Products for Blind and Low Vision individuals, including talking gadgets, Braille and big button phones, voice phone dialers, mobility canes, magnifiers, and much more!

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DeskBrite 200 LED Magnifier Desk Lamp- 2x - 5x (605620)
  • 4-inch, 2x acrylic lens with 5x spot
  • Dual bright long-lasting LED lights
  • Dual power: AC or 3 AA batteries
  • AC/DC power adapter included; Batteries not included
  • Non-replaceable LED's last approx. 100,000 hrs.
The DeskBrite 200 from Carson Optical is a 2x LED-Lighted Magnifier Desk Lamp with a 5x power spot lens. It features two super-bright long lasting LED lights, while it's large 4" crystal-clear acrylic lens provides a large viewing area for hobbyists and those with low vision. It offers the flexibility to be used for general use at home or in the office, or to be used as a convenient portable battery-powered lighted magnifier.

The DeskBrite 200 has a flexible neck that allows you to position it where you need it. Plugs into any standard outlet using the included AC/DC power adapter or can be powered using 3 AA batteries (not included). Designed for ages 13 years and older.

Magnification: 2x with 5x spot lens
Lens Size: 4" diameter
Spot Lens Size: 0.875" diameter
Power: AC/DC power adapter (included)
Non-replaceable LED's last approx. 100,000 hrs.
Alternate Power: 3 AA batteries (not included)
Dimensions: 7" x 5.75" x 20.5"
Product Weight: 1.2 lbs
Weight in Original Packaging: 2 lbs. 4.5 oz.

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MXN$ 766.72
Diamond Cube Tactile Wooden Puzzle (292002)
  • Wooden puzzle is shaped like a diamond
  • Take apart and re-assemble pieces to solve
  • Tactile blind-accessible brainteaser
This puzzle is a cube that has rounded corners, giving it more of the shape of a diamond. The object is to take apart the 11 interlocking pieces and then re-assemble them in the original diamond cube shape. This brainteaser provides challenging fun for everyone, and is accessible to the Blind. Made of smooth-sanded wood with a brown stained finish.

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MXN$ 190.96
DigiScan Multi-Function Talking Thermometer (151893)
  • Instantly know body temperature by ear read/forehead scan
  • Audio readings available in multiple languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian
  • Large, backlit LCD screen with LED fever alarm
  • 30-reading memory & date/time display
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)
DigiScan Multi-Function Talking Thermometer - This talking thermometer offers a quick and accurate reading, and reduces the eye strain of having to read the temperature. With this low vision product, you no longer have to squint and strain your eyes.

Kids often hate the process so they fight it, resulting in inaccurate readings because the thermometer didn't stay in their mouth long enough, not to mention frayed nerves and unnecessary stress for both the parent and the child. With this talking thermometer, you can quickly take your child's temperature and hear the results spoken to you.

Now you can leave the battles and tears of the temperature wars behind you! Help is now here in the form of the DigiScan Multi-Function Talking Thermometer. This handy, practical talking clinical thermometer uses infrared technology that instantly reads body temperature to give you accurate readings by simply pressing it into the ear or against the forehead.

Audio readings available in multiple languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.
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MXN$ 670.76
DK Braille Shapes Board Book Ages 2-5 (936122)
  • Finger-tracing fun with shapes for readers with sight loss
  • Helps blind or visually impaired children learn, find, and remember shapes
  • Rhyming story guides readers, making information easy to understand
  • For ages 2-5 years old
  • Size: 158.75 x 158.75mm; Pages: 18
DK Braille Shapes Board Book Ages 2-5 is a unique book that helps young blind or visually impaired readers learn their shapes in a format specifically designed for them.
For children ages 2-5 to learn shapes
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Dominoes with Raised Dots -Double Nine (406019)
Standard, 55-piece set, made of heavy-duty white plastic. Tactile for easy identification of pieces
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Dominoes with Raised Dots -Double Six (90997)
Standard, 28-piece set, made of heavy-duty white plastic. Tactile for easy identification of pieces
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Double Check Talking Financial Calculator (752876)
  • Announces keys pressed & results in male voice
  • 10-digit LCD display w/date, time & alarm
  • Basic math plus advanced financial functions
  • Currency conversion, compound interest, annuity, etc.
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries & case
Hear basic and financial calculations announced! Double Check features basic arithmetic operations, as well as advanced functions including currency conversion and compound interest calculation for use in banking and business settings. View the results on the LCD display, as well as hearing keys pressed and results spoken in a clear male voice.

Double Check includes the basic arithmetic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - as well as the ability to calculate percentages, extract square roots, raise a number to a given power or identify the reciprocal. At the push of a button, you can switch to the conversion menu and use different preset factors in calculating volumes, length, weight, temperature or currencies.

As a commercial calculator Double Check also offers the possibility of calculating compound interests, cash values and the amount of annuities. You can recall the date and time and also set an alarm to remind you of important dates. The numbers are typed in via the big and clearly arranged keys and also shown on the 10-digit-display. At the same time every keystroke is accompanied by the clear and natural speech output. The announcement of the results can either be as a total number or digit by digit.

- Clear, natural speech output (Male voice in English with a British accent)
- Volume: 6 volume levels - adjustable
- Automatic shut-off after 60 seconds
- 10-digit LCD display (7 mm)
- Date and time display plus alarm
- Power supply: 2 x 1.5V batteries type AAA
- Optional: power charger (not included)
- Earphone jack (earphones not included)
- Color: blue with light grey keys
- 2-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
- Includes 2 AAA batteries, black leatherette carry case & printed user manual

Measurements: 6" Long x 2.50" Wide x 0.875" Thick
Weight (with batteries installed): 4.5 oz.

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MXN$ 1,918.24
E-Z Write N Draw Clipboard with Rubber Face (209734)
E-Z Write 'N Draw clipboard with rubber face for use with aluminum foil sheets. Purchase foil sheets separately under number 209752.
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Electrix Add-On Lens - 10 Diopter (71215)
These 3 and 10-diopter magnifiers are ready for instant attachment to Models 71210, 71218, 74260, 74265, and 77310.
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Electrix Magnifier and Light Combo (77310-3DIOPTER)
Halogen inspection light with 22 reach flexibility, and a 3 diopter magnifier with 26reach. (For additional mag-nification, 3 and 10 diopter instant mounting Mag 3 and Mag 10 swing-away are available optionally.) 12V transformer is integrated in weighted zinc base. A 4000 hr. 50W bulb is included. 3 Diopter
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