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Reizen Misc. Low Vision

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Brailled Organizer By Reizen (202367)
  • Smart Looking Organizer
  • Individual Pockets are Brailled and have Raised Letters
  • Each Page is organized in Alphabetical order
  • Cover folds over to protect contents and fastens securly
Keep Your Records, Names, Files in Alphabetical order. Our smart looking light weight organizer comes with large 9 inch wide by 11 1/2 inch high angled pockets. Each page is Brailled and has Large Raised Letters for ease of use. The Reizen Brailled Organizer cover folds over to protect contents and fastens securely.
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Reizen Unisex Glow-in-the-Dark Watch - Square Face with Expansion Band (701447)
  • Glow-in-the-dark function reveals time in lowlight situations
  • Beautiful two-tone unisex design is classic
  • The square bezel encases a white face with black numerals and matching black hands
  • Stainless steel expansion band
  • The water-resistant watch comes with a one-year warranty
Stately elegance is yours when you wear our Reizen Unisex Glow-in-the-Dark Watch. The silver tone and gold tone design compliments any outfit. The square bezel encases a white face with black numerals and matching black second, minute and hour hands. The special glow-in-the-dark function makes this an especially useful watch to have in dark or lowlight situations. Great for taking to the movies, theaters or restaurants. A stainless steel expansion band completes this classic piece. The watch is water resistant and comes with a one-year warranty. Watch face measures 3/4 x 7/8.
Battery Type: 00377 (3)
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Low Vision Watch - Radio-Controlled Ana-Digit (704047)
  • US and World Time Zone setting by 20 City names
  • Large, easy to read bold black numbers
  • Auto calendar on LCD lighted display
  • 1/100 second chronograph stopwatch
  • Sweeping second hand
World traveler or not, this Radio Controlled Ana-Digit Watch is the perfect accessory for those who are looking for truly accurate time. The real single-battery Ana-Digit movement synchronizes the second on LCD and Analog, always giving you the most accurate time.

It includes an auto calendar on LCD backlight showing date-day, month-year or hour-minute. The large bold black hands with sweeping second hand are easy to see and read. And there's even a 1/100 second chronograph stopwatch. 12/24 hour selectable.

Note: The radio-controlled function will work only in the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii), UK, Germany and Japan. When outside these areas, the watch can be set manually to reflect the correct time on the analog face, but the announced time will not be accurately updated.

2-year CR2025 battery included. Face measures approximately 1-1/4 in. diameter. White face watch and hands-on black leather band.
Battery Type: CR2025
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Low Vision Analog-LCD Wall Clock-Calendar-Thermom (704613)
  • Extra large 17-3/4" diameter clock face
  • 1-3/4" high numbers for easy reading
  • Sweep second hand
  • Day, date and temperature shown on LCD
  • Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
The Reizen Quartz Low Vision Wall Clock, with its extra large 17-3/4" diameter size and bold black 1-3/4" high numbers on a bright white face is easy to see and ideal for use in larger sized rooms and for those who have diminished vision. A clear digital LCD shows month and day, day of the week and indoor temperature. The digital thermometer may be set to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Other features:
Sweep second hand
Thermometer shows indoor temperature to 1/10th of a degree
Easy-to-clean clear plastic faceplate protects hands
Durable plastic silver-colored inner rim with black outer rim
Easy-to-handle lightweight design
Simple and secure mounting
Uses 3 AA batteries (1 for analog clock; 2 for digital calendar/thermometer)
90-Day Limited Warranty

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Reizen Low Vision Quartz Wall Clock (704617)
  • Large 14 Diameter
  • White face with 1-1/2 high black numerals
  • Sweep-second hand
  • With hygrometer and Fahrenheit thermometer
  • Silver frame
Large 14 inch diameter quartz clock with 1-1/2 black numbers. White face with silver frame. Additional features include sweep second hand, hygrometer (measures humidity) and Fahrenheit thermometer. Easy-to-handle lightweight design. Simple and secure mounting. Requires 1 AA battery (not included). To order batteries along with your clock, please use the following item numbers:

Duracell AA (4-Pack) - item #4556133
Duracell AA (2-Pack) - item #4556226
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REIZEN Low Vision Watch White Face - Leather Band (73404L)
High quality Quartz Movement low vision Watch features a extra wide dial that's 1 3/4 in diameter for easy viewing, extra large thick hands, large numbers, Gold-Tone finish and 1 Year Warranty. Great for men or ladies.
Battery Type: 00377 (3)
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Reizen 12-Digit Jumbo Talking Calculator w-Earbuds (752190)
  • Hear keys pressed & calculation results spoken
  • Easy-to-see big keys and 7/8
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Reizen 12-Digit Jumbo Talking Calculator (752975)
  • Hear keys pressed & calculation results spoken
  • Easy-to-see big keys and 7/8
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Reizen 8-Digit Talking Calculator with Alarm (752128)
  • Announces keys pressed and calculations
  • Time display with alarm
  • Talking function for calculator only, not clock
  • Female voice in English
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Enjoy the convenience of hearing calculations spoken! The Reizen 8-Digit Talking Calculator is great for the blind and the visually impaired. While in calculator mode, all digits and functions entered, as well as calculation results, are read aloud. The time is displayed on the LCD. Built-in alarm with beep sound.

- Female voice in English
- Talking function can be turned off if not wanted
- Talking function is for calculator only (Numbers are not announced when setting time)
- After 8 minutes of calculator function not being used, automatically returns to time display mode.
- Basic math functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide, percentage and equals)
- Input error correcting key (right arrow) erases last entry
- REP button repeats last number entry/result
- Number keys are black with bold white print
- Function keys are white with bold black print
- LCD Display Size: 0.75" Wide x 3.0" Long
- Button Size: 0.625" Wide x 0.50 High
- Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
- Manufacturer's 90-Day Warranty.

Product Measurements: 6" Long x 4.25" Wide x 1" Thick
Product Weight: 4.6 oz.

 src=View User Manual

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Reizen Tweet Tweet Portable Pocket Sized Liquid Level Indicator (506585)
  • Easy to use two-pronged portable pocket sized liquid level indicator perfect to take with you
  • Audible high-pitched "tweet" alert prevents over-filling of cups, mugs and glasses
  • Simply hang the indicator on the lip of your cup and pour with complete assurance
  • Great tool for the blind or low vision; ultra-lightweight at 0.5 oz.
  • CR2032 lithium battery included
With the Reizen Tweet Tweet Liquid Level Indicator, you will never have to worry about over-filling your coffee mug, cup or beverage glass ever again because you will clearly hear when it's time to stop. Simply hang the ultra-lightweight (0.5 oz.) two-pronged liquid level indicator on the lip of your cup, glass or mug and pour with complete assurance. The built-in liquid sensor will emit a high-pitched "tweet" alert to let you know when your liquid level is reaching the top, making this the perfect everyday assistive tool for anyone who is blind, visually impaired or has low vision.

Even better, you can take this portable pocket sized liquid level indicator anywhere you go, meaning that you can easily avoid spills at home, at the office or in the lunchroom.

CR2032 lithium battery included.
Dimensions: 2-3/8" long x 1-1/8" wide.
Weight: 0.5 oz.
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Tel-Time Low Vision Mens Watch with Leather Band and White Dial (7053103)
Tel-Time Low Vision Watch for men has a white face, chrome accents and a leather band. Easy to read large print numbers and dashes. Classic and elegant.
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Reizen Low-Vision Ana-Digit Atomic Watch - Green-Blue Striped Band (704088)
  • Ideal wristwatch for anyone with low vision automatically sets itself
  • Extra-large black numbers on white analog dial plus digital display
  • Chrome finish with 2 buttons, crown, and Stainless Steel back
  • Dial Size: 1.44 in.; Battery Type: CR2025; Band Style: Nylon
  • Moisture, splash, and rain resistant (3 ATM WR: No swimming-bathing-showering)
Reizen Low-Vision Ana-Digit Atomic Watch - Green-Blue Striped Band - automatically sets itself and has extra-large black numbers on a white analog dial plus a digital display.

NOTE: Atomic Radio-Controlled NIST Time-Setting Function is ONLY available in:
1) USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii); 2) United Kingdom; 3) Germany; and 4) Japan.
However, the time is easily set manually wherever there is no accessible atomic signal.
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