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Misc. Talking Devices

Our selection of miscellaneous talking products include talking bibles, talking label identifiers, and talking money identifiers.
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  • AC Adapter for Holy Bible - Talking Edition (304082)

    This AC adapter is designed as an accessory for the Holy Bible - Talking Edition. It can be used with both the English and Spanish-speaking versions, allowing the talking bible to be plugged into a power outlet.

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  • Adapters for Talking Labels (508061)

    Two multi-purpose adapters are available for fixing the label onto a variety of objects and flat surfaces. They are available with either a self-adhesive or a magnetic backing, offering massive potential for people who are visually impaired. The adapters allow you to use the talking labels for multiple applications.

    • Two Adapters per set - one magnet and one self-adhesive
    • Creates a very diverse recorder for use on many surfaces

    Minimum Purchase of 5

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  • Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired (458123)

    With over 20 million people in the U.S. exploring the healing benefits of yoga, Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired now brings yoga to the blind and low vision community.

    Gretchen Hein, a certified yoga teacher and her partner, Marty Klein, blind author, workshop leader and yoga student combine their knowledge and insights to bring you a dynamic and inspiring introduction to the basics of yoga.

    Inside this 5-CD set you'll find:

    - physical activities that develop your sense of body awareness and alignment or cultivate a deeper spatial sense of your body and proper alignment
    - basic stretches that tone the body, develop flexibility and strength as well as encourage deep relaxation
    - 24 basic yoga poses presented in a clear, step-by-step manner, specially designed for those with little or no sight
    - how to use a yoga mat and other props as guides when you practice
    - special insights for the blind and visually impaired from the blind perspective
    - tips for yoga teachers for their blind and visually impaired students
    - directions for programming your own yoga sequences

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  • BIGmack Communicator for Persons with Speech or Language Disorders (451021)

    The BIGmack Communicator is a great dual-purpose aid for those who have speech or language disorders, the blind or low vision, or those with mobility difficulties. Record a message (up to 2 minutes long), and the user can simply touch the oversized 5-inch activation surface to play the message back, allowing communication with teachers, caregivers, etc. The BIGmack also may be connected to compatible toys or appliances via the included cable and used as a large, easy-to-operate on/off switch, allowing the user to live more independently. Ideal for students needing a larger target area because of motor, visual or cognitive impairments. It's also the perfect communication tool for beginning communicators.

    The package includes: toy/appliance cable; interchangeable colored switch tops in red, yellow, green and blue; a clear plastic protective switch cap; instruction manuals in English, Spanish, French and German. Uses one 9V battery (not included). One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Measures 2.5 inch H x 6.5 inch L x 6.5 inch W.

    Video Demo



    • Record a message for easy playback
    • Use as an on/off switch for toys and appliances
    • Large 5-inch button surface for easy activation
    • Digital sound with up to 2 minutes recording time
    • Includes 4 colored tops and toy/appliance cable
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  • Digital Talking Compass - English/Spanish (C2000)

    Advanced magneto-resistive compass technology. In the vast Australian bush, orientation is vital. No wonder the world’s first talking compass is Australian! Use it in the car (no more wrong turns), in the bush, anywhere. No moving parts. Bilingual capability in English/Spanish. Supplementary color display of 8 directional points for noisy conditions or the hard of hearing. Also great for the blind or visually impaired. Powered by two 12V batteries (not included).

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  • Foxy Reader Talking Label Reader / Organizer / MP3 Player - English (301520)

    The Foxy Reader is an all-in-one product for the blind and visually impaired that is capable of recording lists or messages, playing MP3/audio music/files and labeling items. Product includes tactile self-adhesive and water-resistant labels (240) and tags (5), a deck of tactile playing cards, earphones, batteries, battery charger, a USB to mini-USB cable, a lanyard and user guide. The water-resistant tactile labels are perfect for clothing. The Foxy Reader will store recorded names and speak them when they required in a clear, pleasant voice.

    The tactile playing cards can be read by the Foxy Reader in a discreet manner, and you can play back endless lists for shopping or work purposes. The device also comes with storage space of up to 4GB for MP3 music and audio files that can be downloaded with the USB cable from your computer. An option to increase the 1 SD memory card to 32GB is available.

    Size of product: 5 inches x 1.25 inches or 12.7 cm x 3.1 cm

    Weight of product: 1.5 oz or 42 g


    • Reads labels, records messages, plays MP3 music and audio files; includes tactile labels and playing cards for the blind or visually impaired
    • All inclusive package with batteries, charger, self-adhesive water-resistant labels and tags, earphones, lanyard, microphone, loudspeaker, user manual (print and CD) etc.
    • Uses 2 AAA batteries (Included)
    • SD memory card capable of storing 4GB of data; further option to increase storage space to 32GB
    • USB cable included for downloading files from computer
    • Easy-to-use, lightweight and clear talking function
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  • Holy Bible - Talking Edition - Spanish (206175)

    Now you can listen to the New Testament (Reina Valera version), spoken in Spanish, anywhere you go. Just turn it on and a pleasant male voice reads it to you. You can select the book and chapter easily and control the volume as well. There's even an earphone jack (earphones not included) for private listening. Scroll to your favorite Scripture passages easily, or listen to them in order. The choice is yours. A locator reference button is designed to assist the blind and visually impaired. Features a 6V DC jack and earphone jack (AC adapter and earphone not included). Uses 3 AA batteries (included). Measures 5 inches H x 3 1/2 inches W x 3/4 inch D. Weighs approximately 6.4 ounces with batteries.

    • Pleasant male voice reads in Spanish
    • New Testament (Reina Valera version)
    • Select book & chapter easily
    • Locator reference button assists visually challenged
    • Scroll to favorite Scripture passages
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  • iBill Talking Money Identifier - Second Generation - English (708678)

    Is that a ten dollar bill you just gave the cashier - or is it a twenty? Even simple purchases can be troublesome if you're not able to differentiate one paper note from another. Now you can handle money with absolute confidence, knowing for sure you're paying (or getting paid) the correct amount in any cash transaction.

    The iBill Talking Money Identifier gives you a quick, easy, reliable way to identify the bills you use to pay, as well as the change you receive, in stores, restaurants, or anywhere you go. Simply insert the end of the paper currency into the slot, press the button, and iBill announces the dollar amount in a female voice.

    Just slip the iBill into your pocket or purse, and enjoy greater confidence and independence handling money as you go about your busy day!

    Supplied accessories include battery, key ring user manual in large print and audio. Measures only 3 inches x 1.6 inches x 0.7 inches (approx. 7.6 cm x 4 cm x 1.78 cm). Weight (with battery installed): 1.7 ounces (48 grams). One-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

    What's new on the 2nd generation iBill?

    The new model retains all the original ground-breaking product features (see below) and adds the following:

    1. Enhanced volume: Makes it easier to use in noisy places and for users with hearing difficulties
    2. New privacy option: An earphone jack provides an alternative to the vibration mode
    3. Enhanced ease of use: A redesigned corner slot makes it even easier to insert the bill, and recessed buttons prevent inadvertent activation when the unit is in a purse or pocket
    4. Included key-ring: Allows attachment to a key-chain or lanyard. The previous model also had a slot for a key-ring, but we will now be shipping the new model with the key-ring installed.

    Video Demo:


    • Recognizes all US paper currency in circulation
    • Announces denominations in a female voice
    • Instantaneous response - most bills are identified in less than a second
    • Can recognize banknotes in any orientation (insert in either direction)
    • Ultra-high accuracy - better than 99.9-percent
    • Ergonomic, user-friendly design provides ultimate ease of use
    • Easy operation with just two buttons
    • Clear announcement of denomination by speech, tone or vibration
    • Durable, heavy-duty engineering-grade polycarbonate construction
    • Sealed design is resistant to dust and fluids
    • Easily updateable to recognize new banknote designs
    • Clearly indicates un-identifiable bills - e.g. torn or badly defaced ones
    • Ultra-slim, compact "key-fob" design (key ring included)
    • Powered by a single AAA battery (included)
    • Long battery life: over a year with typical use
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  • ivee Voice-Activated Personal Assistant (IVEE)

    ivee is a voice-activated personal assistant that turns any home into a smart home. Simply say “Turn on the den lights” or “Play Lady Gaga,” and ivee will make it happen. ivee connects with a wide range of compatible devices and cool services, making it easy to use and totally customizable to your needs.

    With ivee, you can control multiple devices at once using voice commands. Stream music on ivee or any stereo sound system. You can even order an Uber by voice command, or connect with a live operator when an emergency arises!

    ivee is very compact, portable, and lightweight. It measures 5 inches tall x 3 inches wide (12.7 cm x 7.62 cm) and weighs 1.1 lbs. (approximately 499 grams). One-year manufacturer's warranty.

    Video Demo:



    • Control your Nest Learning thermostat, Hue lights, Logitech Harmony, and other smart devices
    • Order an Uber and other on-demand services instantly
    • Stream media from Spotify and listen to live Podcasts
    • Set an alarm timer and create reminders
    • Check traffic to points of interest
    • Place multiple devices in the same room or throughout your home
    • Call out an emergency operator if you need help
    • Check the weather forecast any day, any place
    • Ask questions and get answers from Wikipedia and other sources

    What can you say to ivee?

    Voice command samples

    Compatible Devices:

    ivee will control Nest, Belkin WeMo, Philip's Hue, Logitech Harmony, SmartThings, Wink, and Lowe's Iris. New features will be added on a continuous basis. ivee’s platform is open and flexible.

    Compatible Devices

    Compatible Services:

    Uber, Spotify, and Emergency are the three services that will be accessible when ivee hits the market. New on-demand services will be added as they become available. Check on availability.

    Compatible Services

    Easy Set-up:

    Follow these three easy steps to set up ivee:

    1. Connect ivee to power souce and follow ivee's instructions to connect her to your WiFi network

    2. Download the ivee FREE mobile app and follow the instructions to connect ivee to your favorite devices and services.

    3. Learn what you can ask ivee to do.


    Controlling ivee by voice:

    Using voice control is quick and easy.

    1. Simply say “Okay ivee” to wake her. ivee’s LED ring will then light up blue indicating that she is listening for a voice command.
    2. Give ivee a command or ask her a question, for instance: “Okay, ivee. What’s the weather going to be like in San Francisco?
    3. ivee will process your request quickly and reply accordingly.
    Voice Control

    Mobile App

    The mobile iOS & Android app makes it easy to set-up ivee and connect her to your favorite devices and services. Use the ivee app for set-up, configure ivee for different rooms (multi-room support), and create voice scenes. Custom “scene” commands offer a simple way to create the perfect setting, such as “movie time” prompting blinds to lower, the TV to turn on, lights to dim, and temperature to decrease.

    Mobile App


    ivee Functionality


    The technology present in ivee consists of natural language speech recognition, two advanced omnidirectional far-field microphones, a loud mini speaker, and the ability to support multiple units in the same room or in multiple rooms.

    Here are some tips to get the most of your ivee:

    1. Talk to ivee as if you were speaking to another person in the room.
    2. Talk to ivee from up to 15 feet (4.57 meters) away.
    3. Place multiple ivees in the same room or in different rooms to have a better coverage.

    Technical Specifications:

    Dimensions: 5 inches tall x 3 inches wide
    Weight: 1.1 lbs.
    Microphones: 2 omnidirectional MEM microphones
    Sensors: Light sensor
    Sound: 2.5W speaker
    Lighting: Multi-color RGB LED light ring
    Language: US English
    Network: WiFi B/G/N
    Platform: Embedded Linux
    Processor: High-end ARM-based processor


    According to the developers, two prototypes of the ivee have been created. The developers have done a lot of exploring until they finally settled on a "very unique" design.

    ivee is now in its final development stage; expected release is in June/July 2016.

    Stay tuned so you don't miss the launch of this amazing product!

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  • Labels for Reizen Talking Label Identifier - Set A (701027)

    Use these identification labels with your Reizen Talking Label Identifier Pen (not included) to mark files, household cleaners, food items, medicine bottles, or any other items that may be difficult for a blind or low vision person to distinguish from one another. Color: Yellow.

    Set A includes:

    Talking Labels - Number 1-160 (round, approximately 0.75 inch or 1.9 cm in diameter)
    Washable Labels - Number 1-72 (rectangular, approximately 3.75 inches x 0.9 inch, or 9.52 cm x 2.28 cm)

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  • Labels for Reizen Talking Label Identifier - Set B (701028)

    Use these identification labels with your Reizen Talking Label Identifier Pen (not included) to mark files, household cleaners, food items, medicine bottles, or any other items that may be difficult for a blind or low vision person to distinguish from one another. Color: Red.

    Set B includes:

    Talking Labels - Number 161-320 (Approx. 0.75-inch diameter round labels)
    Washable Labels - Number 73-144 (Approx. 3.75-inch x 0.90-inch labels)

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  • Labels for Reizen Talking Label Identifier - Set C (701029)

    Use these identification labels with your Reizen Talking Label Identifier Pen (not included) to mark files, household cleaners, food items, medicine bottles, or any other items that may be difficult for a blind or low vision person to distinguish from one another. Color: Green.

    Set C includes:

    Talking Labels - Number 321-480 (Approx. 0.75-inch diameter round labels)
    Washable Labels - Number 145-216 (Approx. 3.75-inch x 0.90-inch labels)

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  • Lifetime Voice Calendar Talking Organizer - English, French, Spanish (308653)

    Easy to see and easy to set, this talking calendar is a useful tool for the whole family, but is especially helpful for those who have visual impairments. Record important dates and appointments in your own voice. When the day of the appointment comes, a red light flashes to alert you of that day’s message(s). Touch the button and you will hear the reminders and appointments that you had pre-recorded read back to you. You can even set perpetual annual reminders for recurring dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Use it as a kitchen message center. Keep it on your desktop, mount on a wall using the built-in hanging slots, or put it on the refrigerator using the magnetic hanging strips attached to back of the unit.

    Other features: Quick repeat button to play back messages. Leave multiple messages for any given day. Record a simple To Do list. Large memory stores up to 900 messages. Low battery warning. Won’t lose messages when batteries are being changed. Lightweight and small enough to take traveling. Includes 3 “AA” batteries and Quickstart Instruction Guide in English, French and Spanish. Measures 11-3/8 inches long x 9 inches wide x 7/8 inch deep. Weighs 1.3 lbs. 90-day limited warranty.


    • Great Low Vision Aid keeps your life organized
    • Large ¾-inch numeric, month and function buttons
    • Record important dates and appointments in your own voice
    • Light blinks to alert you of today’s messages
    • Choice of language: English, Spanish or French
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  • MedCenter Talking Monthly Medication Organizer - English (157265)

    Doctors and pharmacists agree that taking medications on a set schedule is important for maintaining your health. With the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock, taking your medication on schedule, every day becomes part of your daily routine.

    Set up to four daily alarms to alert you when your medication is due. A friendly audible reminder announces the time, the date and which dose to take. Example: "Good morning! Please take your morning pills for the 20th." Press the 'Alarm Acknowledged' button to confirm that you took the medicine and the alarm will announce when the next dose is due.

    The 31 pill containers, numbered for the days of the month, are colored red on one end and green on the other so that after a day has passed, the container can be turned over so you easily locate the next day's container. Each container has 4 easy-to-open compartments marked: 'Morning-Breakfast', 'Noon-Lunch', 'Evening-Supper' and 'Night-Bedtime'.

    The MedCenter system includes: 1 pill stand, 1 talking alarm clock, and 31 pill containers (each with 4 compartments). Clock uses 2 AA batteries included. Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 7.1 inches; weight: 2.8 pounds.

    MedCenter Video Demo:


    • Organizes pills for a full month supply of medication
    • Talking alarm clock reminds users to take medicine up to 4 times daily
    • Date and dosage time verified through LCD display and audible alert
    • 'Loud' and 'Extra Loud' settings ensure alarm is heard
    • Clear, large-font display for easy viewing of day, date, and time
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  • Money Talks Money Identifier for the Blind (703550)

    Money Talks Money Identifier was designed to support the active and independent lifestyles of the blind and those with low vision by providing a portable, reliable and easy-to-use tool to help them quickly identify paper currency. It is a talking money reader that recognizes and announces the value of US paper currency from $1.00 to $100.00.

    Features easy 2-button operation. Simply switch the unit on, slide the money into the slot on the front and touch the “M” button. Money Talks will announce the denomination of the currency in a clear male voice. It can read $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00 and $100.00 dollar bills - both the “old” US paper currency and the newer style, as well as both the front and back of the bills. Money Talks is the ultimate combination of quality and functionality at the lowest possible price.

    Video Demo


    • Easy to locate and identify raised tactile buttons to turn the unit on and operate it
    • Volume and tone controls to adjust the sound to suit your ideal comfort level
    • Earphone jack for privacy - earphones included (Note: Signal from unit is mono)
    • Battery-saving “Auto Shut-Off” feature turns unit off if it is not used for 3 minutes
    • Uses 3 AAA batteries (included)
    • Includes earphones, written and cassette tape instructions
    • Measures: 4-3/8 inches long x 3-3/8 inches wide x 1-1/8” inch thick
    • Comes in lightweight plastic storage case
    • Limited 1-Year warranty
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  • OneLink Wireless Smoke Alarm with Voice Location (2-Pack) (SA511CN2)

    Wirelessly interconnect alarms for your protection and peace of mind. This is a battery-operated wireless interconnect smoke alarm. Easily link up to 18 alarms together with the press of a button. When one alarm sounds, they all sound for maximum whole-home protection. With voice capability, these alarms can be programmed to tell you where the fire is located in your home. For example, "Hurry, evacuate! Smoke in master bedroom! Evacuate!" Photoelectric smoke sensor reduces false alarms from cooking smoke or shower steam. Easy access battery drawer; no need to remove alarm from ceiling to change battery. Wireless battery-operated smoke alarm meets UL standards. Recommended for people who are blind or hard of hearing as well as for children, who normally have trouble waking up to traditional smoke alarms. Package includes two smoke alarms and an instructional DVD. 10-year limited warranty.

    This OneLink wireless alarm is for you if:

    • You want to build a safety network of interconnected alarms in your home without the cost and hassle of wiring.
    • You want voice notification of where the fire is located.
    • You are a parent concerned about your children's fire safety.

    Video Demo

    The following video demonstrates how children sleep through the blaring noise made by most smoke alarms, and how a voice smoke detector can help solve the problem. A must-see video for parents! Video #2 has a OneLink audio sample, and #3 will give you some important fire safety tips.



    • Wireless interconnectivity; connect up to 18 alarms in your home
    • Photoelectric smoke sensing, optimal protection from smoldering fires
    • Reduces false alarms like those caused by cooking fires and shower steam
    • Mute button mutes unnecessary alarms immediately; also tests alarm function
    • Eco-friendly, completely recyclable as an electronic device
    • Easy access battery door, no need to remove alarm from ceiling to change battery
    • Optional theft-prevention lock; when activated, batteries and/or alarm cannot be removed without proper tools
    • Uses 2 AA batteries (included)
    • Includes an instructional DVD
    • Loud 85db alarm
    • T3 compliant under NFPA guidelines
    • Meets UL217 standard
    • FCC compliant

    Where To Place Smoke Alarms

    Place one smoke alarm in every bedroom, and at least one on every level of the home.

    Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years for maximum protection.

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  • Original GoBible - Catholic Version (203089)

    The Original GoBible® is a portable, handheld MP3 device preloaded with the entire audio version of the Catholic Bible. The Original GoBible is perfect for blind or partly sighted users, or those who prefer to listen rather than read. This device is easy to use, light on batteries, and comprehensive in terms of content.

    Need to find a particular verse, book or chapter on the go? Not a problem. The Original GoBible features an intuitive menu that allows you to quickly scan through either the Old or New Testament and find the desired book, chapter, and verse. Users can also bookmark any of the 35,000 verses in the Original GoBible with the device’s easy-to-read 2.4-inch screen.

    The Original GoBible reflects the imprimatur of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops of September 12, 1991 and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops of October 15, 1991.

    The Original GoBible - Catholic Edition is narrated by Stephen Johnston, Emmy-Award winning narrator.

    The device measures approximately 3.5 inches high x 2.5 inches wide x 0.5 inches thick (8.89 cm x 6.35 cm x 1.27 cm) and weighs 3.2 oz. (90.7 grams). 90-day manufacturer's warranty.


    • Over 80 hours of searchable audio
    • Search through topics, 230 popular stories, and 30 emotions/circumstances
    • Holiday/Events of over a dozen key days and moments
    • Daily readings
    • Up to 36 bookmarks
    • Narrated Rosary and Common Prayers
    • Voice menu for the blind and visually impaired
    • Easy-to-read 2.4-inch screen
    • Uses one AAA battery (included) for up to 20 hours of operation
    • Earphone jack for private listening
    • Includes earbuds, AAA battery, carrying case, and instruction manual
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  • PenFriend Labels - Pack A (308007)

    Additional labels to be used with your PenFriend Voice Labeling System. Pack A contains 381 encoded labels: 273 x 13mm (approximately 1/2 inch) circles (3 sheets), 54 x 32mm (approximately 1-1/4 inch) circles (3 sheets), 54 x 32mm (approximately 1-1/4 inch) squares (3 sheets).

    Please note: due to the unique codes embedded in the labels, only one set of each label pack can be used with each PenFriend. Please purchase the packs in order: Pack A, followed by Pack B, then Packs C and D.

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  • PenFriend Labels - Pack B (308008)

    Additional labels to be used with your PenFriend Voice Labeling System. Pack B contains 381 labels: 273 x 13mm (approximately 1/2 inch) circles (3 sheets), 54 x 32mm (approximately 1-1/4 inch) circles (3 sheets), 54 x 32mm (approximately 1-1/4 inch) squares (3 sheets).

    Please note: due to the unique codes embedded in the labels, only one set of each label pack can be used with each PenFriend. Please purchase the packs in order: Pack A, followed by Pack B, then Packs C and D.

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  • PenFriend Labels - Pack C (308009)

    Additional labels to be used with your PenFriend Voice Labeling System. Pack C contains 418 labels: 364 x circles, 13mm (approximately 1/2 inch) (4 sheets), 54 x squares, 32mm (approximately 1-1/4 inch) (3 sheets).

    Please note: due to the unique codes embedded in the labels, only one set of each label pack can be used with each PenFriend. Please purchase the packs in order: Pack A, followed by Pack B, then Packs C and D.

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