Natural Sleep Aids

Sleep disorders affect millions of people worldwide and power a multi-billion dollar industry that thrives on selling sleeping pills. The problem with sleeping pills is that, although prescribed by a medical doctor, they often present undesirable side effects. We offer an alternative to prescription drugs by providing natural sleep aids that are safe and effective. They encompass a wide range of approaches from aromatherapy and light therapy to  herbalism, sound therapy, and vibroacoustics. Besides helping with sleep, sound therapy provides great relief from tinnitus.
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Total Sleep Mask (153655)

The Total Sleep Mask is ideal for home, travel, meditation and dorm room to help you get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. The unisex one-size-fits-all design covers eyes and ears, blocking light and reducing sound from snoring, airline jets, noisy roommates and neighbors, barking dogs, etc. No-pressure eye guard blocks out 100 percent light with zero pressure on the eyes. Ear packs are washable and can be easily removed from pockets. Fabric on inside of sleep mask is environmentally friendly, extremely soft and absorbs moisture for ultimate comfort. Velvet-like material on strap keeps straps from pulling or tangling your hair; designed for durability and comfort. Keeps included earplugs in place. Audiologist tested.


  • One-size-tits-all mask covers ears and eyes
  • Specially designed ear packs reduce sound
  • No-pressure eye guard blocks out 100% light
  • Earplugs included
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