Screen Magnifiers

TV and computer screen magnifiers for low vision individuals.
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iPod Blackberry 2x Portable Small Screen Magnifier (606732)
  • Magnifies 2x-Plus... no more squinting or straining
  • Easier texting and clearer small screen viewing
  • Use for your cell phone, smartphone, GPS or iPod
  • Compact unit folds flat against the device
  • Folded size: 5 L x 3-3/4 W x 1/2
See all of your handheld devices more clearly Send text messages faster and more easily than ever before The Magnifico Plus iPod Blackberry Portable Small Screen Magnifier makes it easy to see the small screens on your cell phone, smartphone, PDA, iPod or GPS unit.

Whether you use a Blackberry, iPhone or another brand cell or smartphone, you'll appreciate the clarity the Magnifico Plus gives you while you sending text messages. You'll feel less eyestrain and fatigue, and enjoy greater efficiency

But it's not just for cell phones Magnifico Plus is also a great accessory for your iPod, GPS unit or virtually any other small handheld electronic device. With 2x-plus magnification, even the smallest screens and keys will become clear.

It's easy to use Simply place your handheld electronic device on the padded base of the Magnifico Plus and adjust the 2x-Plus magnifying lens to bring the device into focus. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll be able to see the screen and keys.

And when you're done, it folds down easily against the electronic device for safe storage and travel. Hook-and-loop fastener strips (similar to Velcro) are included should you want to secure the Magnifico Plus in a particular location. The Magnifico Plus will accommodate devices that measure 2-3/4 or less in width. Lens measures 4-3/8 L x 2-3/4 W. Unit folds flat to 5 L x 3-3/4 W x 1/2.

Note: The magnifying power of Magnifico Plus is approximately 2x to 2.5x. It will vary slightly depending on the precise distance the lens is from the screen after you focus.

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iZoom Screen Magnifier- Reader- CD Version (804066)
  • 1.5x to 36x magnification of text on screen
  • Text-to-Speech reads text aloud to you
  • Customize with color and contrast options
  • CD version: Great for those who use one computer
  • Works with your PC or laptop
The iZoom Screen Magnifier and Reader delivers screen magnification like you've never seen before. Its ClearPoint font smoothing maintains crystal clear text quality regardless of zoom level. iZoom makes viewing web pages and emails easier than ever with SmartAlign, which allows you to read paragraphs extending beyond the screen without having to scroll horizontally over and over.

iZoom can magnify your screen from 1.5x to 36x. Fractional magnification technology allows 1.5x and 2.5x magnification levels, so you can pick the setting that works best for you. Zoom into areas of the screen that are difficult to see, reduce glare, or use the color and contrast options to customize your screen for your ideal viewing experience.

You can also enjoy using the internet and reviewing documents without seeing the computer screen. iZoom is a screen reader featuring speech technology that will read aloud to you text on the page, including web pages, emails, news articles and more.

The CD version of iZoom incorporates groundbreaking screen magnification/reading software into an easy to use package. It's perfect for individuals who primarily use only one computer. If you often use more than 1 machine, we recommend iZoom USB.

Works on PC's running Windows XP/Vista