Products for Blind and Low Vision individuals, including talking gadgets, Braille and big button phones, voice phone dialers, mobility canes, magnifiers, and much more!

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Batteries for the Mens Tel-Time Analog Talking Watch (1616627)
This convenient set of batteries has been put together especially for our men's talking analog watches by Tel-Time. With each purchase, you'll receive one small SR626 battery for the watch itself and another CR2016 for the watch's talking feature. Don't wait until your watch runs down - get yours today
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Bausch and Lomb Folding Pocket Magnifier (81-23-67)
  • Features 3 lenses
  • Offers several combinations of power
  • Power: 5x - 20x
  • Diopters: 20D - 80D
Bausch and Lomb Folding Pocket Magnifier features 3 lenses and offers several combinations of power for quality magnification. Very small field. 5x - 20x power, 20D - 80D diopters. Lens measures 3/4.
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Beecher Mirage 3x25 Binocular for Distance Viewing (RB523)
  • Beecher Binocular with excellent brightness and 3x25 magnification
  • Twice the field of view of conventional telescopic systems
  • Extended eye piece and rimless viewing field maximizes field of view without sacrificing comfort level
  • Durable compact design; soft case included
  • Perfect for bird watching and viewing special events, church services, vacation activities, sporting events, museums, concerts, computers/TVs and
Worn like glasses, Beecher Mirage Binoculars are head-mounted, lightweight binoculars with high magnifying power that makes them ideal for users with low vision. These advanced binocular systems from Beecher offer excellent magnification and twice the viewing field of conventional binoculars. In addition, the rimless viewing field and frame automatically align, making Beecher Mirage Binoculars suitable for all visually impaired users.

Beecher Mirage Binoculars for distance viewing are the perfect low vision solution for bird watching as well as viewing special events, church services, vacation activities, sporting events, museums, theater performances, concerts, hobbies/crafts, computers/TVs, and much more.

Telescopic eyewear allows the user to sit at a normal distance from the viewing object. Extremely lightweight, all Beecher Mirage binoculars now come with an extended eye piece, as well as a rimless viewing field, further maximizing the field of view without sacrificing comfort level. With their focus on performance and usability, features also include a frame that automatically aligns the Beecher Mirage to all eyes.

Other magnification options (see additional Beecher Mirage Binocular models) and close up lens accessories (sold separately) offer additional flexibility. Case included.

Beecher 3x25 Mirage Binocular Technical Specifications:
--Magnification Power: 3x
--Lens Size: 25mm
--Wide Angle: 15
--Viewing Distance / Focal Range: 2 ft. to Infinity
--Weight: 3 oz.
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Beeping Easter Egg (402733)
  • Beeping Easter Egg for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Make Easter Egg Hunts accessible to more kids
  • Each egg uses commonly found 2 N long lasting batteries (included)
  • Price is for one egg; discounts available for 12 or more
What better way for children to celebrate Easter than with an Easter Egg Hunt? These specially designed Beeping Easter Eggs help Blind and Visually Impaired kids join in on the fun Instead of going by visual cues, kids can locate these eggs by following the loud, clear beep they emit.

Beeping Easter Eggs can also be used on Easter morning to provide an audible alert as kids with low vision experience the excitement of locating their Easter baskets. In addition, they're great for use at disability awareness functions as well as senior homes and assisted living facilities to bring the joy of Easter to all ages.

To use, just place an egg around the area of the hunt and flip the ON/OFF slide switch to turn on the beeper. The beeper assembly and batteries are housed in the bottom half of each egg, leaving the top half hollow. Note: Holes in the eggs to allow the beep sound to be heard more clearly, so be careful not to submerge them in water to avoid damaging the beeper.

Eggs measure 3 Long x 2-1/4 Diameter. Assorted colors: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple - we'll choose for you.

Each egg uses easy to find- 2 Size N long lasting batteries, (included.) Price is for individual eggs. Additional discount available for orders of 12 eggs or more. These eggs are made to be enjoyed for years of fun family tradition.

NOTE: Spare batteries are available for purchase

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Beeping Foam Ball (79350)
Soft, foam ball measures 7 in diameter. On/Off switch. Uses one 9V battery (included).
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Beeping Foam Basketball (79150)
On/Off switch. Uses one 9V battery (included).
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Beeping Foam Football (79160)
On/Off switch. Uses one 9V battery (included).
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Beeping Foam Soccer Ball (79200)
Get in the game and hear where the ball is headed! This accessible Beeping Foam Soccer Ball emits a beeping tone, allowing all players to know where it is going by sound, rather than by sight. On/Off switch. Uses one 9V battery.
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Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired (458123)
  • Explore the healing benefits of yoga
  • Develop your sense of body awareness and alignment
  • 24 basic yoga poses presented step-by-step
  • Special insights from the blind perspective
  • Five-CD set
With over 20 million people in the U.S. exploring the healing benefits of yoga, Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired now brings yoga to the blind and low vision community.

Gretchen Hein, a certified yoga teacher and her partner, Marty Klein, blind author, workshop leader and yoga student combine their knowledge and insights to bring you a dynamic and inspiring introduction to the basics of yoga.

Inside this 5-CD set you'll find:
- physical activities that develop your sense of body awareness and alignment or cultivate a deeper spatial sense of your body and proper alignment.
- basic stretches that tone the body, develop flexibility and strength as well as encourage deep relaxation.
- 24 basic yoga poses presented in a clear, step-by-step manner, specially designed for those with little or no sight.
- how to use a yoga mat and other props as guides when you practice.
- special insights for the blind and visually impaired from the blind perspective.
- tips for yoga teachers for their blind and visually impaired students.
- directions for programming your own yoga sequences.
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Big Button Braille Phone (24000)
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Large buttons w/raised Braille characters
  • Flashing visual ring indicator
  • 10 number memory
  • For use with touch tone or rotary service
The e.zTouch Multi-Feature Telephone is perfect for low vision or hard-of-hearing users. Extra large dialing buttons with tactile Braille markings make dialing easier for those with low vision. Hearing aid compatibility, a receiver volume control, ringer control and a flashing visual ring indicator assists those who are hard-of-hearing. This phone also has a redial feature so you don't have to worry about remembering or locating the last number dialed. Also included is the One-Touch PHOTOmemory which allows you to store up to 3 numbers (and photos) in the one-touch memory buttons. Or, store up to ten additional numbers in its standard memory. Selectable dialing allows you to choose between touch-tone and rotary service. Calling has never been easier
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BIG EYE Lens Booster (16-L465)
  • Accessory for BIG EYE Combo lamp
  • Boosts magnification power of lamp to 5X
Optional accessory for the BIG EYE 2-Arm Combination High Intensity Lamp. The ultimate in magnification, the lamp features a high intensity light on 14inch flexible arm, and a 5in. diam distortion free lens on an 18inch arm.

With this Optional lens booster attachment in place, magnification increases to 5x.

Note: This is the optional magnifying lens only. Lamp must be purchased separately
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Big Keys LX -White QWERTY (8025792)
This new version adds Punctuation keys, Arithmetic Keys, Internet Keys, Function Keys and is available in both ABC and Standard QWERTY layouts. Works with Win 3.x/95/98. Includes AT and PS/2 connection. (The layout is switchable from QWERTY to ABC and black letters on keycaps remain)
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