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A leg lifting device can be very helpful when you have limited mobility or strength in one of your legs. With the use of the tool, you can more easily get the affected leg onto a bed, into a chair, or lift the leg in any direction. While most of these gadgets are hand-operated, we also carry the Mangar electric leg lifter.
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Leg Lifter -Small - Rainbow 35 inches (153148)
Three models and two lengths to choose from. Reinforced webbing with metal rod will extend the user's reach to assist in lifting one leg at a time. The loop is placed around the foot or cast and can be re-positioned by the user.
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Leg Lifter- 15-inch (153900)
  • Helps maintain "pelvic tilt", eases stress on spine
  • Elevates knees into perfect posture position
  • Size: 10" x 15" x 7"
Designed to help maintain the "pelvic tilt" position to gently ease stress on the spine. Offers consistent support and lasting comfort. Made from polyurethane foam with washable white polycotton cover. Size: 10" x 15" x 7".

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Mobility Leg Lift (157417)
  • 35 long lifter with 18 rigid center section
  • Loops at each end go around foot and wrist
  • Provides added leverage to lift foot
  • Made of 1 wide strong nylon webbing
  • Great for those with limited leg strength
This simple but practical device is useful for people with limited lower extremity strength. It enables them to lift the foot onto a wheelchair footrest or bed, or into a car, and can also be helpful as a dressing aid. The 35-inch (89 cm) long lifter has a loop at each end. The 18-inch (46 cm) center section is rigid plastic. One loop is placed around the wrist and the other around the foot or cast. Made of 1-inch (2.5 cm) wide high-strength nylon webbing.

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