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Mobility and miscellaneous items for the general public such as baby monitors, full-spectrum lamps, medication reminders, and home emergency alert systems.
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1/2 Inch Mushroom Roller Tip #173008 (173008)

This white 1/2 Inch mushroom rolling cane tip is designed for the Europa canes.

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1/2 Inch Red Mushroom Roller Tip #173009 (173009)

This red 1/2 Inch mushroom rolling cane tip is designed for the Europa canes.

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5/8 Inch Mushroom Roller Tip #173007 (173007)

This white 5/8 Inch mushroom rolling cane tip is designed for the Europa canes. 

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5/8 Inch Red Mushroom Roller Tip #173006 (173006)

This red 5/8 Inch mushroom rolling cane tip is designed for the Europa canes. 

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Ambutech Marshmallow Roller Tip - Hook Style (MT4090)

Ambutech Marshmallow Roller Tips consist of a unique marshmallow style tip with encased roller bearing that allows the tip to rotate in the same axis as the shaft of the cane. Users love it because of the enhanced tactile transmission and the reduction in the audible tap. Made of heavy duty molded nylon. Hook style tip attaches to elastic cord in mobility canes. White in color.


  • Marshmallow tip with encased roller bearing
  • Made of heavy duty molded nylon
  • Hook style tip attaches to elastic cord
  • Provides enhanced tactile transmission and the reduction in the audible tap
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Atomic Solar Low Vision Clock (Wall Clock) (706015)

The Low Vision Atomic Solar Wall Clock is designed to use solar power for full operation. Integrated with the most advanced radio controlled time technology with automatic summer time adjustment, minimal attention of the unit is needed to keep the most accurate time. To enhance good solar reception, avoid placing the clock near television sets, metal surfaces, computers or electric devices as they will interfere with the reception of the signal. The jumbo 47mm display shows running seconds, and a calendar with month, date, and day display. It also has a digital map showing the current time zone selected, for easy recognition. Uses a 12/24 hour display format, hangs on a wall or stands on a desktop. Display measures 2 ¼” inches, clock measures 10” inches in diameter. 90-day warranty.



Atomic signal strength varies and there are locations where it may not be received at all, so the atomic function will not work. In these cases, the clock may also be set manually. The atomic function will not operate in Hawaii or Alaska.

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BIGmack Communicator for Persons with Speech or Language Disorders (451021)

The BIGmack Communicator is a great dual-purpose aid for those who have speech or language disorders, the blind or low vision, or those with mobility difficulties. Record a message (up to 2 minutes long), and the user can simply touch the oversized 5-inch activation surface to play the message back, allowing communication with teachers, caregivers, etc. The BIGmack also may be connected to compatible toys or appliances via the included cable and used as a large, easy-to-operate on/off switch, allowing the user to live more independently. Ideal for students needing a larger target area because of motor, visual or cognitive impairments. It's also the perfect communication tool for beginning communicators.

The package includes: toy/appliance cable; interchangeable colored switch tops in red, yellow, green and blue; a clear plastic protective switch cap; instruction manuals in English, Spanish, French and German. Uses one 9V battery (not included). One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Measures 2.5 inch H x 6.5 inch L x 6.5 inch W.

Video Demo



  • Record a message for easy playback
  • Use as an on/off switch for toys and appliances
  • Large 5-inch button surface for easy activation
  • Digital sound with up to 2 minutes recording time
  • Includes 4 colored tops and toy/appliance cable
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Bluetooth Water-Resistant Shower Speakerphone (100888)

Do you sometimes wish you could answer your cell phone while in the shower? Now you can with this handy speakerphone!

The Bluetooth Water-Resistant Shower Speakerphone can be easily mounted on the wall using screws or suction cups (included), or simply hang it in the shower!

The speakerphone has dual pairing functionality, allowing you to pair two devices simultaneously (for example, cell phone and MP3 player). Another cool feature of this device is that music fades when the phone rings! ideal for showers, pools and the outdoors.


  • Music fades when phone rings
  • Built-in microphone
  • Fast forward and rewind to next song
  • Wall-mountable with screws or included suction cups
  • Volume control
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth device
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Comfort Cutlery Set (151880)

The Comfort Cutlery Set features large, anti-slip handles for easy grip by people with hand dexterity issues. Set includes fork, knife, teaspoon and tablespoon.


  • Large handles for easy grip
  • Anti-slip grips
  • Includes fork, knife, teaspoon and tablespoon
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Cordless Anywhere Floor Lamp (MAJB4894)

Picture of floor lamp by the couchThe floor lamp you can put almost anywhere! The convenient Cordless Anywhere Floor Lamp allows you to place bright, energy-efficient LED lighting wherever you need it. No more cord to worry about - and no need to keeping it near an electrical outlet. Measures 58-inch (1.47 meter) high x 8-inch (20.3 cm) diameter base and weighs approximately 4.5 lbs. (2 kg).

Features and Specifications:

  • No dangerous cords to trip over or tangle
  • Easily move from room to room
  • Ideal additional light source for reading, needlework, hobbies, etc.
  • 16 bright white energy saving LEDs for long battery life
  • New and improved with 20-percent brighter bulbs
  • Made of carbon steel aluminum
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)
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DMI 5-Foot Adjustable Telescopic Wheelchair Ramps – 1 Pair (518494)

DMI Adjustable Telescopic Wheelchair Ramps are durable, able to support a generous weight and have U-shaped tracks that are made from a rust-resistant aluminum material. They also have non-slip treads. The ramps have a convenient 3-section design, and extend easily for universal use in any circumstance (steps, vehicles or curbs).

This wheelchair ramp is 5 feet (1.52 meters) in length and is fully adjustable. A push-button mechanism ensures quick and easy locking of the ramp. When not in use, the wheelchair ramp contracts and can be placed in its included nylon carry bag that conveniently hangs from wheelchair handles.

Weight capacity: 660 pounds, or 299.37 kg. This equates to 330 pounds, or 149.69 kg per ramp.

Purchase includes one pair of latex-free DMI 5-Foot Adjustable Telescopic Wheelchair Ramps.


  • Convenient 3-section wheelchair ramps that contract to be stored in included nylon bag
  • U-shaped tracks made from rust-resistant aluminum; non-slip treads
  • Easily extendable, ideal for use with steps, vehicles or curbs; push-button mechanism for locking into place
  • Fully adjustable
  • Supports a total weight of 660 pounds (299.37 kg)
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Emergency Help Dialer and Personal Alert System (303912)

Simply press the pendant buttons and call for help! Whatever happens in your home (accident, fall, heart attack, stroke, burglary or other unwanted events), the Emergency Help Dialer and Personal Alert System is designed to dial the phone numbers you choose and send out your emergency message. You choose the persons to be called and you record the message they receive.

Just push the two red buttons on the wireless pendant to contact up to 5 preset numbers of your choice to hear your recorded message. The Emergency Help Dialer dials the number for you. Regardless of your age or disability, you can feel secure knowing you are never completely alone.

The Emergency Help Dialer is small, lightweight, easy to install and totally portable. Best of all, there are no installation or monthly service charges.


  • Compatible with any conventional home phone
  • Records up to 40 seconds of emergency call message
  • System includes 100 percent waterproof pendant
  • Visual display of phone numbers as they are called
  • 3-hour back-up battery in the event of a power outage
  • Can select audible or mute message transmission

Is this dialer compatible with VOIP / DSL?

Good to know:

This dialer is designed to work on analog phone lines. If you have DSL, you will need to contact your phone company and ask them to install a DSL filter so you can use this dialer. If you have VOIP, you will need an analog telephone adapter such as the HT701 (with one port) or HT702 (with two ports).

Will this dialer work in my country?

Attention International Shoppers:

Please consult our Guide to Phone Jack Converters to find out if you'll need any type of plug adapters or phone conversion jacks.

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