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1.5x Full Sheet Magnifier with Folding Stand (R6205)
  • 1.5x magnification
  • Fresnel lens is lightweight and ultra-thin
  • Sturdy frame allows for hands-free use
  • Measures 10.90 in. L x 7.75 in. W x 4.25 in. H (open)
  • Folds down to 0.75 in. thick for storage/travel
1.5x Full Sheet Magnifier with Folding Stand - Magnify reading material and other objects while keeping your hands free to hold items and work! This Full Sheet Magnifier with Folding Stand is a convenient and functional portable page magnifier visual aid that offers 1.5x magnifying power and hands-free use. It sits directly on top of your reading material, allowing you to see text or tasks clearly without having to hold the magnifier. For added visual aid convenience, it also has a built-in cord so you can hang it around your neck and more easily view items held in your hands. This full page stand magnifier for the visually impaired is great for reading books, newspapers and magazines, as well as viewing mail, including bills, checkbooks, etc. And it is a handy tool for coin and stamp collecting, needlework, jewelry repair and countless other hobbies and household tasks where you would benefit from hands-free magnification. And when you're done using it, simply fold it closed for storage or travel. It's compact and lightweight with an ultra-thin clear acrylic Fresnel lens mounted in a black plastic frame with folding legs. Easily tucks into almost any briefcase or backpack.
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2 FOR 1-Y Mouse- YKey-Key -Serial Port (8049317)
Discover the Power of Simultaneous connection. No more switching devices. Use 2 mouse or mouse and tablet on same PC at the same time. Units for Monitors and Keyboards.
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2-in-1 Combo Access 4 Alarm Clock with Vibrating Reizen Bedshaker (934040)
  • Be alerted to telephone ringing or alarm clock
  • Bright LED flashing light
  • Extra-loud audible ring
  • Bedshaker vibration
  • 12 or 24 hour clock display
Talk about good vibrations. You can't lose with this 2-in-1 Combo Access 4 Alarm clock with Vibrating Reizen Bedshaker. Be alerted to the telephone ringing or wake-up by flashing light, extra loud alarm, vibration, or any combination. This easy-to-use system lets you select the volume level, choose between 12 or 24 hour clock display, operate the telephone connection option (line cord included) and guarantee battery back-up (with a 9V battery, not included). This small unit certainly packs a wallop, and it comes with a fold up/down handle for easy traveling. Clock measures approximately 5 W x 8 H x 4 Deep. 9 V battery back up not included. 12 VDC bedshaker jack, line cord and 9V AC adapter included. Bedshaker measures approximately 3 3/4" diameter.

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Good vibration alerts for alarm and phone
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2.5x Monocular With Cord (SE-227B)
  • 2.5x magnification
  • Adjustable focus
  • Detachable neck strap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Vinyl carry case
This adjustable focus monocular comes with a detachable woven neck strap, a soft fabric cleaning cloth and a protective vinyl carry case. 2.5x magnification. 33 long neck strap.
Includes Cleaning Cloth and Protective Vinyl Bag
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2.8X Clip-On Monocular (30004)
  • Focusable low vision monocular
  • Coated clip attaches to spectacle
  • Lightweight
  • 2.8x magnification
Focusable low vision monocular. Coated clip attaches to spectacle. Light-weight. 2.8x magnification.
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2.8x Monocular With Cord (SE-229B)
  • 2.8x magnification
  • Detachable neck strap
This standard quality monocular for long-range viewing comes with a detachable woven neck strap. 2.8x magnification. 33 long neck strap keeps monocular handy. J-clip makes the strap easy to clip on and off.
Always Keep Your Monocular Handy
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2XL Protective Extra-Absorbent Disposable Underwear - Pack of 48 (387731)
Designed to help those with incontinence, 2XL protective extra-absorbent disposable underwear is latex free and fits waists ranging from 68 to 80 inches. These easily pull on and off like regular underwear and the comfort stretch waist makes for a perfect, comfortable fit. Soft, cloth-like breathable material provides discreet comfort and promotes drier, healthier skin. Inner leg cuffs provide added leak protection, and a premium acquisition layer rapidly absorbs fluid into that core. Advanced dual-core performance locks wetness away and reduces pH of urine for improved odor control and skin wellness. Unisex design for men or women. Due to health and sanitary reasons, this item is non-returnable.
Comfortable Fit with Maximum Leak Protection
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3 Set Jar Openers (5532190)
This set includes 2 flat grips which can be used for jars and a one cone shape grip for small bottle tips. Grips allow you to gain a firm handle on those hard to open jars and bottles.
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3x Round Pendant Magnifier- Gold Tone (608250)
  • 3x pendant magnifier with necklace
  • 1 diameter magnifier
  • 1-1/2 diameter pendant
  • 32 rope chain
  • Elegant style for those with low vision
As attractive as it is functional, the Round Pendant Magnifier adds flair to your outfit while at the same time keeping the power of a 3x magnification boost at your fingertips. Ideal for spot magnification when you're out on the town - use it to more easily view restaurant menus, theater playbills, and more

The 1-1/2 diameter pendant is embellished with 12 stone chips that give the elegant look of diamonds. 6 additional chips adorn the bail (the clip that connects the pendant to the chain.) 32 rope chain with secure clasp. Magnifier has a 1 diameter. Gold-tone.

Keep Stylish Magnification at Your Fingertips
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3x Tear Drop Pendant Magnifier in Gold-Tone Finish (608211)
  • 3x pendant magnifier with necklace
  • 1-1/8 diameter magnifier
  • 2-1/2 x 1-1/2 teardrop pendant
  • Durable 32 ball bearing chain
  • Versatile day/night styling for low vision
This Tear Drop Pendant Magnifier is a great accessory for your favorite outfits (day or night) while at the same time providing the convenience of a 3X magnifier for that added boost when you need it. View price tags, product labels and other small print while on the go during the day, and restaurant menus and theater playbills when you're out for the evening.

Features a 2-1/2 x 1-1/2 teardrop-shaped multi-faceted pendant with a gold-tone finish. Rugged 32 gold colored ball bearing chain. Magnifier has a 1-1/8 diameter.

Keep Stylish Magnification at Your Fingertips
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53-Piece Medium First Aid Kit with Hard Case (151072)
It's a simple fact of life that kids are going to get scrapes and scratches, bumps and bruises, bug bites and bee stings. Adults will, too, for that matter. Especially those with active lifestyles like yours. Falls, accidents and emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. And since by their very nature, these occurrences are unexpected, we can be left scrambling at a moment's notice to treat the resulting wounds. The big questions are: 1. Do you have basic first aid supplies to handle injuries if and when they occur? 2. Do you know exactly where everything is, so you can find it quickly if you need to? Okay, so maybe you run a 'tight ship' at home. You're a meticulous organizer, and you have a fully stocked medicine cabinet at home. And you actually know where things are. But what if you're not home when an injury occurs? You took the kids to the playground or are having a family picnic in the park. You're hiking, biking or camping with friends. Are you confident you have all the basic items you need to deal with basic medical situations? If not, maybe you should consider getting a first aid kit. All the supplies in this kit come packed in a bright red hard case that you can easily spot among your other gear and belongings. Or even better, use the included carabiner to attach it to your back pack or pants belt loop so it's always at your fingertips when you need it. This is one of the most compact, useful and practical first aid kits you'll find. Still Not Convinced? Timing Is Everything! Half the battle with any emergency situation is having the supplies you need readily at hand - and lost time can make a bad situation worse. The more time it takes to start treating even the simplest cut or bruise, the more panicked your child (or anyone) may can become. This only heightens the tension for everyone involved and creates more problems than there need to be. So, why not be proactive? Get a first aid kit! Keep it in the car trunk or glove compartment, medicine cabinet or in your desk at work. Put one with your camping, hiking and biking gear. Get multiple first aid kits, and cover all your bases and any situations that may arise. Be ready. Be prepared. Be safe! About the Medium First Aid Kit 4404 from Life Line First Aid: This well stocked 53-piece first aid kit in a zippered, nylon-covered hard-shell foam case stows away conveniently in your car or at home, helping you always stay prepared. Designed for both durability and portability, it is small enough to fit into your travel bag or backpack. Or, attach the first aid kit to your clothing or backpack using the included carabiner for hands-free carrying. 53-PIECE FIRST AID KIT CONTENTS: 1 - FIRST AID GUIDE 1 - SCISSORS 1 - TWEEZERS 2 - VINYL GLOVES 10 - ALCOHOL PREP PAD 3 - STING RELIEF PAD 6 - ANTISEPTIC TOWELETTE 10 - 3/8" X 1-1/2" BANDAGE 10 - 3/4" X 3" BANDAGE 1 - KNUCKLE BANDAGE 1 - KNEE/ELBOW BANDAGE 2 - 2" X 2" STERILE GAUZE PAD 2 - 3" X 3" STERILE GAUZE PAD 1 - 1" ADHESIVE TAPE ROLL CARRY CASE: 1 HARD-SHELL FOAM CASE & 1 CARABINER HOOK Product Measurements: 6.5 in. x 5.5 in. x 1.75 in. Product Weight: 7.8 oz.
Keep First Aid Supplies Nearby - Anywhere You Go!
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5x Pendant Magnifier with Necklace (608284)
  • 5x magnifier with a decorative flower-shaped design
  • 1.6
Keep Stylish Magnification at Your Fingertips
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