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Reizen Talking Atomic Blue Dial Chrome Watch- Blue Leather Band (704054)
  • Announces time, date, day of week, alarm status, etc.
  • Automatically sets itself and adjusts for Daylight Savings
  • Chrome finish and classic-looking analog display with second hand
  • Blue leather band complements the blue watch face
  • Large 1.25-in. blue face with bold white numbers (at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00; other hours marked by lines)
Reizen Talking Atomic Blue Dial Chrome Watch with Blue Leather Band announces time, date, day of week, and alarm status -- plus automatically sets itself.

NOTE: Atomic Radio-Controlled NIST Time-Setting Function is ONLY available in:
1) USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii); 2) United Kingdom; 3) Germany; and 4) Japan.
However, the time is easily set manually wherever there is no accessible atomic signal.

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