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BoldWriter VA Pen - Variable-Tip Easy-To-See Bold-Point - Black (45560VA)
  • Unique, conical tip for variable, broad or narrow width writing: hold at an angle for wide lines; hold point down for thin lines
  • Ultra-Bold, variable tip produces highly legible 1.0mm and 2.0 mm line widths - ideal for low vision and the visually impaired
  • Easy-to-See big and bold writing with incredibly vivid, high-visibility, black ink
  • Quick-Drying - NO smudges and doesn't bleed through paper
  • Superior Quality - Made in the USA
If you're going to write, write boldly. And when you do, use a versatile pen that writes just the way you want and need it to write . . .

The original Reizen BoldWriter 20 Pen proved to be an amazingly popular pen in the low-vision community. Its bold 1.0 mm line thickness satisfied everyone searching for a replacement to the long-discontinued Papermate 20/20 Pen. In fact, it's actually on track to exceed the popularity of that now-gone favorite.

When we supersized our bestselling product, giving the BoldWriter 20 an even bolder big brother, the BoldWriter 40 Pen with its 2.0mm bold point, it became equally well-loved and successful.

Now, there's a brand new addition to our BoldWriter Low-Vision Marker line . . . the versatile BoldWriter VA Variable-Tip Bold-Point Pen.

Why "VA"? Well, among MaxiAids most treasured customers are our nation's Veterans Administration organizations. Inspired by the need to supply a versatile pen to fulfill the varied low-vision needs of our veterans, we decided to create the BoldWriter VA with a variable tip. This pen has a unique, conical tip for broad or narrow width writing. When you hold it at an angle, it produces a wide line; when you hold it point down, it writes a fine, thin line.

The Reizen BoldWriter VA Pen with its variable tip is a notably smooth and versatile writer that creates EASY-TO-SEE and READ, ultra-bold, highly-visible, 1.0 mm fine or 2.0 mm broad, black lines, making it ideal for the visually impaired and those with low vision.

The BoldWriter VA Pen doesn't smudge or bleed through most paper. It's just what you need for large-print calendar appointment entries, making labels, shopping lists, and more. The cap has a handy clip, convenient for shirt pockets or to attach to paperwork.

The exclusive ink formulation provides high-contrast, rich black ink that flows smoothly from the ultra-bold point. The BoldWriter VA is the versatile high-visibility pen for those with low vision when they want to write big and bold -- with either fine or broad lines.

The BoldWriter VA Pen's barrel provides just the right amount of surface area to grip, making it easier to hold than many other pens. The BoldWriter VA Pen may very well become your favorite go-to pen whenever you want your writing to practically jump off the page and demand to be noticed. And you'll probably wonder how you made do without it. Perhaps best of all, this superior-quality, non-toxic pen is Made in the USA.

BoldWriter VA Pen is a registered trademark.


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¥ 16.45
REIZEN LED Stand Magnifier - 5x (R6950)
  • Magnification: 5X
  • Lens Size: 2.3 inch
Magnification - 5X; Lens Size - 60mm. LED stand magnifiers use 3 AA batteries. LED bulb never needs replacement.
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¥ 196.60
REIZEN LED Illuminated Stand Magnifier - 4X (R6951)
Magnification - 4X; Lens Size - 75mm. LED stand magnifiers use 3 AA batteries. LED bulb never needs replacement.
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¥ 196.60
REIZEN 3.5x Illuminated Pocket Magnifier (R6979)
  • Magnification: 3.5x
  • Optic Dimensions: 2.9 in. x 1.9 in. (50 mm x 75 mm)
  • Long-life LED light bulb has a projected lifespan of 10,000 hours
  • Batteries: Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Includes: Carrying case
LED illuminated 3.5x pocket magnifier with a lens measuring 2.9 in. x 1.9 in. (50 mm x 75 mm). High-powered. Long-life LED light bulb has a projected lifespan of 10,000 hours. Operates on 3 AAA Batteries (not included). Carrying case is included.
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¥ 224.36
Star Soccer Ball with Bells - White (791960)
  • Bells inside ball for audible tracking
  • Maximum bounce and air retention
  • Size 4 (8-inch diameter)
  • Designed for players ages 8-12
The Reizen Star Soccer Ball with Bells provides lively performance and is suitable for play on most surfaces. Specially designed rust proof, non-magnetic jingling bells on the inside allow for audible tracking of the ball. Soft polyurethane surface has a light feel.

100-percent latex bladder provides maximum bounce and twice the air retention of other match balls. 32-panel design with hand-sewn seams. Color: White with black, grey and red imprinted design. 8-inch Diameter. Official Size 4. Designed for players ages 8-12.

NOTE: We recommend using a needle with a round tip and air holes on both sides for inflation.
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¥ 197.92
Reizen Chrome Braille Pocket Watch with 12-inch chain (179903)
  • Braille pocket watch in classic metal case designed with spring-hinged, protective lid and 3 o'clock push-button crown opening
  • High-quality Japanese quartz movement keeps dependably accurate time (plus-or-minus 0.3 seconds per day)
  • Raised Tactile Markings: 1 dot at the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 position; 2 dots at the 3, 6, 9 position; and 3 dots at the 12 o'clock positionFeatures: Stainless steel hour and minute hands; Pre-installed battery; and 12-inch steel pocket chain with clip-style clasp for belt or pocketDial Size: 1.1875-inch diameter; Case Size (closed): 1.5-inch diameter
The Reizen Chrome Braille Pocket Watch with 12-inch chain has a high-quality, Japanese quartz movement, stainless steel hands, and Braille markings.

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¥ 330.09
Talking Radio-Controlled Stainless Steel Watch-Expansion (704035)
  • Announces time, day and date
  • Hourly chime plus beep alarm
  • Large 1-1/4" face with bold black numbers
  • Sets itself and accounts for Daylight Savings
  • Stainless steel with expansion band
Sleek, stylish stainless steel watch with great features for the blind and low vision at an affordable price! In the USA, the Reizen Talking Radio-Controlled Analog Watch receives a daily signal from the NIST Atomic Clock in Colorado, the nation's timekeeper, ensuring accurate time and even accounting for Daylight Savings changes - so you never have to set it!

Time is announced at the simple touch of a button. A second touch of the button gives you the day of the week and the date. Other features include an hourly chime (which may be turned off), alarm, and a large 1-1/4" diameter traditional white analog face with bold black numbers and hands. Stainless steel bezel. Expansion band. Face with bezel is 1-1/2" diameter x 5/8" D. Weighs 6-1/2 oz. Battery included (CR2032).

Note: The radio-controlled function will work only in the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii), UK, Germany and Japan. When outside these areas, the watch can be set manually to reflect the correct time on the analog face, but the announced time will not be accurately updated.

Compared to other time-signal transmissions in higher bands (WWV, GPS, etc.) long-wave signals have a number of advantages. They can go around obstacles such as mountains or buildings. Since no line-of-sight is necessary between the transmitter and receiver, a single very powerful station can cover a huge geographic area. Long-wave signals even penetrate the walls of most buildings quite well. Propagation happens mostly in the form of a ground wave, such that transmission delay is less affected by the variability of the ionosphere.
Battery Type: CR2032

NOTE: Atomic Radio-Controlled NIST Time-Setting Function is ONLY available in:
1) USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii); 2) United Kingdom; 3) Germany; and 4) Japan.
However, the time is easily set manually wherever there is no accessible atomic signal.

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¥ 429.22
Reizen Ladies Bi-Color Square Braille Watch-Exp Band (707794)
  • 6 o'clock opening
  • Tactile dots distinguish hour marks
  • Swiss movement
  • Watch dial measures 13/16" across
  • Bi-color Gold-Tone/silver tone case and band
Reizen Ladies Bi-Color Square Braille Watch-Exp Band - The Reizen Ladies Bi-Color Square Braille Watch is a 6 o'clock opening elegant quartz watch that's as attractive as it is functional. This watch for the blind features 3 tactile dots at the 12 o'clock mark, 2 dots at 3, 6 & 9 and 1 dot at 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11. This Braille watch's durable hands were designed for reliable touch reading of time by the blind and visually impaired user. Bi-color Gold-Tone/silver-tone case with chrome dial. Numbers 1 to 12 printed in black. Stylish coordinating polished bi-color expansion band. Watch dial measures 13/16 inch across. Total measurement across face (including bezel) is 1-1/8 inches. Swiss movement. Battery included.
Battery Type: 00364
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¥ 660.51
Reizen Jumbo Super Loud Alarm Clock with 2-Inch Red LED (701810)
  • Jumbo 2 Extra-Bold Red LED display
  • Super loud alarm with 2 volume levels
  • 9-minute snooze alarm
  • 9-volt battery backup (battery not included)
Reizen Jumbo Super Loud Alarm Clock with 2-Inch Red LED - Here's a super loud alarm clock that's sure to be seen and heard. Ideal for those with low vision, the Reizen Jumbo Super Loud Alarm Clock shows the hour and minutes on an extra-large 2 high bold red LED. Plus, the Hi/Low volume switch gives you the option of choosing an extra-loud alarm sound. This low vision , super loud alarm clock is perfect for those who are blind or suffer from low vision, as well as the hard of hearing and heavy sleepers.

Just plug in this desktop low vision, super loud alarm clock and set the time with the easy-to-use buttons. On-screen indicators show PM and Alarm On. Alarm On/Off Switch. Large, easy to locate snooze button on top of clock. A 9 volt battery (not included) will ensure that time will stay accurate, even in case of a power outages. Case color: Gray.

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¥ 156.95
4x UV LED Lighted Handheld Magnifier (603002)
  • 4x magnification
  • 2.25" diameter glass lens
  • 8 bright LEDs plus 1 UV
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¥ 105.40
3 in 1 Head Worn 2.2x-4.8x Magnifier (601102)
  • Flip-down head worn magnifier with extra loupe
  • Combined magnification up to 4.8x
  • 2.2x Fixed & 1.1x Flip Lenses plus 1.5x Loupe
  • Adjustable to comfortably, securely fit any size head
  • Measures 8.50
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¥ 131.84
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