Products for Blind and Low Vision individuals, including talking gadgets, Braille and big button phones, voice phone dialers, mobility canes, magnifiers, and many more!

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  • 'The Time' Timer with Tactile Numbers (708802)

    This innovative new teaching tool is designed to teach time to young children by creating a greater awareness of elapsed time. The notion of elapsed time can be visualized in a more dramatic display than the familiar clocks. High color contrast makes it possible to know the remaining time without the need to focus on, or understand, the hands or numbers of the traditional clock face. It gives the child a chance to know what elapsed time looks or feels like. To set the timer, move the hand to desired time interval. The red disc will diminish as time elapses until no red is visible on the timer face and the hand is at 0. Time will elapse until the 60 minutes are up. Measures 8 inches x 8 inches and requires one AA battery (not included).

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  • 1.5x Full-Sheet Magnifier with Folding Stand (R6205)

    Need that extra bit of magnification as well as your hands free? You may want to consider this 1.5x Full-Sheet Magnifier.

    This magnifier is designed for convenience and hands-free use. It’s large enough to surround your reading material, yet compact enough to transport easily and carry. It sits directly above reading material making magnification a breeze.

    The 1.5x Full-Sheet Magnifier features a folding stand and neck cord meaning that it can be used not only for static material such as reading a book, but also when you're moving around.

    The magnifier holds an ultra-thin acrylic Fresnel lens securely in its black plastic frame. While it’s larger than handheld magnifiers, it can still be easily packed into a backpack or briefcase.

    This magnifier measures 10.9 inches (27.7 cm) long x 7.75 inches (19.7 cm) wide x 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) high when open, and only 0.75 inches (1.9 cm) when folded. It weighs 5.6 oz. (approx. 159 grams).


    • 1.5x magnification through thin Fresnel lens
    • Hands-free use
    • Neck cord for easy transport and quick use
    • Folds down for easy storage and transport
    • Perfect size – not too large, not too small
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  • 1.5X Near Vision Hands-Free Binoculars (409003)

    These comfortable and lightweight binoculars feature individually adjustable optics for perfect viewing. Magnifies 1.5X and is great for tasks requiring near vision.

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  • 1/2 Inch Mushroom Roller Tip #173008 (173008)

    This white 1/2 Inch mushroom rolling cane tip is designed for the Europa canes.

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  • 1/2 Inch Red Mushroom Roller Tip #173009 (173009)

    This red 1/2 Inch mushroom rolling cane tip is designed for the Europa canes.

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  • 10-Digit Talking Calculator with Alarm Clock - English (YL3019)

    We proudly present the YL-3019, the Assistech-branded talking calculator. The YL-3019 is loaded with features. You have the option of hearing the numbers and calculation results spoken as units or digits. For example, "five nine zero" versus "five hundred and ninety".

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    At the push of a button, you will hear the current time in a crystal clear voice. The volume can be set to High, Low or Off. Plus, you can use your calculator as a talking alarm clock. A large LCD displays the current time, alarm time, and the numbers. Sixteen different sets of music are available for your enjoyment. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Measures 6 inches x 4½ inches x ½ inch (15.24 cm x 11.43 cm x 1.27 cm). Six-month warranty.

    Watch the video to your right for a demo on how to set and operate this talking calculator.

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  • 10-Digit Talking Calculator with Raised Numbers - English (YL3020)

    This unique 10-digit calculator not only talks, it also has raised numbers on the keypad so you can"feel" them just like you would with Braille. Additional features include a talking alarm clock with a selection of 16 melodies for you to choose from. The calculator has memory capability. A repeat function is available for both the clock and the calculator. You can choose between the 12 or 24 hour clock.

    Voice prompts will guide you through setting. Features a pleasant female voice, adjustable volume (Hi, Low or Mute) and measures 6 inches wide x 4.5 inches deep x 1 inch tall (15.24 cm x 11.43 cm x 2.54 cm). Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). An innovative product branded with the Assistech logo. Available in red. Six-month warranty.

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  • 2.5X Sport Glasses (30006)

    These binoculars feature 2X coated glass lenses, providing excellent optics. Case included.

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  • 2.5x UV LED Lighted Handheld Magnifier (603010)

    This 2.5x UV LED Lighted Handheld Magnifier will help you see small things with ease. It comes with 8 built-in LED lights to illuminate whatever it is you're reading. The 2.5x magnification makes everything from small print to Powerball numbers easy to read. What's more is, as the name suggests, this magnifier also comes with a UV , or 'black' light, ideal for looking at gems, verifying paper currency, and whatever else you can think of!

    The 2.5x UV LED Lighted Handheld Magnifier weighs less than five ounces, measures 7.625 inches long x 3.375 inches wide x 1.5 inches thick, and has a 2.25-inch diameter lens. It requires 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. This magnifying glass is perfect for hobbies, reading, and detailed work on small items.


    • 2.5x magnification
    • 2.25-inch diameter glass lens
    • 8 long-life bright LED lights
    • 1 UV 'black light' (detect counterfeit currency, analyze gems & minerals)
    • 3-position push-button switch (OFF; 8 LEDs ON; UV light ON)
    • Sturdy, lightweight construction
    • Large ergonomic handle (great for those with arthritis and limited dexterity)
    • Textured, black handle
    • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
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  • 2.8X Raylite Illuminated Magnifier - Battery Operated (640014)

    The 2.8X Raylite illuminated magnifier includes extended Power Handle that accomodates the long-life Xenon bulb. Lens measures 3.9 inches X 2.9 inches. The battery-operated magnifier uses 3 conventional or rechargeable C batteries (not included).

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  • 2X Magnifier Buddy LED Light (606253)

    Lighted magnification in your pocket! The Magnifier Buddy LED Light has a distortion-free 2x lens that helps you read small print and see fine details. For added clarity and for use in dimly lit areas, simply pull the two sides apart to activate the super bright LED light. Comfortable ergonomic grip. Uses 2 button cell batteries (included). Color may vary. Magnifier is 4.625 inches L x 2 inches W x 0.5 inch D (approx. 11.75 cm x 5 cm x 1.27 cm). Lens is approximately 1.5 inches x 1.375 inches (approx. 3.8 cm x 3.5 cm). Weight: 1.7 oz. (30 grams). Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.


    • Distortion-free 2x lens
    • Super bright LED light
    • Uses 2 button cell batteries (included)
    • Color may vary
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  • 2x Reizen Neck Magnifier (R6500)

    This magnifier can be worn around the neck for 2x magnification. It is about 4 inches (10.16 cm) in diameter.

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  • 3-in-1 Talking Super Cube Clock - English (7025631)

    The multi-functional Talking Super Cube Clock adds a touch of style to any home or office. At the push of a button, it announces the time, day and date in a clear male voice. The Talking Super Cube clock has a built-in timer and is perfect for the blind or those with low vision. Uses two AA batteries (not included) and measures 2-3/4 inches x 2-3/4 inches x 2-1/4 inches.


    • Hourly time announcement
    • Talking calendar
    • Talking countdown timer
    • 12/24 hour format
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  • 3mm x 25mm Binoculars (RB523)

    These binoculars feature fully coated optics, adjustable soft nose pads, and adjustable head band. Complete with carrying case. Excellent for viewing special events, television, church services, vacation activities, sporting events, museums, theater and concerts, hobbies and crafts, and computers. One-year warranty.

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  • 3X Laptop Computer Screen Magnifier (0457)

    Enjoy using your laptop computer for longer periods of time with less eye fatigue. This widescreen laptop (notebook) magnifier enlarges text on the screen 3 times, making it easier for you to read. Plus, it has an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and blocks damaging UV rays. It also keeps light and dust away from the screen. The folding magnifying screen is made of a lightweight, durable acrylic. Available in three sizes, measured diagonally.


    • 3x magnifying power
    • Anti-reflective coating
    • Blocks damaging UV rays
    • Reduces eye fatigue
    • Available in three screen sizes


    12-inch screen magnifier: 12 inches wide x 7.75 inches high x 0.7 inch deep
    14-inch screen magnifier: 14 inches wide x 9.25 inches high x 0.7 inch deep
    15-inch screen magnifier: 14 inches wide x 10 inches high x 0.7 inch deep

    #04572 - 3x Laptop Screen Magnifier for 12-inch screens
    #04574 - 3x Laptop Screen Magnifier for 14-inch screens
    #04575 - 3x Laptop Screen Magnifier for 15-inch screens

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  • 4 Line X 18 Cell Metal Slate (2020418)

    This metal slate has 4 lines by 18 cells. Designed for the Blind. 90-day warranty.

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  • 4 Your Eyes Only 1.75X Magnifying Lamp (600727)

    4 Your Eyes Only is the perfect magnifying lamp. This hand-held lamp is durable, lightweight (11 oz.), powerful, and easy to use. Ideal for close-up study of hobbyists' collection stamps, coins, insects, blue prints, patterns, design plans, or whatever your needs may be. Magnifies fine prints and lights up maps for drivers, especially at night. Uses 18-watt energy-saving circular bulb (included). A 5-inch, 3-diopter distortion free hardened acrylic lens provides 1.75X magnification. 10-foot cord plugs into any standard AC outlet. One-year warranty.

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  • 5/8 Inch Mushroom Roller Tip #173007 (173007)

    This white 5/8 Inch mushroom rolling cane tip is designed for the Europa canes. 

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  • 5/8 Inch Red Mushroom Roller Tip #173006 (173006)

    This red 5/8 Inch mushroom rolling cane tip is designed for the Europa canes. 

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  • 8-Digit Desktop Talking Calculator - English (64958)

    This calculator has a large LCD display and announces the numbers as individual digits or whole integers in a clear female voice. Features include special "audio result only", "repeat" keys, and automatic power shutoff. Measures just 5 inches high x 6 7/8 inches wide. Requires two AA batteries (not included). 90-day warranty.

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