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Believe it or not, there's not a single landline phone on the market with voice-activated dialing capability. This makes it almost impossible for a blind person to call from a regular phone. Fortunately, there are a few voice phone dialers that you can use with an existing corded or cordless phone. These dialers work on analog phone lines and are very easy to install and use. All functions are voiced, including instructions on how to program the numbers. Once set, simply pickup the handset and say the name of the person you wish to call. With a phone dialer, you can now stay in touch with your loved ones!
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Vocally - Voice Activated Phone Dialer (308659)
  • Helpful hands-free telephone dialing of stored contact phone numbers
  • Stores up to 60 contact names and phone numbers
  • Voice-guided set-up
  • Does not interfere with regular line or phone use
  • Great tool for the Blind and those with Low Vision
Vocally - Voice Activated Phone Dialer - With this talking voice dialer, you never have to fumble through your address book again! Ideal for those with low vision, there is no need to remember and dial the same numbers again and again. Just pick up the phone, say the name of the person you wish to call, and let Vocally do the rest. This voice-activated system easily connects to any phone and enables voice dialing.

Once the machine learns your voice, your phone will be able to remember and dial the numbers for up to 60 names! Each stored number can be up to 19 digits long. This talking phone dialer is very simple to use. You are always guided by a clear voice that helps you add, delete or hear a name using its interactive voice menu.

Does not interfere with regular line or phone use. Fast and accurate dialing; works with any phone. Recognizes any language, tone or accent. Stored names playback.

Please Note: Vocally dials phone numbers of stored contacts by speaking their name. Does not dial phone numbers spoken numerically.

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