making it even easier to read, text, and email.

NOTE: Jitterbug phones only work with the GreatCall service. GreatCall is powered by the nation's largest and most dependable wireless network. They have a number of affordable plans with no contracts. There's a GreatCall plan that's right for you. You can choose a Talk, Text and Data Plan. Or turn your easy-to-use Jitterbug into a personal safety device with one of the popular Health & Safety Packages.

GreatCall Link is the premier tool to keep friends and family updated on your health and safety, providing them with peace of mind. They just download the free app, and if you call 5Star from your Jitterbug Smart2, they will receive an alert on their smartphone. You stay active and independent, while they feel more connected and reassured.

- Simple menu organized in a single list. One list makes everything clear and easy to find.
- Long-lasting battery helps you stay connected longer. Enjoy more texting, emailing and internet browsing.
- Voice Typing makes writing emails and texts effortless. Speak into your phone and watch your words transform into text.
- Mobile Internet Access to access the Internet from anywhere. Check your email, download apps, and surf the web no matter where you are.
- Usage meter tracks minutes, text, and data. Stay on top of your usage with our conveniently located usage meter.
- Built-in 13MP camera with LED flash makes capturing moments easy. Send photos and videos via text, social media or email to your friends and family.
- 5Star Urgent Response one-touch button to get help in an emergency. Be prepared for any situation, anytime, anywhere.
- 100 percent U.S.-based Customer Service for easily understood technical assistance.

- Battery Type: Lithium-ion 3,000 mAh capacity keeps you connected longer
- Memory
Built-in Storage: 16 GB (portion occupied by OS)
Expandable Storage: microSD up to 32GB
- Display
External Display: 5.5-in. color HD TFT 720 x 1280 px Capacitive Touchscreen
- Color: Black Soft-Touch
- Camera
Main: 13.0 MP, autofocus, LED flash
Front: 5.0 MP
- Cellular: 4G LTE
- GPS: Yes
- WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi direct
- Bluetooth: v4.2
- Speakerphone
- Hearing Aid Compatibility: M4/T4 Rating
- Power Connector: Micro-US
- Dimensions: 5.98-in. (H) x 3.03-in. (W) x 0.33-in. (D)
- Weight: 5.57 oz.
- Includes:
Battery (pre-installed)
Wall Charger
USB Cable
User Guide
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Med-Pat Single Line Speakerphone (303676)
  • Headset ready
  • Dual range volume control with intensifier on handset
  • Large size phone number window
  • Flashing ring light and message waiting light
  • 11' handset cord
You'll hear loud and clear with this Med-Pat single line speakerphone with normal to loud or boosted to superloud controls. The phone has a flashing ring light and message waiting light so you'll never miss a call. Plus, it's got an extra bright easy to read keypad as well as a large size phone number window with changeable graphic sheet.
Speakerphone with intensifier on handset
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PowerTel 760 Amplified Corded Speakerphone (976000)
  • Adjustable 50 dB amplification and tone control
  • Big buttons & large LCD with 10 contrast settings
  • Talk-back buttons & caller ID announce
  • Extra-loud ringer & visual ring signalers
  • Corded speakerphone w/built-in answering machine
Enjoy loud, clear phone calls, an amplified ringer and visual ring signaler, and hands-free conversations - plus, always know you're dialing correctly!

The PowerTel 760 Assure Amplified Corded Telephone with Integrated Answering Machine serves as the corded base model for the 7-Series modular line of telephones. It provides exceptional sound with adjustable amplification and tone control on its easy-to-handle handset.

Big buttons on the corded base of this amplified telephone make dialing easy. And just in case, the talk-back buttons allow you to hear the numbers you dial read back to you so you can be absolutely sure you're not accidentally misdialing.

As for incoming calls the Caller ID Announce feature helps you screen calls and ensure you only answer calls from people you really want to speak with - no more getting stuck on cold sales calls! Plus, if you're in the middle of doing something, the speakerphone feature allows you to carry on your conversation while keeping your hands-free for the task at hand.

With the integrated digital answering machine, you'll never miss an important message from family and friends who are trying to reach you.

This amplified speakerphone offers superior hearing aid compatibility that meets and exceeds the TIA-1083 standard, the 760 produces crystal clear communication with less than 1.5-percent distortion.

Amplicom's new PowerTel 7-Series are the only amplified telephones that offer pre-programmed multiple user profile buttons that memorize volume, tone control, and boost for more than one user.

Includes one Includes one Amplified Corded Telephone with Integrated Answering Machine. Add up to four PowerTel 701 cordless handsets or PowerTel 601 wireless wrist shakers with remote answer and emergency features (extra handsets and wrist shakers sold separately), to create a complete system.

- 3 equalizer tone settings (high/low frequencies)
- Caller ID with 30 number recall
- 200 name and number phonebook
- 9 ringer melodies for each unit
- Multi-display languages including English, Spanish & French
- 3 line extra-large LCD display with 10 contrast settings (Black on Amber or Amber on Black)
- Extra loud adjustable ringer with flashing bright LED visual indicators
- 2.5mm jack for headset or neckloop
- Listen to messages through handset or play back on base
- 11 minutes record time with time & date stamp
- Line-powered in case of a power failure
- Expandable up to 4 cordless accessories (handset PT701 and/ or wrist shaker PT601 with remote answer and emergency features) (extra handsets and wrist shakers sold separately)
- Connection for PTV 100 Vibrating Pad (sold separately)
- Two year manufacturer's limited warranty
Loud Calls, Talking Caller ID & Answering Machine
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Serene 26dB Amplified Photo Dial Speakerphone for Hearing-Memory Loss (301237)
  • Great for mild to moderate hearing loss and memory loss
  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 26dB
  • 9 Photo Slots: Simply touch photo to dial number
  • Built-in Speakerphone
  • Hearing-aid compatible
This is the first photo memory amplified telephone to offer High Definition Sound for unmatched voice clarity, making every word vividly sharp, clear and easy to understand, all virtually without any distortion, echo or squealing sounds commonly found in other amplified phones. This telephone line powered phone (no AC Adapter is required) amplifies the incoming sound up to 20 times (26dB) louder. It's ideal for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and for those who may want (or need) the convenience of photo memory dialing.

- Amplifies incoming sound up to 20 times (26+dB) louder, the most powerful in its class
- Selectable Digital Speech Enhancement allows you to boost and enhance that part of the speech frequencies where you can't hear well, making difficult to hear words intelligible and easy to understand again. It is more convenient, more accurate and far superior than the traditional tone controls
- Latest Noise Reduction Technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted static commonly found in other amplified phones
- 9 large and easy-to-setup photo memory buttons for quick one touch speed dialing
- Powered by the telephone line, no AC adapter is required
- Two (front and side) bright and easy to see visual ring flashers
- Super loud ringer with adjustable volume and tone
- Hearing aid compatible
- One year warranty

Enjoy Easier Dialing and Better Sound Quality
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Talking Caller ID Speaker Phone with Large Buttons (904441)
  • Easy-to-see, oversized 7/8" oval-shaped numbers
  • Large blue backlit LCD is nearly 3" long x 1.5" wide
  • Extra loud receiver and ringer volume
  • Voice reporting on incoming calls (number only) in English
  • 90 incoming caller ID memories
Talking Caller ID Speaker Phone with Large Buttons - This Talking Caller ID Speaker Phone is a versatile corded desk or wall mountable phone that delivers great functionality at a very reasonable price. Ideal for those with low vision, this big button, talking phone makes contacting your friends and family a breeze. With this talking phone, you can rest assure you pressed the right button for convenient and quick dialing capability.
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