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31-Day Pill Organizer (157631)

This 31-Day Pill Organizer has pop-out compartments and can be used with any size pill. The organizer is 11 inches x 4 inches x 1 inch (approx. 27.9 cm x 10 cm x 2.54 cm). Containers are 1 inch x 0.75 inch x 1 inch (approx. 2.54 cm x 1.9 cm x 2.54 cm). One-year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Pop-out compartments
  • Push containers from underneath to remove
  • Use with any size pill
  • Snap closures

NOTE: Hand wash only. Dry completely before adding pills.

Keep your pills organized
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7 Day Medication Organizer System with Multi-Alarm (156615)

This 7 Day Medication Reminder System with Multi-Alarm is so complete, no wonder it's considered the world's best pill organizer around. There are seven large capacity organizers that can hold up to 25 aspirin size pills per compartment. Each daily organizer is clearly labeled with the day of the week and slides open easily for a simple dose access. It even has tactile labeling (Braille) for easy night reading. And, if all that weren't enough, there is a simple to-use medication pill reminder that can alert you up to 31 times per day. No reset required. Just set it once and the alarm will reset itself at midnight for the next day.

All seven pill organizers and the alarm come in one convenient storage case made of durable high quality canvas that holds everything together. The alarm comes complete with 2 replaceable G10 watch batteries. Entire system measures approximately 6.5 inches tall x 6.5 inches long x 2 inches wide (16.5 cm H x 16.5 cm L x 5.08 cm W) and weighs 1.3 lbs.


  • Seven clearly labeled daily pill organizers
  • Multi-alarm pocket reminder
  • Large pill capacity
  • Sliding lid for easy dose access
  • Convenient canvas storage case
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Adjustable Slimming Belt (MAJB5702)

Instantly slim your waist and shed excess water as you exercise! The Adjustable Slimming Belt trims inches as soon as you put it on and helps increase perspiration while you work out - while at the same time providing added support for your back. Measures 9.84 inches x 50.5 inches (25cm x 128 cm) and weighs approximately 0.90 lb. (408 grams).


  • 5 zipper closures instantly trim your appearance
  • Sheds excess water weight as you wear it
  • Neoprene/nylon blend provides great back support
  • Made of 75% neoprene and 25% nylon
  • Adjustable, custom fit for men/women
  • Fits waist sizes from 29 inches to 50 inches (74 cm - 127 cm)
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Angora Lower Back Warmer (157902)

Angora wool is the lightest of all natural fibers. The hollow structure of its fibers makes it ideal for thermal clothing. It is comfortable to wear next to the skin, allowing the skin to breathe but absorbing moisture and maintaining a steady temperature at the skin surface. In other words, angora will keep you warm and comfortable!

Angora warmers have beneficial therapeutic effects for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems or any other pain affecting the joints. Choose the warmer to fit your individual needs - elbow, lower back or knee. Machine washable. Simply lay flat to dry. Do not dry-clean. Made of 46% angora/37% wool/9% polyamide/8% elasthane. Color: White. Available in three sizes.


  • Lightweight natural fiber insulation
  • 7 times warmer than wool
  • Soft against the skin
  • One warmer only
  • Sizes available:
    Medium: Fits waist circumferences of 31-35 inches (78.5-89 cm)
    Large: Fits waist circumferences of 36-40 inches (91.5-101.5 cm)
    X-Large: Fits waist circumferences of 41-45 inches (104-114 cm)
This item is non-returnable for health and hygienic reasons.

#1579020 Angora Lower Back Warmer - Medium
#1579021 Angora Lower Back Warmer - Large
#1579022 Angora Lower Back Warmer - Extra Large

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Auto Neck Support - Synthetic Shearling (151232)

This super plush synthetic shearling neck support pillow pampers you in comfort while providing outstanding neck support. It provides outstanding neck support while driving, at home watching TV or sleeping in bed. Cover is hypo-allergenic and machine washable.

A strap fits behind headrest and holds pillow in place. Standard size fits all vehicle headrests. Get more than one and pamper your passengers as well. Won't flatten out over time. Measures 18 inches x 6 inches (approx. 45.7 cm x 15 cm). Made in the USA.

Features and Benefits:

  • 18-inch x 6-inch plush cushion provides comfort while driving
  • Supports the neck, reduces strain
  • Strap keeps pillow in place
  • Pillow remains full and fluffy, even after years of use
  • Hypo-allergenic, machine washable cover
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Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired (458123)

With over 20 million people in the U.S. exploring the healing benefits of yoga, Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired now brings yoga to the blind and low vision community.

Gretchen Hein, a certified yoga teacher and her partner, Marty Klein, blind author, workshop leader and yoga student combine their knowledge and insights to bring you a dynamic and inspiring introduction to the basics of yoga.

Inside this 5-CD set you'll find:

- physical activities that develop your sense of body awareness and alignment or cultivate a deeper spatial sense of your body and proper alignment
- basic stretches that tone the body, develop flexibility and strength as well as encourage deep relaxation
- 24 basic yoga poses presented in a clear, step-by-step manner, specially designed for those with little or no sight
- how to use a yoga mat and other props as guides when you practice
- special insights for the blind and visually impaired from the blind perspective
- tips for yoga teachers for their blind and visually impaired students
- directions for programming your own yoga sequences

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BetterBack Multi-Purpose Seat with Lumbar Support (1502300)

No more back pain or strain! The BetterBack Multipurpose Seat with LumbiPad from Jobri allows you to sit more comfortably for longer periods of time at home, in the office or for travel!

A wonderful orthopedic seat designed in a supportive, ergonomic style to relieve stress and pressure on the lower back, it conforms to the structure of your back. It's adjustable from an upright to a flat position, aiding the proper distribution of body weight along the lower back and buttocks. Included LumbiPad provides additional support to the lumbar region.

Measures 19 inches wide x 18 inches long. Available in black only. Three-year limited warranty.


  • Supportive, ergonomic style orthopedic seat
  • Relieves stress and pressure on the lower back
  • Relieves strain on the lower back and pelvis
  • Reduces strain on the spine, and discourages slouching
  • Molded wooden back ensures optimal support, relieving backache
  • Molded wooden seat provides excellent pelvic support, and encourages a correct sitting position
  • High quality foam for added comfort
  • Covered in a durable, luxurious polysuede fabric
  • Carrying strap makes the BetterBack easy to take anywhere
  • Includes adjustable strap for easy attachment to user's chair or car seat
  • Includes removable, height adjustable LumbiPad for additional lumbar support
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Body Pillow - Waterproof Vinyl (150005)

This waterproof vinyl body pillow is perfect for patient positioning, side posture pregnancy comfort, and supportive comfort in bed for anyone. Our strong, but non-crinkly vinyl is permanently bonded to a fine polyester mesh, making it soft as cloth, but waterproof, and easy to wipe clean. The hypo-allergenic polyfill core adds soft support. Color: white. Measures 50 inches high x 15 inches long x 7.5 inches wide (1.27 m x 38.1 cm x 19 cm).


  • Waterproof non-crinkly vinyl
  • Soft as cloth
  • Pillow offers supportive comfort
  • Hypo-allergenic polyfill core
  • Easy to wipe clean
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Buckwheat Crescent Pillow by Hermell (151635)

A woman using the Buckwheat Crescent PillowThe special design of this crescent pillow gently supports the head to relieve stress on the neck. Filled with all natural, non-allergenic buckwheat hulls. Buckwheat is an environmentally friendly grain that requires no herbicides or pesticides. Molds to the contour of the body for customized support. Allows air to circulate to keep you cool and comfortable. Features a super-soft polyester fleece cover. One size fits all.


  • Supports the head to relieve stress on the neck
  • Filled with all natural, non-allergenic buckwheat hulls
  • Features a super-soft polyester fleece cover
  • One size fits all
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Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow (151620)

Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with the Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow, designed to provide customized support to your head and neck. Helps to relieve muscle tension, headaches, neck and back pain. Shifting hulls mold to the body's natural contours for exceptional comfort. Allows fresh air to circulate, keeping your head and neck cool while you sleep. Machine washable cover. Size: 16 inches x 20 inches (approx. 40.6 cm x 50.8 cm).

  • Relieves muscle tension, neck and back pain
  • Shifting hulls mold to the body?s natural contours
  • Allows fresh air to circulate; keeps head and neck cool
  • Machine washable cover
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Butterfly Pillow with Poly-Cotton Cover (150218)

This unique, butterfly shaped pillow is overstuffed for comfortable neck, shoulder and spine support. White soft knit poly-cotton permanent cover with polyfill core. Use it in bed, while sitting in a chair or on the sofa or even in the car. Measures 24 inches high x 17 inches long (60.9 cm x 43.2 cm).


  • Overstuffed and comfortable
  • Provides support for neck, shoulder and spine
  • Soft knit poly-cotton cover with polyfill core
  • Great for bed, sofa, chair or car
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Cadex 8-Alarm Vibrating Medication Reminder Watch (932349)

The Cadex 8-Alarm Vibrating Medication Reminder Watch enables you to set up to eight alarms per day – vibrating, audible, or both. One-year limited warranty from e-pill.


  • Set up to eight alarms per day – vibrating, audible, or both.
  • Backlit dial makes it easy to read the time in dim light
  • Count-Down Interval Timer - 15 minutes to 24 hours with unique auto start
  • Battery: CR2025 (included)

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