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Record your favorite songs and personal recorded messages with our user-friendly voice recorders. They are compact, lightweight, and totally portable.
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Foxy Reader Talking Label Reader Organizer Recorder MP3 Player Set (301520)
  • Foxy Reader Talking Label Reader, Organizer, Digital Recorder and MP3 Player for the blind or visually impaired with tactile labels and playing ca
  • Label products, record shopping lists or meetings and play your MP3 music or audio files!
  • Set includes 240 water resistant self-adhesive tactile labels, 5 tags for clothes, 1 lanyard, earphones and more
  • Comes with 1 SD memory card with 4GB data storage (optionally expandable to 32GB)
  • Connects to computer via USB connection (cable included)
Designed for the blind and visually impaired, the Foxy Reader is a talking organizer and reader of tactile labels, tags and playing cards that also serves as an MP3 player and digital recorder. The Foxy Reader helps blind and visually impaired people easily locate stored products and goods. Attach a self-adhesive label or tag (for clothes) on your items and record their contents. The recorded names are automatically saved by the Foxy-Reader. The labels and tags are water-resistant and have tactile markings to be easily found with the fingers.

This set comes with 240 self-adhesive water resistant tactile labels as well as 5 waterproof tags for clothes. The set also includes a deck of specialty playing cards for the blind that the Foxy Reader can identify, along with earphones that can be used to relay the information on the playing cards discreetly to the user. The cards can also be used by seeing players as well without the Foxy Reader.

With the Foxy Reader, you can also record shopping lists for easy playback and connect to your computer via USB (cable included) to import your MP3 music or audio files to the device. Store up to 4GB of data (optionally expandable to 32GB).

Product Specifications:

Foxy Reader comes with a loudspeaker, a microphone, an earphone socket, 1 SD memory card with 4GB (optionally expandable to 32GB), a USB to mini-USB cable, a battery charger, earphones, 2 AAA batteries (in the device), a lanyard, 240 waterproof plastic labels with tactile markings, 5 Foxy-Tags to put on clothes, 1 deck of playing cards for the blind or visually impaired, and a user manual (print and CD).

Dimensions of Foxy Reader (device only): 5" x 1.25"

Weight of Foxy Reader (device only): 1.5 oz.

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Milestone 112 Ace Voice Recorder (801324)
  • A first-rate voice recorder, the size of a credit card, always ready to meet your needs in everyday life
  • Capacity of 2.5 Gigabytes to store up to 80 hours of MP3 voice recordings that can be copied to PC or Mac
  • Can also transfer MP3 and WAV files to your Milestone 112 Ace for playback
  • Includes: power supply; Features: built-in headphone jack, microphone connector, and Mini-B USB port
  • Weighs less than 2 ounces (50 grams); Dimensions: 3.35 in. x 2.17 in. x 0.55 in. (85 mm x 55 mm x 14 mm)
Milestone 112 Ace is the new voice recorder from Bones Inc. to assist you throughout the day, featuring great value and significantly improved usability.

The device is highly efficient, easy to operate and very sturdy, meeting all the requirements for a first-rate voice recorder.

Supports voice-recording during sleep mode.
You can record anything at your fingertips, even if the device is hibernating.
Pressing the record button will prompt a beep, indicating that your Milestone 112 Ace has started recording.

For a more convenient organization, you can choose between 5 available data folders to save your recordings.

With a capacity of 2.5 Gigabytes, Milestone 112 Ace offers a large enough memory to store up to 80 hours of recordings.
Recordings are stored as MP3-files and can be copied to either PC or Mac.
You can also transfer MP3- and WAV-files to your Milestone 112 Ace and play them back at your leisure.

The battery life is vastly improved. It allows for continuous operation of up to 20 hours and a standby-time of several weeks
The USB transfer rate is 5 times faster than the previous model and allows for quick exchange of data between the Milestone 112 Ace and a PC or Mac.

With its elegant design, your personal Milestone 112 Ace fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

The device allows for quick voice-recording on demand.
Your Milestone 112 Ace is always reliable and easy to use, whenever you need it.
The large buttons are easily accessible and allow you to conveniently trigger all essential functions by thumb.

Your recorded notes can always be heard loud and clear through either a pair of headphones or the internal speaker.
The device duly performs its task to an audible level, even in noisy environments, while the high-quality rechargeable battery ensures smooth operation and durability.
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Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-541PC - 4GB (302125)
  • Features: Clear Sound Noise Cancellation and Easy Scene Setting Recording: Memo, Talk, Music, LP
  • Recording Format: WMA; Recording Storage: 1570 hrs. (Std), 2080 hrs. (LP)
  • Compatibility: MS Windows 7-8-8.1-10; MAC OS X 10.5-10.11
  • Powered by AAA alkaline battery x2 (included); Connects to PC with included USB Cable
  • Dimensions: 4.25 in. (H) x 1.48 in. (W) x 0.79 in. (D); Weight (including batteries): 2.4 oz
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-541PC - 4GB - features: Clear Sound Noise Cancellation and Easy Scene Setting Recording.
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Post-Your-Voice Portable Digital Memo Recorder (709826)
  • Records 10 full seconds
  • Paper-thin construction
  • Battery (CR2016) included
  • Size: 105.4mm x 64.8mm x 7.4mm
  • Clips to documents, folders or virtually any object
Concealed inside this paper-thin clip is a state-of-the-art recording chip that gives you ten full seconds of high-quality digital recording time. Clips to documents, folders or virtually any object. Your message is retained even if the batteries are dead or removed. LED indicator for recording or playback. Clip operates on a CR2016 lithium cell (included). Size: 105.4mm x 64.8mm x 7.4mm.
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Talking Photo Album with Personalized Voice Recorded Messages (807408)
  • Record personalized messages of up to 18 seconds per page
  • 20-page 5x7 talking photo album
  • Allows you to tell the stories and share the meanings behind each photo you include
  • Perfect for those who are visually impaired or have memory loss conditions such as Alzheimer's or Dementia
  • Sleek black hardback cover; Uses 3 AAA Batteries (included)
Introducing the all-new Talking Photo Album with up to 6 minutes of recording time spread across 20 pages that are sure to create long-lasting memories! Each page allows you to record personalized voice recorded messages of up to 18 seconds, allowing you to tell the stories and share the meanings behind each of the photos included (this is a 5x7 talking photo album).

This is a really useful talking product to help you stay independent and the Talking Photo Album can be used in a wide variety of ways by those who are visually impaired or have memory loss conditions such as Alzheimer's or Dementia.

This unique speaking photo album can be applied to activities for children or adults with special needs or for anyone who just wishes to have audible information readily available as a quick reference.

--20 pages in a 'flip style' Album.
--Each of the 20 pages will hold a single 5x7 Photo or Image
--Record a separate voice message on each page using the built-in microphone
--Total recording time: 6 minutes, maximum 18 seconds per page
--Re-record as many times as you wish - reuse time and time again!
--Each page has an individual PLAY/STOP Button.
--Built-in Speaker
--Black Hardback Cover
--3 AAA Batteries included
--Recordings are preserved forever, even when batteries are replaced.
--Weight: 14.7 oz.

--Prepare Emergency Contacts
--Remember Important Information
--Stimulating memories
--Medication Management
--Photographs of family, friends, holidays and special events
--Organize Appointments
--Create Audio/Visual Procedures
--Diary Event Schedules
--Create a Talking CD or DVD Holder
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The Mini Wilson Compact Digital Recorder Version 3 (309458)
  • Records up to two hours
  • Stores multiple messages - easy to add and delete messages
  • Ultra thin and compact - carry in wallet or on key ring
  • Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery; Micro USB Charging Cable included
  • Record and play appointments, lectures, ideas, directions, parking locations and more!
The Mini Wilson Compact Digital Recorder allows you to record and play up to two hours of notes, lists, messages, and reminders anywhere you go! There's no limit on the number of messages! Easy to control with only 5 buttons and simple-to-use digital voice recorder that's so thin and compact you can connect it to your keychain or put it in your wallet. Ideal for those with low vision as you can simply record your notes with this digital recorder. Has reverse and forward message count and beep notifications. LED light indicates a completed charge. Beep tone and LED lets you know when recording is beginning and ending.

Includes charging cable, handy case with velcro that attaches to a belt or belt loop, key ring and instructions. Limited manufacturer's warranty. Measures 3 3/8" x 2 1/4" x 1/4".
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The Wilson Digital Voice Recorder - Version 8 (309457)
  • Records up to 12 Hours
  • Easy to Add and Delete Messages
  • Easy Message Retrieving System
  • Velcro to Belts, Visors, Purses. Includes clip and ear piece
  • Requires two AAA batteries (not included)
Now you can record and play back phone numbers, addresses, shopping lists, reminders, brilliant ideas, to do lists, notes, appointments, messages, directions, meetings, lectures, audio instructions or virtually anything you want to remember on your personal digital voice recorder!

Enjoy our NEW Features
- Handy Case with Velcro Strap
- New Reverse and Forward Message Count
- Low Battery Beep Notification

The simple-to-use Wilson Digital Voice Recorder gives you up to 12 hours of continuous recording time. You can playback messages through its built-in speaker or privately using the included earpiece.

The New Version 8 is Finally Here! State of the art digital voice recorder that is simple to use.

Simply press record (REC) button. Listen for beep and watch for flashing LED light then speak in the direction of the Wilson to pause recording press REC button to continue press REC button again. To listen to your message press Play button.

1 Year Limited Warranty

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Victor Reader Stream - New Generation - English (808786)
  • Handheld WiFi Media Player for the blind, those with low vision, and the visually impaired
  • Plays DAISY books, MP3, MP4, EPUB, and many other media formats
  • Choice of two built-in, human-sounding voices for a pleasant text-to-speech experience
  • Records voice and media with the built-in microphone or the line-in connection
  • Includes: USB AC Power Adapter (5V 1A) ; Micro-USB Cable (short); Micro-USB Cable (long); Earbuds; SD Memory Card; and Silicone Case
Far more than just another audio player, the New Generation Victor Stream's wireless capability opens up the world to people who are blind or visually impaired.

The Victor Reader Stream is an accessible, handheld digital media player that lets you listen to books, newspapers, music, internet radio stations, and even use online reference tools through a familiar telephone-style keypad with tactile keys.

Imagine having the latest novels, magazines, your favorite music, audio-described films, texts and your own voice recordings, all in the palm of your hand. With its new, lightweight (less than 4 oz) and compact design, the Victor Reader Stream (New Generation) delivers hours of listening pleasure ANYWHERE!

The New Generation Victor Reader Stream is 28 percent smaller than its predecessor. Its new sleek design is thinner and features rounded corners, making it more comfortable to hold.

The Victor Stream opens new possibilities for receiving content wirelessly, from books and newspapers to podcasts and radio. It also features a louder speaker, superior text-to-speech, and improved recording.

The high-contrast, robust, tactile keypad and popular Victor Reader bookshelf navigation make this the easiest to use handheld media player on the market.

In essence, the Victor Reader Stream is a multimedia library in your pocket.

Take your books, music, and much more, everywhere you go.

- Read books from DAISY libraries: National Library Service (NLS), Bookshare, Learning Ally
- Download content directly from Bookshare and NFB-Newsline over wireless connection
- Enjoy books and music from iTunes
- Listen to your favorite Internet radio station
- Use the power of popular online reference tools like Wikipedia
- Hear text documents read to you by Acapela's built-in text-to-speech reader
- Supports up to 32GB removable SD memory cards and external USB flash drives

Version 4.8 of the Victor Reader Stream software brings with it enhancements to the organization of voice notes, updated time synchronization,
fixes and enhancements to the National Federation of the Blind NFB Newsline content, additional numeric text entry options and other fixes and improvements.

Simply connect the Victor Reader Stream to your WiFi network and it will automatically detect when an update is available.
Full release notes are available before updating.

Dimensions: 114mm x 62mm x 18mm (4.5 in. x 2.4 in. x 0.7 in.)
Weight: 110 g (3.9 oz) including battery
DAISY formats supported: 2.0, 2.0.2, and ANSI-NISO Z39.86 2002/2005 (DAISY 3)
Audio formats: MP4-AAC, AMR-WB+, FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, WAV
Text-to-speech: Acapela (2 voices) to play brf, txt, html, xml, DOCX, EPUB
SD slot supports up to 32GB SDHC memory cards
Li-Ion battery: Rechargeable via USB or USB AC adapter
Recharging time: 5 hours via AC adapter
Wireless protocol: IEEE 802.11 b-g-n
Operating time: Up to 15 hours on headphones (may vary depending on content and player settings)
Built-in speaker and 3.5 mm headphone jack
Micro-USB port for connecting to external USB flash drives or computer
Recording format: PCM, WAV, MP3
Microphone: Built-in mono and 3.5 mm stereo jack
Power-data jack: Micro-USB
Firmware upgrade via SD memory card or online
Real-time clock with date-time announcement

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MaxiAids Restocking Fee Policy
Due to manufacturer requirements and restrictions, MaxiAids has outlined the following restocking fee policy for certain items as follows:

- There is a 20% restocking fee for items that are being returned by the customer
- In addition to 20% restocking fee, the product may have to be returned to the manufacturer at the customers expense
- Customer order may n

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VOXCOM III 100 Voice Labeling System with 100 Cards (308428)
  • Identify medication, clothing, food, etc. with voice labels
  • Record messages in your own voice and attach to products
  • Message playback is simple - insert card in VOXCOM
  • Record up to a 10-second description
  • Includes 9-volt battery & 100 re-recordable cards
Label any item in your home or office for easy identification by voice!

Use the VOXCOM III to record a 10 second description of any item including medication, clothing, food, household

items, etc., then attach it to the item. To 'read' the card, insert it into the VOXCOM and you'll hear the description, in

your own voice.

Several methods of attachment are included for maximum flexibility and functionality: rubber bands, plastic ties,

magnets and hook and loop attachments. You can even use the cards in moist/humid environments like your kitchen,

bathroom, even your freezer.

The VOXCOM III is the ultimate identification system for the blind, visually impaired and those with low vision.

Size: 4.5" x 2.75". Color: Yellow.