Products for Blind and Low Vision individuals, including talking gadgets, Braille and big button phones, voice phone dialers, mobility canes, magnifiers, and much more!

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Big Button Universal Remote Control (3012200)
  • Large 3/4-in. square white backlit buttons
  • Also has round and triangular buttons for easy identification
  • Controls up to 4 Devices: TV, DVD, CABLE and SATELLITE
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Pre-programmed infrared (IR) remote control
Watching TV can quickly become a whole lot less enjoyable when you can't read the tiny print on the small buttons.

This Big Button Universal Remote Control features Easy To Read BIG Buttons that have different tactile shapes (circles, squares and triangular 'up' and 'down' arrows) for simple, intuitive identification by touch. Setup and programming device mode, power scan function, ID recall, volume punch through, master power, menu device mode and smart TV mode, input.

Large 3/4-in. square white backlit buttons. Controls up to 4 Devices: TV, DVD, CABLE and SATELLITE. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Size: 9 1/2 L x 2 5/8 W x 2 1/4 H inches.

NOTE: Not compatible with radio frequency (RF) devices. Not designed to operate a DVR (digital video recorder).
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Big Eye High Intensity Magnifier Desk Lamp (6769156)
  • 5 distortion-free acrylic lens on lamp shade
  • 2x magnification
  • Flexible chrome gooseneck
  • 14 high
  • cast iron base
This 5 distortion-free acrylic lens attaches to the lampshade to provide 2x magnification. Choose the add-on magnifying lens (sold separately) and this high intensity desk lamp doubles to 4x magnification. Flexible chrome Gooseneck and cast iron base. Lamp measures 14 high. Two 40W bulbs included.
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BIG EYE Lens Booster (16-L465)
  • Accessory for BIG EYE Combo lamp
  • Boosts magnification power of lamp to 5X
Optional accessory for the BIG EYE 2-Arm Combination High Intensity Lamp. The ultimate in magnification, the lamp features a high intensity light on 14inch flexible arm, and a 5in. diam distortion free lens on an 18inch arm.

With this Optional lens booster attachment in place, magnification increases to 5x.

Note: This is the optional magnifying lens only. Lamp must be purchased separately
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Big Keys LX -White QWERTY (8025792)
This new version adds Punctuation keys, Arithmetic Keys, Internet Keys, Function Keys and is available in both ABC and Standard QWERTY layouts. Works with Win 3.x/95/98. Includes AT and PS/2 connection. (The layout is switchable from QWERTY to ABC and black letters on keycaps remain)
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Big Time Learning Clock (4202094)
  • Giant 13-in. diameter clock with removable stand
  • Easy-to-read hour and minute markings
  • Control knob on back for setting time
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Includes Teacher's Guide with suggested activities
Excellent for learning the time with huge easy-to-read hour and minute markings. Internal gears hold correct time setting so demonstrating and time concepts can be instructed.

Note: This is not a functioning clock. It was designed for education and demonstration purposes only.
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Blaze EZ OCR DAISY Player: Audio Books, Music, Radio, Digital Recorder (802936)
  • Play DAISY, music and audio book files
  • Use built-in WiFi to access online DAISY, ebooks, podcasts, internet radio and much more!
  • Three easy-access buttons with Braille letters M, R and B give quick access to Music, Radio and Books
  • OCR and text-to-speech ensures endless hours of information and entertainment at the touch of a button (newspapers, books, restaurant menus)
  • 12 GB internal flash memory
Blaze EZ is a revolutionary OCR multi-player for books, music, documents, podcasts, recording, DAISY and more.

With single-button access to music, media, documents and even printed materials, Blaze EZ OCR Multi-Player is yet another example of the HIMS commitment to blazing new paths to accessibility. Blaze EZ's wide range of media support and on-the-spot OCR and text-to-speech ensures endless hours of information and entertainment at the touch of a button, including newspapers, books, documents, restaurant menus as well as DAISY and media content. With the multi player for books, you can scan and read printed materials immediately, or save them for reading at your leisure.

Blaze EZ Features and Highlights:

Stand-alone, single-button OCR capture and read: Use Blaze EZ to OCR capture a menu, magazine article, library book, and more
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Blood Pressure Cuff for Reizen Monitor- Adult XL (180282)
  • Adult Extra Large size replacement blood pressure cuff
  • Fits Reizen Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Adult XL: Fits arm sizes 12.6 inches to 16.5 inches (32 to 42 cm)
  • Includes tubing
Adult Extra Large size replacement blood pressure cuff. Fits Reizen Blood Pressure Monitors. Includes tubing. Adult XL Size: Fits arm sizes 12.6 inches to 16.5 inches (32 to 42 cm).
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Blue Plastic Food Bumper (16T070BL)
Especially for the visually impaired, this blue food bumper stands out on a white dinner plate to make self feeding much easier.
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BoaMag Lighted Flexible 2.5x-5x Magnifier-Flashlight (607750)
  • Great for hobbies, sewing, workshops and more
  • Lighted 2.5x magnifier with 5x spot lens at one end
  • Flashlight with 3 bright LED
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