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Central Alert CA-380 Wearable Notification System (932104)
  • Alerts to land & cell calls, texts and more
  • Cell Phone Ringer/Flasher
  • Wireless Doorbell
  • Wireless Vibrating Personal Receiver/Pager
  • Bed Shaker
Everything you need to get alerted to incoming landline, cell phone, Skype and FaceTime calls and text messages, as well as wireless doorbell rings. Alert notifications for those with hearing impairment are through the receiver pager and include a bed shaker for nighttime alerts. One year manufacturer's limited warranty. ABOUT THE COMPONENTS: 1. CentralAlert Cell Phone Ringer/Flasher (Model CA-CX) The CA-CX uses a loud ringer and bright flasher to alert you to incoming landline, cell phone, Skype and FaceTime calls and text (SMS) messages. And with a bed shaker connected, you will never miss a call again, even while you sleep.
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instaLINK Wearable Smart Phone Alert Watch (100189)
Know what's coming in on your smart phone. Anytime, anywhere, this instaLINK Wearable Smart Phone Alert will keep you informed. Powerful vibration and non-intrusive flashing will alert you to calls, text and social media. You are always in connection with your smart phone with an out of range alarm that will alert you if you are too far from your phone. Rechargeable battery gives days of standby time. Free App works with ios 8 and above/Android 4.4 and above (Bluetooth 4.0 and above). Charge InstaLink wearable smart phone alert for two hours before first-time use. Comes with a breathable and sweat-proof wristband.
Alerts you to calls, texts and social media!
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Serene CentralAlert Wireless Notification System (931001)
The Serene Central Alert Wireless Notification System is an all-in-one hearing loss notification system for your home. The Serene Central Alert Wireless Notification System alerts you to all the daily sounds in your home such as the alarm clock, door knocks, telephone rings and alarm sounds from your audio alarms, as well as providing warnings from your motion detectors and storm warnings from your NOAA radio. (Accessories that are sold separately are required for some of these functions.) This hearing loss notification device uses a bright built-in flasher, a selectable loud, yet pleasant audible sound and a powerful bed shaker to alert you. No installation is needed for this notification system, and all operations are wireless.
Alerts You to Door Knocks, Rings & Other Alarms
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