Perfect for reaching up to get items on shelves, or down to pick up something you have dropped.
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Deluxe Folding Reacher - 36 inches (152021)

When it comes to picking up an item that might otherwise be out of reach, the Deluxe Folding Reacher comes in handy. It extends your reach by nearly 3 feet (91.4 cm). Simply hold it against the item you want to fetch, squeeze the trigger, and the jaws will close around the item and grab it firmly as you bring it back towards you.

This is a helpful tool for any household - perfect for reaching up to get items on shelves, or down to pick up something you have dropped. Especially useful for wheelchair users, those with limited mobility and just about anyone recovering from leg, back or neck injuries or surgery.

Made from lightweight durable aluminum. Features a locking mechanism and super suction grips. Folds in half for easy storage.


  • Lightweight durable aluminum construction
  • Super suction grips
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • Locking mechanism
  • Measures approx. 3 feet long
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Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle (151077)

If putting your seatbelt on is causing you physical discomfort, you need the Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle. Always wear your seatbelt, just make it easier to grab over your shoulder. Decrease how far you have to reach for your seatbelt. The Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle has a 5-1/2-inch handle, and an overall length of 9-1/4 inches. Also, because it glows in the dark, it's easy to see and grasp even at night.


  • Flexible handle makes it easy to reach and grasp the seatbelt over your shoulder
  • 5-1/2-inch handle; 9-1/4 inches long
  • Luminescent, easy to see at night
  • Latex and natural rubber free
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EZ Reacher - 30 Inches (243230)

This tool is a great device for use by people who have difficulty bending or reaching, or who are confined to a wheelchair. The unique patented locking feature gives the user the ability to seize objects normally out of reach and to hold them firmly without maintaining pressure on the trigger. 30 inches long, lightweight. One-year warranty.

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Rainbow Reacher - Blue - 32 Inches (1507252)

The new Rainbow Reacher is the lightest weight and has the smallest handle grip and widest jaw opening. This reacher was designed especially for pediatric and arthritic users, as well as those recovering from knee and hip surgery. The flexible rubber cups and jaw opening safely grip small and large items. The horizontal jaw opening allows the user to see the object without twisting the wrist. Weighs 5.5 oz. One-year warranty.

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Rehab Reacher - 26 1/2 Inches - Foldable (41003)

Trigger operated lightweight aluminum reacher with a push-pull post. Features a nonslip lower jaw for added gripping power. Rubber pad is located in the upper jaw to allow for a secure grip to most objects. Jaw design allows for maximum opening width while maintaining strength. A magnet is embedded in the rubber tip at the front. The Reacher Clip (included) can be used to secure the reacher to the tubing of a walker or wheelchair. Folds to 14.5 inches.

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