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OxyWatch Talking Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (153351)
  • Readings shown on 2-color high-definition display
  • Hold button down for voice activation
  • Great for exercise, mountain climbing and aviation
  • Not for self-diagnosis or medical testing. Non-returnable item.
  • Includes pouch, lanyard and 2 AAA batteries
The OxyWatch Fingertip Pulse Oximeter measures your blood oxygen saturation ('oxygen level') and pulse rate. Readings are displayed on the OLED display, and will be announced at the press of a button. This oximeter is for spot checking only - not for continuous monitoring, medical or wellness testing. It was designed for use only by healthy individuals who are performing non-medical activities such as exercise, mountain climbing and piloting planes.

Note: This item is non-returnable for health and sanitary reasons.

- Beep indicates data is on screen
- Hold button down until voice is activated
- 2-Color High-Definition OLED Display
- Adjustable 10-Level Brightness
- 4-Way Directional Display (Read from Any Angle)
- Auto Power Off
- Low Battery Indicator
- Note: Not intended for self-diagnosis. Does not replace a doctor's visit.
- Includes Carrying Case, Lanyard and 2 AAA Batteries
- 2 Year Warranty

Product Measurements: 2.375" Long x 1.375" Wide x 1.5" Thick
Product Weight: 1.6 oz.

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Reizen Talking Save a Life CPR Audio Rescue Flashlight (300002)
  • 2 levels of security for emergency situations
  • Talking CPR instructions at the touch of a button
  • LED Flashlight emits steady superbright light
  • Great addition to your First Aid Kit
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
In the event of an emergency, your knowledge of CPR can mean the difference between life and death. If called upon to administer CPR, will you remember all you learned in CPR instruction classes?

The Reizen Talking Save a Life CPR Audio Rescue Flashlight provides spoken prompts to guide you through administering CPR. It gives an added measure of personal security to you and your loved ones. Plus, the built-in flashlight emits a steady, bright light even if the battery has a low charge, providing illumination when you need it.

The voice prompts (in a clear female voice) are helpful for the CPR-trained rescuer, providing separate sets of instructions for use in administering CPR to an adult, baby or child. CPR Instructions follow American Heart Association Guidelines. This unit is an effective rescue aid and review tool and is a great way to periodically refresh your CPR skills and knowledge. It is intended for use by those who have had CPR training with a certified instructor.

Package includes written CPR life-saving instructions and a tote-string that allows it to be carried around the wrist or hooked into a belt, purse strap, etc. Keep it in your handbag, briefcase or glove compartment. Take it with you when traveling. Add one to your First Aid Kit at home or work. Silver case. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included.) Weighs: .25 lbs.

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