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LV Planners, Calendars & More

Check out our selection of low vision planners, calendars, organizers, and more for people who are partly sighted.
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  • Compact Edition Refills (4719553)

    25 refills for the Giant Print Address Book II. Buy some extra and have plenty in stock.

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  • Giant Appointment Calendar - 2016 (1905216)

    The Giant Appointment Calendar is ideal for those with low vision. It is 11 inches x 17 inches (27.94 cm x 43.18 cm) and opens to 22 inches x 17 inches (55.8 cm x 43.18 cm). View a month at a time when the calendar is opened. Shows U.S. holidays and includes plenty of room for notes on each day with printed lines that make it easy to write in and track your daily meetings and appointments.


    • Large black type on white paper
    • Printed lines for easy appointment tracking
    • Shows U.S. holidays
    • Sturdy, convenient spiral binding
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  • Giant Print Calendar - 2016 (1905016)

    This 8-1/2 inch x 11-inch spiral bound giant print calendar opens (11- inch x 17-inch) to show the whole month of days and dates. Featuring a large print, 72 point (1-inch) numbers with room to make notes in each box, this low vision calendar also includes pages for users to write notes and track appointments.


    • Spiral bound calendar lays flat for writing
    • Large 8-1/2-inch x 11-inch sheets open to 11-inch x 17-inch
    • Room to make notes
    • 1-inch high dates
    • Includes pages for notes and appointments
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  • Giant Print Personal Organizer & Address Book (477622)

    The best and most organized of its kind. Hard cover 3-holes binder with removable pages - 7 inches X 9 1/2 inches. Personal organizer/appointment section. 195 pages - each page with giant print heading, month - day - year. Address section - 21 pages with index letters - each page in giant letters, name - address - phone. Weight: 2lb 14.2 oz.

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  • Jumbo Print Calendar - 2016 (903200316)

    The Jumbo Print Calendar, by far the largest of its kind, is a great tool for people with low vision. Measures 11 inches x 17 inches (approx. 28 cm x 43 cm) and opens to a huge 22-inch x 17-inch size (approx. 56 cm x 43 cm), making it easy to see and to use. View a month at a time when the calendar is opened. Shows U.S.A. holidays and has plenty of room for notes on each day plus an additional section at the top of each month for Notes and Appointments. Printed on bright white paper in bold black ink.


    • Measures 11 inches x 17 inches; opens to 22 inches x 17 inches
    • Bold black ink on bright white paper
    • Large 1-inch numbers
    • Sturdy, convenient spiral binding
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  • Large Print Crosswords No. 9 (474977)

    Enjoy doing the odd crossword? You’ll love the 9th edition of this Large Print Crosswords book. With 125 two-page puzzles over 288 pages, crossword creator Matt Gaffney has crafted entertaining, challenging, and most of all, fun crosswords for everyone to enjoy.

    This crossword puzzle book is ideal for the visually impaired due to its large print. Most crossword puzzle books contain very fine print that’s difficult to read and can render the puzzle impossible to complete. Each crossword in this book is two pages large, meaning you won’t need to strain your eyes in order to see what’s going on.

    Measures 10 inches high x 9 inches wide x 0.75 inches thick (25.4 cm x 22.8 cm x 1.9 cm) and weighs 1.8 lbs. (816 grams).

    Features and Specifications:

    • Spiral-bound
    • Large print, ideal for those with low vision
    • 125 puzzles
    • Page Size: 8” x 10”
    • 288 pages
    • ISBN: 1-4549-0497-6
    • ISBN13: 9781454904977
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  • Low Vision Calendar - 2016 (1905516)

    The Low Vision Calendar displays an entire month on one large 11 inch x 17 inch page. Dates are in large squares, with large print and lots of room for writing. 1 inch high numbers. For use on walls, desktop or carry along in a briefcase, this low vision calendar is a-must for those with vision impairment. The Low Vision Calendar is made of white, heavy bond paper with bold black print.


    • Entire month on a large 11-inch x 17-inch page
    • Bold, black 1" high print on heavy, white bond paper
    • Room for writing notes
    • For use on walls, desktop or carry along in a briefcase
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  • Raised Organizer by Reizen (202367)

    Keep your personal records in alphabetical order. The Reizen Brailled Organizer is lightweight and comes with large 9 inch wide by 11.5 inch high angled pockets. Each page is brailled and has large raised letters for ease of use. Cover folds over to protect contents and fastens securely.

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  • Reizen Pocket Low Vision Leather Note Book (471821)

    Take the Reizen Low Vision Pocket Notebook with you. It fits neatly in pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. This elegant, black leather bond pocket-sized notebook includes a Sanford 20/20 marking pen and 25 sheets of boldly lined paper, sized 7.5 inches x 3.625 inches (19.05 cm x 9.2 cm). Size of notebook (closed): 8 inches x 4.5 inches (20.32 cm x 11.43 cm). Perfect for people with low vision!


    • Pocket-sized notebook
    • Black leather bond
    • Excellent for taking quick notes
    • Great for students, writers or business people who need a larger writing space
    • Inner pocket holds 25 sheets of wide-lined paper
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  • The Giant Print Address Book II (4719552)

    Keep all of your important addresses and phone numbers at your fingertips with this compact version of our Giant Print Address Book. It's a handy tool for the visually impaired that provides the functionality of an easy-to-read large print format in an efficient, convenient size.

    This durable white 3-ring binder comes complete with 60 sheets. Each page measures 7 inches x 9 inches and holds 3 names, for a total capacity of 360 names. (Refill pages may also be added to each section.) The included Emergency Contact page has space for: Fire, Police, Ambulance, Doctor, Hospital, Church, Poison Control, Pharmacy, Lawyer, and more. As an added bonus, also included is a 20/20 writing pen with a bold black line that those with low vision can see more easily than standard pens.


    • Large, easy-to-read format
    • 360-name and number capacity
    • Handy emergency contact page
    • Bonus 20/20 bold black writing pen
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  • The Giant Print Check Register (201223)

    The Giant Print Check Register consists of 25 large pages for recording of your checks written and deposits made. Each page has space for 14 entries. Large easy-to-read type. 4 7/8 inch x 9 inch fits in pocket or purse. Opens to a LARGE 8 3/4 inch x 9 inch for easy entries.

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